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5d · 13
The letter
You will love yourself when you are happy
You will love yourself when you are crying
You will love yourself when you are alone
You will love yourself when you are walking in the crowd
You will always love yourself
In the moments you won't even notice, darling stop looking for it every where just take a deep breath and smile.
Dec 2020 · 39
Who are you?
Payal Dhiman Dec 2020
when I was hurt I loved myself
Dec 2020 · 55
Inside my brain
Payal Dhiman Dec 2020
through the noises
when you crave for silence
in the crowd when you
want to be alone
You should look at the moon
You should feel the winds
and you will feel alive again.
“Love the nature and you'll be happy”
A friend of mine told me and I'm telling you.
Nov 2020 · 32
The door
Payal Dhiman Nov 2020
and as I walked through the garden
I saw the moon
I saw its light
I saw those city lights
and as walked and walked and kept on walking
I found a door
As I held the **** and
Opened the door
I found people walking past me
and I thought
I shouldn't have opened it.
Payal Dhiman Nov 2020
In the empty but crowded places
In the heart full of things and people
In the love that screams needs
In the darkness of lights
I hope I have that someone
in whose heart there is a special place
with whom the crowded places seems empty with just him and me
The needs of ours are fulfilled with love
And in each others happiness We are able to love our darkness too.
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020
To love the unlike
To lean in & hear
To read people's eyes
To get up for the fallen
To laugh for the pain
All it takes is courage.
                   -p d
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020

You were like drops on pine trees after rain
the fog like magic
and the pure drops of melted snow on leaf
when the days cleared you were like the sun and the moon
and I loved you more everyday because
you came like you never left.
Here I am again with Words that means something to you #3 hope you like it.
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020
I walked
down down
in the streets
lightened up to the sky
and I walked
by the shops
by the bars
by the shore
and I
found you.
I am back once again with #wordsthatmeanssomethingtoyou as promised on Wednesday. I hope my words stirs the memories in you freshens the feelings I hope it means something to you.
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020
I wish when it rains you watch it with someone by your side
I wish when you are running away from yourself someone is making sure you don't fall
I wish when you laugh someone is there to share the happiness
I wish at times when you are crying someone is there by your side
I wish you are never alone at times when someone's presence will make a difference to go through it .
So I planned on posting every Wednesday WORDS THAT MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU posts and I wish they actually do so. I hope you like them❤
Sep 2020 · 162
Let me tell you
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020
My heart is aching
The autumn is here too
Drugs in my blue veins
Is running faster than my slowing breath
Will peonies bloom from my dried blood
Just like these dead leaves falling from tree
Will I meet you again when the spring comes.
Aug 2020 · 128
Payal Dhiman Aug 2020
For the sky in me
For breeze in me
For the care less child in me
For the warmth in me
For the joys and changes
for all the things that makes me feel alive
I'm grateful.
I wish you always find a reason to feel grateful.
Aug 2020 · 26
Payal Dhiman Aug 2020
For the sky in me
For breeze in me
For the care less child in me
For the warmth in me
For the joys and changes
for all the things that makes me feel alive
I'm grateful.
I wish you don't forget yourself I wish you are grateful.
Aug 2020 · 77
I wonder
Payal Dhiman Aug 2020
Sometimes I wonder
If you ever feel like stopping the time
Because  I feel like that everyday
Because  I want to be there with you like something timeless but really old but beautiful
Like something priceless.
Sometimes I wonder.
Aug 2020 · 163
Memories - II
Payal Dhiman Aug 2020
Some things are meant to stay, stay in your heart, caged, till the day your breath is no more pushing itself in and out
it's just free, free in air. Forever.
Aug 2020 · 107
Fears we fear
Payal Dhiman Aug 2020
I closed my eyes
and you shouted as if
I snatched something
precious from you
I woke up from my sleep
and was rained by your kisses.
Fears we fear is a short poem I wrote keeping in mind about the things that we adore and when we start to fear that it will leave us we start becoming more concerned.
Jul 2020 · 389
Where the Poppies grow
Payal Dhiman Jul 2020
In the sea of poppies
she became a sinking boat
to be honest
like a painting on the canvas
it looked beautiful but for a while
and then everything
became sad.
The tragedy on the sea and the falling sun.
Jul 2020 · 528
Payal Dhiman Jul 2020
Pink lips, trembling heart
The blooming face, with fragile beauty
You are my Sakura and every minute with you is Hanami
Hanami is a Japanese custom in which people go out to watch and admire flowers blooming on Cherry tree. And Sakura stands for cherry blossom.
Jul 2020 · 121
The memories
Payal Dhiman Jul 2020
Water stained glass windows
Tear stained pillows
Heart spilling blood staining my brain
I feel so cold
This air is stained
Stained with the smell of you.

— The End —