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Toxic Masculinity
Disgusting *******
Stereotypical Analogies
Broken system of circulatory
Feeling-less beings
Insensitive Jocky

Wipe those tears
You will get in trouble
Don't let me see you whine
"Real Boys Don't Cry"

Relations with zero affection
Life with zero emotions
Is a life with no definition
WHY don't you accept salvation
That comes with the joy of emotion
GO express your realization
After Your Reconciliation
You now know your confession
That you want tears
Preach Your Fears!

I will slap you
If you do not shut up
Stop being a disgrace
Weak and GIRLY
"What do you mean"
"Real Boys Don' Cry"

Are my tears a sin
To express my grief-strick'n
Can All I do is gin
Or beat my face against a pole
Till there is no more face of pole
Or suffocate myself with a pall
Till there is no more face of pall

Keep quiet
People are coming
Yes Dad
"You're Not going to ask why"
" Why would I,
Real Boys Don't Cry"
**Pall and Pole are words sounding similar to my name - Paul and in the context of the poem means Paul.
You were the prettiest girl in the world
I saw you sitting by the curb
And I told the stranger next to me
One day I will marry that girl

I went up to her and said
"Yo the campus is real big and I think I am lost"

She got up smiling and at that moment
That moment I experienced the seven wonders of the world
She got up hair flying and at that moment
That moment I discovered heaven was real
She got up and that was it but at that moment
That moment I knew the goddess Calypso would not compare to her

She said to me "Where do you need to go?"
I said " Wherever you want me to go for I am lost"
She said " Even a lost man wants to go somewhere".
I said " Columbus found America but he did not want to go there,
I am a man who has found his destination in you,
A man lost"
She pointed to my heart and as her finger got closer
My heart beat faster
A man lost
Was about to be found
Her finger touched my chest
It burned like the fire of my love
Her finger went further
And then it went through me

She turned black and white before disappearing
My world around me swerving around wavering
The sky fell and the ground crumbling
My love, my one true chance gone
Became- Ghost

Suddenly it was all gone
I looked at myself as a creature who resembled
The truest form of desperation
Devoured me
A disgrace to my old self
The ultimate despair
Just like that gone
I could have done something
...I couldn't
Couldn't I...

Reality ,

I lay beside the tomb
That read,
Rosaleen, 1974-2019
Rosaleen, my Rosaleen
My Rosaleen that gave me my Rosaleen*-Emmy.

I held my new Rosaleen in my arms,
Finally Smiling,
as for the second time said my vows,
"You are the love of my life,
Everything I have and Everything I am
Is Yours
Forever and more"
*Rosaleen also means baby rose
Expectations Expectations
You turn me into a mutation
Robot Or Human
I am in confusion

Expectations Expectations
You affect my appearance
What I look like to others
Portrays me as a hindrance

Expectations Expectations
All my papers glare an F
Passing is the finish line
My result shown is CMI

Pressure and stress
I don't even want to get dressed
Why must i go to school
Just to end up looking like a fool
Expectations Expectations
I do not expect Expectations
CMI - Cannot Make it

By my friends JR and Dom and I
Oof, i need to write something
I just want to write something
But my life is so boring
Out late night partying
Coming back home lying
Lying about my well being
Back home I am coming
The midnight bell is ringing
Ugh my parents are not sleeping
  I guess this music is something
Something I am apparently facing
Go to your room and start studying
Whatever Ma, just stop nagging
My phone I will just be using
And when the clock strikes the hour of witching
I guess its time for me to be sleeping
Time comes and goes and its morning
What will I be doing
Nothing but i guess schooling
My girl and I were just ending
My ex and I were just hanging
You can surely be saying
These other guys are my best befriending
But those friends for a decade i have been knowing
Nothing past that will anything be getting
All these subjects are easy passing
But when will literature be coming
I cannot wait to do some writing
I want to feel myself rhyming
Beauty today i see myself creating
Now time to do some acting
For these things i made myself to be obligating
Some of them are leading
And others are useless things i am apparently committing
School is finally finishing
Maybe today I will do fishing
Except that there is no place to be enjoying
I go and finish some balling
With some friends I finish hanging
Today was a good day to be living
Luckily that depression has not had me dying
Dying YET if i am elaborating
Late homecoming
Late home coming
Lying about my well being
My parents are finally sleeping
Ooh how good was that late night gymming
Just finished an ice cold showering
Laptop i am now taking
What will be today's writing
Oh my gosh is my life so boring
My life is not interesting
What it is is real living
Not fake life advertising
Which makes you extra fast swimming
And you are that unlucky guy whose birth is happening
Welcome to the world you little halfling
You can wait for this life not at all interesting
But as for my writing
I am in the unknowing
Oof, i need to write something
I just want to write something
We have a life
Where everything is just right
The sun is not too far off right
The skin you don is not too tight
Everything seems alright

The Porridge was just right
The chair felt just nice
And oh wow
That bed made her feel so light
A little bit here and a little bit there
Goldilocks would not move even a slight

We have a life
Everything seems just fine
There is no reason we can't feel delight
But such a facade
Only Goldilocks can provide

What was a little girl doing in a bear's house?
Why was it torn her little blouse?
Why was she alone in a wild farmhouse?
Did she have no food?
Did she have no stool?
Did she have no roof?

Her parents gone
She - Abandoned
Bears - frightened
What kind of little girl
Goes to a bear's house hopeful
For something to make her tummy full
For something to from this lonely ditch - pull

Maybe all she wanted was just right
For goodness in her life
Did not seem like her rite

We have a life
A life filled with not rights
A life filled with imperfections
People say flaw is beauty
To that theory I say
That's a load of Gurry

Nothing is right
Crisis blocks the light
Corruption is the only sight
The skin you don is not enough bright
And Global Warming is a lost fight
When will we once again
Have clear sight
And see the life we thought we had
Is not right

What is beauty
Is finding the little light
In a world filled with plight
When everything seems alright
When nothing seems wrong
When good things seem came
Then you look into his eyes
You will see a sea of bane
You will notice his lack of sane
But until then...

We have a life
Things are not alright
They will be...
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A million chapters
Unable to decipher
The feelings after a single,
A single sentence
This a story of the shortest sentence
This a story of the largest penance
No amount of confession
No amount of reconciliation
Can change what is about to be your life-long vocation
Or should I say life-less just for  further elaboration
You say these people are sociopaths
I say
For this choice you made for them
Nobody gave you a free pass
You think you can play God
But you forget that that man,
That man you killed
Was governed by the same human rite as you
Yet you defiled his,
But human rights are surprisingly,
not human created
But God created
So to punish someone for a crime they committed
By taking away the life they were given
Just because someone felt it was right
Was actually never your rite
The punishment for his wrong
Was never for you to cite
And now all you have
Is you thinking you have won
But Put yourself in that death row
You will not be laughing anymore
What if he was an innocent soul
What if he was just a naughty fellow
look who belongs on that death row.
Capital punishment is a mortal,
capital punishment death death row innocence debates
Lies brought you here
But the smog,
truth will clear
Now only I know who you are
Yet you still stand afar
Own your wrongs
Clang your gongs
Let them know you are wrong
Sing your songs
Let them know you are wrong
But I know you can be right
To fix this friendship is your rite
I will tell you that you will truly see
That the truth will set you free
He does not know it
You do not know it
But I have experienced your hearts
Enough to know it
Love will always rain
What beauty was yours
Will once again reign
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