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Ellie Jan 2020
I have grown used to the weight of my choices.
At times I would have given stars and scripts to change even just one thing,
but go’ers have to keep going.  
You do too if you’re smart.
Ellie Jan 2020
End your stories lazily.
Say that it was all a dream.
Ellie Aug 2019
The days aren’t always
lovely, green, and bright.
These waters have been known
to favor a roar over a trickle.
This beautiful serenity
this quiet peace,
has been waiting for you
so it can become more.
Ellie Feb 2019
There is a dog on the floor with her back to the couch, and a dog on the couch with his back to the floor, and a ***** cranberry on the table set down long ago, and a documentary on television about a genius who died in the dark.
Ellie Nov 2018
She always felt
she was moving
much too quickly
for this world

One minute,
she’s standing at the kitchen window
watching the cardinals nest.
She makes a cup of tea,
lights a cigarette,
and faces the panels once again.

The cardinals are gone,
replaced by sparse canopies
and the silence that comes
with the frost.

She turns on the heat
and sips her tea.
Ellie Sep 2018
This time next year
I’ll be happy
Ellie Sep 2018
If you're going to love a woman, you'd better do it right.
If you're going to love a woman, don't you dare ask her to
    water herself down
        or smile more often
        or speak quietly around your friends.
If you're going to love a woman, love her for her wildness
                                                        ­                 for her mystery
                                                         ­                for her anger
or don't waste her time.
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