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oh, the darkness, I await
longing for the moment
where sound and light cannot *******
when spirit separates
absorbed and swallowed
into an abyss
without body or form
a remnants of what was
and what is to be
dark thoughts swallow my imagination
It has no mouth to speak to me
Yet I hear what it has to say

It has no eyes to see
But it knows when I am away

It has no ears to listen to me
But it knows all my secrets inside

It has arms that comfort me
As we dream of the places to go
When I'm not writing I'm reading
When I was a kid, the blackboard was slate
you sometimes called it a chalkboard
you wrote on it with chalk
and erased it with a black or green erasure

When I write on this blackboard,
I can’t “really” erase it
I can delete it;
but don’t believe for a minute that it is gone

in the space of trons
it sits
on an electronic blackboard
never to be missed
The unseen blackboard of the Internet
Have you noticed the change in me?

A little more wrinkled around the edges
A furrowed brow
Hair that was dark
Now shows a silver gray
A mature look, some might say

Outward characteristics do not define me
It’s what is inside that has given me pause

Where the years have gone…
So have I
A change in life? A different perspective?
Four weeks have gone by
In a blink of an eye

Words exchanged between us
no one decried

Now we sit and reflect
How many hours we’ve given
in thought, not regret

While you wait for your grade
You’ve nothing to lose

I wish you the best
In the endeavors you choose
College course English 100 - Done!
Hope is our lifeline
without it, what do we have
a heart left wanting
a sole left searching
a mind left wandering

he has thrown you a lifeline
you just need to grasp it and hold on
read his words
they are real
and endured for centuries

your emptiness will dissolve
your heart will warm
love will overflow
hope restored
don't stay in the dark. Open your mind and heart to your creator
Eyes wide open
Yet unimaginable darkness
eyes blink, expecting to clear
still, emptiness abounds
absent of space and time
deafening silence
air, thick and stale
smell of wet dirt
I feel cold, chilled to the bone
my skin clammy and damp
I reach out and find
walls on all sides
Buried Alive - maybe
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