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Hello Darkness
I've missed you
your mystery dissolved in the light of day
it made me weak with strength
I stumbled and rose
as your shadow covered me
blocking the light
my strength restored
as the cell door closed
no more
no more
no more
The time we have shared,
fill my every waking moments.
I fell,
and I hurt you.
How do I repair the choices I made?
I can’t,
and I know that.
The pain of my choices haunts me now,
and will forever.
I will live with that as long as possible,
as long as possible

Into the darkness my thoughts now go.
Forgive me.
Without physical awareness
A weightless empty void
From six feet beneath a slate gray headstone
the dead flowers grow
A brilliant flash of blackness
That blinds the missing eyes
A mouth contorted in a scream
Just to be left unheard
A hand that clutches a crucifix
A bony skeletal remain
Nothing left to feast on
As the gorged filled worms
Begin to leave the grave
After the Virus
I have a wish list that has grown out of my control
Wish we had talked more
Wish we had spent more time together
Wish we could have shared our feelings with each another
Wish I knew how to fix it
Wish my decisions had been better
Wish I could have given you advice
Wish the pain would go away from all the lost wishes
The Flesh you wear
a mask
To cover what you hide

Layers upon layers
of truths and lies
Added over the years
Blurring together
You can't even tell them apart

you dig your nails
Peeling back the layers
to reveal a true identity
      @        @      
What you were meant to be
What was meant for you

God is waiting
Your move
It can't hurt to know him, what do you have to lose? Flesh will not stand. Is that the The Face of God in that writing?
A word count I am given, so fluff I will use
Words without meaning are the words that I choose
One day I’ll discover, contractions are unkind
As they shorten the count, of the words, I must find
Never mind first-person, an unwise choice
Put words together, to lend it a voice
And remember
Helping verbs seem small, adverbs stand tall
Never mind the count, and you might take a fall
Academic Writing for College
So much before you
a life full of hope and promise
Grab hold and hang on
the ride before you is wild and crazy
worth the price of the ride
hope and expectation
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