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  Nov 2018 Katie Pebbles Green
Zane H
i can never snap out of it,
because a boy's heart never recovers

and every friend that stumbles in
leaves a mess
that is agonizingly warm

so now i'm here drinking
to find an excuse
to talk to you

knowing i've been off your mind ever since
i'm so scared of being alone
I walk alone
Wondering, wandering, withering
My patience tested
Practicing, persisting, perusing
My heart falls weak
Hopeless, heavy, hungry
My soul left broken
Sour, selfish, stubborn
I walk alone
Waiting, wishing... wasted
Fragile skin
Against harsh finger tips
Your cold, harsh touch cuts through me
Left with the taste
Of poison on my lips

My ears bleed
Drowned in a sea of lies
Your weak hollow words, have made me see
Once a look of love
Now a heart of despise

— The End —