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Paseal Joe Dec 2019
Something keeps me awake,
in the midst of the storm,
and makes me want to fight,
instead of hide.
It lets me take up the battle
that others have feared to fight,
and diminishes the fear,
that has threatened to eat me alive.

it makes you take a step,
when you could have run away,
makes you throw stones at the enemy,
and watch and wait,
it makes you move,
when you could have stayed trembling.

It gets you on your feet again,
after you have fallen several times
it makes you push,
when there's no more strength in you
and leaves you waiting
when there's nothing to wait for.
courage doesn't await victory,
it works it out.
Stay courageous.

Paseal Joe Mar 2019
Your words sweet like honey calms me,
your tongue drips with songs of comfort, I'm enthralled,
your heart panting with love for me, it's stupefying,
the words are good, and so are the songs,
it's those actions that say you love me.
You were my inspiration Kaytee
Paseal Joe Mar 2019
It's so glaring,
yet we've been ignoring,
the cries and screams
from the floor above,
while claiming to mind our business,
we've ignored the sounds of things shattering,
and the painful groans and moans next door.

The signs are obvious,
while we pretend, we're oblivious,
if only we'd stretch a hand,
we'd save the little girl upstairs
from being molested repeatedly
or the boy next door from more trauma.

Oh, lives are being shattered,
how could we go about our day's work, ignoring?
hopes are being destroyed
yet we ignore daily
following up busy schedules,
forgetting the world around us.

Who would play the savior?
who would lend a hand?
who would raise a voice?
who would show some love?
who would protect them from so much fear?
who would say: "all hope's not lost"
We are the ones who keep quiet and claim to mind our businesses when these things happen, we've forgotten that our kids/ siblings could be victims too if these abused victims, turn out to be abusers too because, about 50% of the abused turn out to be abusers. Let's not judge, let's say 'NO'
Paseal Joe Mar 2019
The constant anguish that I feel
tears my heart to shreds,
unworthy words to articulate the pain lodged in my throat
It leaves me aching, speechless,
I can't breathe.

unable to share my pain,
as predominant fears arise
I wonder about the gossips, castoffs,
Judgment at being the victim I am
Yet not able to get justice for me,
my fear has left me speechless.

What a mess my life had slowly become,
tied down by fear; it's become my shadow!
the anger slowly breaking me,
the pain driving me insane,
I perceive I'm irreparable

An irony my life had become!
Shreds of what I'd dreamed of as a girl,
never imagined being in the law's dent
Yet I stand, hands clasped
as the verdict is given,
There's no relief!
I fear I won't get the justice I deserve.

For the justice that's been served,
for the molested victim, it's not enough
ten scores too little, yet a score was given,
So relishing the pain, I choose forgiveness
Perverting the anger, I choose to forget.
I admit it's my way out.

So shredding all atoms of fear and shame,
ignoring most rude whispers,
I finally feel the far fetched freedom,
Justice has been served,
Served in Forgiveness.

— The End —