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Aug 2015 · 628
Parker Louis Aug 2015
I meander and malinger
As physically as mentally
No idea where I'm going
Just knowing
I feign this pain
Partaking in pernicious poison
Voraciously devouring venom
to keep you away
It's not fair to you
to stumble with a broken leg
while trying to guide you.
I've no map, no motivation
You deserve a dancer
with perfect poise
To lead your feet and body
While I meander and malinger
8/11/15 11:37 pm
Aug 2015 · 642
Parker Louis Aug 2015
The smoke and vapor permeates
through the room
Before it dissipates
into the air and out the window

from a thick fog
to a gossamer

to nothing

I was fine with the atmosphere
You said you were choking
That I was smothering you
Which didn't help my cigarette addiction
I kept falling for you harder
I mean smoking harder

So you turned on the fan
and you opened the window
Like you forgot I got addicted
by smoking with you
When you were in love as much as I was.
8/10/15 1:02 am
Jun 2015 · 9.9k
Parker Louis Jun 2015
I am
Eternally exasperated
Frequently frustrated
Incessantly irate
Perpetually perturbed

Awfully ambivalent  
Forever fickle
Frustratingly finnicky
Laconicly labile
Madly mercurial
Virulently volatile

And every other ******* adverb, adjective alliteration
June 29, 2015
Jun 2015 · 393
Parker Louis Jun 2015
I've been burning cigarette incense to ward off the hunger spirits
I've been drinking pure poison to try to **** the butterflies in my stomach
I've been relying on saying cheap cliches and terse, trite platitudes to avoid speaking of how I really am
I've been trying to stitch words together to make constellations or at least to make sense of everything or anything

I've been sleeping in the oddest of places if at all
I've been aching
I've been wasting money and myself

I've been better than this.
June 29, 2015
Jun 2015 · 598
Parker Louis Jun 2015
I'm not Bukowski
I don't care what you say
I'm not Bukowski
You never said I was but I don't care
I'm still not Bukowski
No, it's not pretentious to compare myself to him
I can say I'm not Bukowski
I don't write poems about degrading women while I ****

I'm just brushing my teeth in a gas station bathroom
Thinking about this poem
Or whatever it is
Thinking about you
I miss you emotionally and sexually
And I'm drunk

But I'm still not Bukowski
**** I wish I was
He'd know how to end this
I have no idea how to end this
These feelings
I'm not ******* Bukowski
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
Parker Louis Jun 2015
I stopped smoking
In case you were wondering
I don't know why you would
But I did

I still remember the last time I did it
It was that night
You were there
I think about that night more than you do
How it went,
Should have gone,
You were

Crying about some one else
I just listened
I watched the smoke
Thinking it wasn't delicate
But dangerous
It reminded me of you

Tonight I'm really ******* craving a cigarette
Mar 2015 · 695
Parker Louis Mar 2015
I feel like there is rocks in my aorta
There is sediment blocking my capillaries
There is pebbles filling my lungs
There is sand irritating my eyes
There is gravel eroding up my esophagus
There is a landslide coming out of my mouth
There is an earthquake rattling my stomach
There is a boulder weighing down my mind
There is a hole in me no mountain can fill
Wrote this after breaking up with someone when I literally felt like there were rocks in my aorta. 3/29/2015
Feb 2015 · 1.5k
Unromantic's Love Poem
Parker Louis Feb 2015
I'm not good with words
they always come out wrong
but I'll write you a poem
because you keep me supported like my unswept floorboards
you have that wonderful smell of old ***** books
I want us to get together like cars merging into one lane of traffic
You're prettier than a third grader's sloppy cursive
You have a shine kinda like how people shine after sweating in the heat
you're more attractive than an icecream truck to suburban little kids
Your eyes are greener than lettuce
and your voice is more captivating than ****** pop music on the radio

Here's your poem
I told you I'm no good with words so yeah I'm not sure how to end this
Intentionally trying to write an awkward and unromantic poem is hard.
Jan 2015 · 5.0k
Sunset Shades
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I secretly sat at your secluded spot on the lake
I languidly listened and watched the Sunset
writing this while I cease to worry
because I was wrong.

They were wrong when they pigeonholed
you in black and white as one toned ordinary
when you're really vivid shades of hazel
More than meets the eye & captivating
as many shades as in the Sunset
I've been watching from your spot.
Colour me interested because I want to see what hue we'd make mixed together
Yours would compliment and supplement mine
into a vibrant tone
brilliant enough to paint  a whole canvas
with the full spectrum of our shades in our union.
Jan 2015 · 596
Always Pressuring
Parker Louis Jan 2015
They said it was A PUSH
I said this **** is APES

Do they know what this system does?
It's all just stress
So they can assess
What you've learned
Meanwhile, they've only turned
A generation into stressed out perfectionists
Or students dropped out, burned out
So many notes, assignments, & essays to write
It's all lead to carpal tunnel in the wrist
Why does this system exist?

Instead make students hunger for knowledge
Instead of stressing out about college
Somewhere over the hedge
The rainbow
Where the grass is greener
I picture students happier and keener
With the love of learning being what we live for.
12/17/2014. I wrote this after the Final exam for my high school AP Environmental Science class (APES for short). I was also taking AP US Hsitory at the time (APUSH for short). It's about the school system being stressful since everyone feels pressured to get the top grade and be at the top of their class. This system is about repeating information verbatim and makes students hate school instead of being genuinely interested and loving learning
Jan 2015 · 3.0k
Not Your Heroin
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I don't want to be your hero, nor your ******
Because they provide instantaneous relief but neither are free
The cost, your life, surrendered to addiction
And hero's are a work of fiction
And I want you to love me with no dependency
With out missed calls leading to withdrawals
9.2million are addicted to ******
And I want only you to be free from addiction and love me
Do me a favor and don't make me just be your savior
You're disillusioned into thinking I'm Jesus
When I just satisfy your companionship lust
You say I make you feel better
But when I'm not around
It seems I make things worse
You say I don't of course
To trick me to stay
But you love me in a completely different way
You need to fix yourself from the source
Because I'm worn so thin
And all your healing
has to come
from within
4/3/2014. I wrote this about relationships involving codependency because I think it's something that is very harsh and counterproductive on both members of a relationship. It's about how no one can be your savior except your self ultimately.
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
You Used To
Parker Louis Jan 2015
You used to like the word **** until it was screamed at you with sheer malice
You used to like green tea until a mug of it was thrown at you and it shattered against the wall
You used to like smoking until a cigarette scorched your skin
You used to like letters until one was never sent back
You used to like adventures until you got lost
You used to love me
You used to
2/22/2014. I wrote this while at a friend of the girl I was dating's house  when her mom yelled "****"t (Which to me is sexist and shouldn't be used) and it made me uncomfortable and inspired this.
Jan 2015 · 436
How Does it Taste?
Parker Louis Jan 2015
How does it taste?
How does your tongue taste when you sing the bitter harmony of lies?
How does it feel?
How do your fingertips feel as they meticulously contrive an intricate twist of the truth with the ease of blinking?
How does it look?
How do you look yourself in the mirror after deluding some one into false hope to avoid an unpleasant conversation?
How does it sound?
How do you hear yourself relenting nontruths without wanting to rip your ears and lips off?

How does it taste?
How do I taste when you're tackling my tongue and heart while avoiding the truth?
How does it feel?
How do I feel with my hand in yours while your other hand holds the reality?
How does it look?
How does my smile look with your knowledge that I shouldn't have it?
How does it sound?
How does my confiding that my love for you is true sound while you stutter out I love you too?
2/14/2014 (yes Valentines Day)  I deliberately structured it to be the same questions in both paragraphs but with the answers in the first involving "you" and the answers in the second involving how I taste, feel, etc. to you. Also I deliberately only asked questions about the five senses and making it about lies
Jan 2015 · 395
Stupid L Word Song
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I used too think the word was stupid
That you should only show it instead
And people only said it to get each other in bed.
Meaningless and absence of it causing stress
But now it's obvious
That the word's stronger than a bus
It stays the same but never weakens or rusts
And it's not just a product of lust
Because it's liberating
To be feeling and be stating
The status of your soul
Defining the connection as a whole
Giving it strength
And extending it out to great lengths
it doesn't actually produce melancholy
The word itself is lovely
Now I see why I love the word
And I'm forever grateful to the person who showed me
10/6/2013. I wrote this in reply to my other poem "I Don't Love the World Love" The title is a direct quote from that poem.
Jan 2015 · 15.6k
You Kiss Like Electricity
Parker Louis Jan 2015
You kiss like electricity
Flowing through my veins like a circuit
You should have a warning sign
Because it's more addictive than nicotine in a vein
And there's no way I can refrain
Releasing energy only a powerplant can contain
My skin may not be metal
But your touch makes it just as conductive
You kiss like the sea
And you're as strong as the tide
Completely filled with mystery
The more I drink the thirstier I get
Jan 2015 · 553
Homeless Ghost Song
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I'm just a ghost with no home
No belongings besides my comb
Too bad ghosts don't have hair
I'm not even a big scare
I don't know where to haunt
I have no mansion to flaunt
I just float around
My body in the ground
I'm the only ghost in town
I can't even make some one frown
No mouth to eat
I'm just a floating sheet
I can pass through walls
And go through bathroom stalls
But it's all to no use
I should have never tied that noose
Man I miss my friends
And even the lame trends
They used to be sad
Back when I was a small dead lad
But then those feelings passed
And maggots amassed
I wish I could become a fly
Because I had to die

No house
No belongings besides a blouse
If I had mass it'd be made of regret
But I sleep in the rain and can't get wet
I sit in the coffee shop
And some times in IHOP
No need for a job
I can't even use a doorknob
I just strum a ghost guitar
And hope you get hit by a car
So then you could be a ghost
And my loneliness would be toast
And you can add the butter
And make my nonexistent heart flutter
I hate life support
And anything of the sort
Keeps people from dying
While I'm just trying
To get some help
So I don't have to yelp
And best friends means forever
But that's a rope I'd have to sever
Or just let it fray
Because I'd rather you never pass away
7/27/2013 this was a song I wrote
Jan 2015 · 387
Natural Causes
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Today I met Jack Frost
He talked to me and made me lost
He even tried to flirt
He beat me till it hurt
I felt so cold and thin
And in the end I let him win

Today I met  Poseidon
And there was no use in hidin'
He showed me this anchor ?
It was heavy as a tanker
I tried to swim away with his crown
But in the end he dragged me down

Today I met Satan
It looked like he hadn't aten
He invited me to a bonfire
I didn't know it was so dire
He thew a burger on a barbecue
And then he threw me on too

Today I met my aunt
They enticed me with a present
They  kinda bugged me
They bit me when they hugged me
The present was just a crumb
Then they crushed me under their thumb

Today I met Smith
You'll never guess who he was with
His friend was named Wesson
And they taught me a valuable lesson
Make sure it's unloaded
Unlike what I did

Today I met my Doctor
He was getting smarter
I felt quite Ill
He gave me a certain pill
He told me how much to take
But I took them until they stopped the ache

Today I turned fifteen
But with all the blood I've seen
I think I might be
At least fifty three
I gave it a shot
And look at all the death it brought

Today I met a bartender
And I went on a ******
I drank so much *****
If you asked how much I couldn't have told ya
I put my keys in the ignition
And now now I'll never again be in that position

Today I met a thirst
And it was the last and first
I couldn't find any water
And I thought why bother
I just layed there
And you can bet I stayed there

Today I met my acceptance
And it snapped me out my trance
I don't wanna pass away
At least not today
And I've,
never felt so alive
Jan 2015 · 594
a Line a Day
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I'll write you a line
For every day that you're mine
I don't like it sounding like possession
But I hope we date for a long session
Because you're a blessing not a lesson
And when we watched that movie
It was too good to be
I left for a week
And we couldn't even speak
I was glad to come home
And I'll gladly let you under my dome
I'll try not to get you into trouble
Because I want us to stay a couple
Of misfit toys
I hope I'm not just one of the boys
We can go to the beach
And I could give you a speech
About how both of us each
Are harmonized
While I improvised
To make you laugh
We're going down the right path
Hand in hand
The only way I can stand.
Come to my house
Or we can go to yours
Cause either way I'll see you
And your face that I love down to the pores
And I'll row our boat along with oars
Even when you're under stress
You still look gorgeous in that dress
And I'm glad
Whenever you don't feel bad
Because I may not be the best
And you're definitely no pest
When you think you annoy
I still think you're perfect for this boy
And when you think you're weird
It's the opposite of what I feared
Because you were just being human
While I was hoping you wouldn't find a New man
And I wouldn't become bland
But it's no worry
And I'm in no hurry
Because we've got our whole lives
To live undull as knives
Even if that sounded lame
I'll sing out your name
To give you the fame
Or anything
You make me fly like a wing
And I love what you bring
To my feelings
While my mind is reeling
And my outer skin is peeling
Making me vulnerable
For you to come in
Because I love you like a twin
Or maybe more
And we're so similar
And I love you down to my core
And we're a story like folklore
And I wish you lived next door
So I could see you always
And especially during the fall days
And for years all the Mays
I just hope our relationship stays
And it will
Until after were old and shrill
We'll still be together
I'm pretty sure
I could be incorrect
But you're perfect
And it's amazing your effect
That you make me experience
In every single tense
Past, present, and future
Yes I'm sure
Because I like to fall asleep next to you, sleep next to you, and wake up with you
And everything else
With you and myself
Having you is better than having wealth
You snuck into my heart like stealth
And stole it
And it has no warranty
Because I hope you'll never break it
Or throw it into a pit
Because I'd be too weak to throw a fit
But you fit me
And suit me
Our love is sweeter than a whole fruit tree
And stronger than a root see
That I love you and hear
My heart pound through and through
Every door that closes opens another
But I already opened the one for my lifetime lover
Or should I say partner
Because we're in this together
I'll stay with you forever
No matter the weather
You make me float like a feather
Live with out you? Never
I can barely stand a night
But I'm elated when we don't fight
And every day you're mine another line I will still write
And I'll paint on you like a canvas
Because some one like you is harder to find than Atlantis
And more exciting to visit
Than a church that would make my stomach lurch
Because her smile is my bible
And I feel in heaven while
I'm in her presence
There's omnibenevolence
And there's a sense
Of some awe and wonder
When her anger is thunder
Whenever I stupidly blunder
And apologize
While she just thinks it's lies
But I'll tell her straight to her eyes
About how she fills me with enamor
More natural than a flower
Staying sweet not sour
Never stumble, soften, or stammer
I'll be the nail and you can be the hammer
To repair this broken cardiovascular *****
And then I can feel spectacular again
As long as I can be holdin'
You in my embrace
And I can kiss your whole face
We can move at any pace
Fast, slow, or in the middle
And be enigmatic as a riddle
Or maybe just a little
Or be blatant as Hell
To everyone
We can go and tell
How we have so much fun
Even doing nothing
Or anything else
Because we do it so loving
And we will as long as we have a pulse
And even after
And before
Living full of laughter
With a lot more in store
Hopefully not as many fights
But a lot more years
Because you are my sun and lights
If you weren't that'd be my worst fears
And I'd take away all your mirrors
Since you see yourself different
But it's apparent
You're much better
Than a number on a scale or a grade letter
You're thinner so remember to eat dinner
Because you're my winner
And I'll be your trophy
For overcoming this
Cough and sputter
And make my heart flutter
I'll beg you for a kiss
Because it's pure bliss
Even when it'll get me sick
And hit me with a brick
I hope you stick
Until were buried in the ground
Six feet deep
Since our love runs deeper
It won't stop with a reaper
I'll stay up late to tend your fever
As would you
Even when it was our six month when I had the flu
That's not all the sleep I lose
The nights we argue
And I cannot be still until our fight is through
And peace is restored
To my whole world
Which is you and us
Which is why I make a big fuss
To see you I'd ride a plane, boat, or bus
I'd even crawl
After a mighty disabling fall
There's also the nights I'm up till dawn
Admiring how you're as beautiful as a swan
And just as formal
And documenting this observation in a journal
One that is eternal
Because every night we're monogamous
I'll continue writing this
Even when I'm miffed
I'll stay and not shift
Although I can't be there every day
When I am I'll be servile
And stay a while
Because you're inimitable
Even when I seem jaded
Our loves never faded
Even when your presumptuously impertinence is contrived
Has caused me to demur
And you to be recalcitrant
Soon again I'll be sure
And secure
To stay
Until I'm old and grey
And never let us fray
For that I'll even pray
And pray some more
Mostly directed at her because
I haven't deserved,
I'm kinda rusty instead of polished,
But I hope to you I shine
Cause everyday you're my valentine
7/9/2013-7/3/2014. I thought about how line and mine rhymed and then I thought of that first couplet and decided to make it an ongoing project. I only wrote 234 lines in that timeframe, but I stopped writing even though that girl and I were still dating (and still are 1/19/2015) There are a lot of references subjective to our relationship that a lot of people probably won't get.
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I want your hello, goodbye, and everything in between
I'll be your king if you be my queen
I'll show you things unseen
And sing you things unheard
We'll never get bored
Because we'll travel
Until the clothes on our backs unravel
I asked you to join me on an adventure at the beach
But I promise I won't be clingy like a leach
Meet me at six
So you can give me my fix
Because I'm fixated
So don't be frustrated
We'll bring the horizon
Either you can orican
And we will
Because I think you're straight ill
And I'll do whatever just to give you your fill
Stay like a tattoo
Because I need you like, stat too
Because with out you things seem askew
You didn't expect the question but my bandana knew
You're a cutie pie so around you flies flew
If it's finders keepers
Then I'm glad I have such sharp peepers
So sharp they'll pop your heart
But can you feel mine?
If you can that's fine
With it beating so hard it's hard not to
Cause when I saw you I thought ooh
And I'm so glad I caught you
Looking at me
7/8/2013 2:14 a.m. I wrote this the night I asked some one out (it was in the a.m. so technically the day after). It has a lot of references specific to our us. I asked her out on the **beach** with a note on my **bandana** that said "Do you want to go out with me" and I asked her to read it. There's references to **Bring Me the Horizon** and **You Me At Six** two bands we both liked at the time.
Jan 2015 · 506
Romance Novels
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Romance novels should be put in the fiction section
Because nothing can get rid of this ******* friction
I'm writing it like it's my ******* mission
**** an end
this isn't a ******* trend
This better not be read in some **** book club
Before that happens I'll drop a hair dryer in the bathtub
Read the whole thing not just a stub
cause this nonfiction is about our love
**** a rose and dove
I'll give you a sunflower and a bird of
pray to see you every **** day
or for you to stay
in the book
so I can read it again and take a look
from your perspective
and how you picked me even though you're so selective
6/28/2013. I actually wrote this for my friend's and my joke punkfolk band as lyrics for a song.
Jan 2015 · 16.7k
Parker Louis Jan 2015
They say every man is created equal but I say they're full of ****
If they were I could replace you easily.
If they were you wouldn't take up a majority of my thoughts
Or maybe they were and I just value you more than you're worth.
4/30/2013 Disclaimer: I actually strongly believe in equality.
Jan 2015 · 2.5k
The Worst Kind of Suffering
Parker Louis Jan 2015
The worst kind of suffering is the kind that is silent
Where you're left wondering where your voice went
Did it retreat?
Your words and their ears will never meet
Like a curse
You can't scream out for a nurse
And you can't ask if it'll keep getting worse
The water. Your lungs it'll immerse
The only communication is on your face and called remorse
It never ends
It never mends
You just give it an inner home
and accommodate for it to stay
4/20/2013. I wrote this on a bus on the way home from a Track Meet. I had to write it on my arm in pen at the time.
Jan 2015 · 489
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Colt 45
Magnum 45
Dead at 45
4/4/2013. I was just hearing about six word poems and I wanted to write one, technically it's seven if you include numbers, 4 if you don't, but that's okay.
Jan 2015 · 757
Old Computer
Parker Louis Jan 2015
When you left us
You left me your laptop
Your laptop was like your life
When you had one

With it you Left me
Your highscores on The preprogrammed games

They're not you
and you left
and what happens when I've
all the poems
the pictures
The highscores are beat
The secrets are irrelevant
The memories have faded
Along with the Thought of You
and your Future
3/24/2013. I wrote this one because my grandma died and gave us her very old computer with those super old stock games on it with highschores and I expanded that and made it romantic love instead of family love.
Jan 2015 · 2.3k
Parker Louis Jan 2015
There once was a man everyone felt bad for
All his animals died from Cancer
All his children died from Cancer
His wife died from Cancer
He eventually even died from Cancer
Unbeknownst to any besides him,
His gun was named Cancer
3/16/2013 I wrote this in my head while I was still half asleep in the morning with my eyes closed and I kept repeating it in my head until I finally got up and could put it in my phone. I added to it after that.
Parker Louis Jan 2015
We talked on the phone because she hated to text
Giving me a hint of what comes next
My heart used to be empty and as hard and black as coal
but she set it on fire and now it feels full
Your heart is broken while mine is whole
So let's put them together and only be half broken
So we can be the same heart but in different skin
You make my weeks eventful
Instead of my days of seven dull
We compliment each other, I push you pull
I compliment you to bring joy
You'd compliment me but you're too coy
I run for our future while you run from your past
Good thing we're fast
And not to put you on blast,
let's end get out of this rut
it's monotonous
so let's make this concept official, us
3/14/2013. I think I wrote this when I could only talk to some one through letters because they were grounded all of March and we talked a little bit of talking over the phone instead but we never did talk on the phone.
Jan 2015 · 676
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Too sentimental
Too much thought

Two hearts

To love eachother

Like I'm mental
Like how I obsess over that t-shirt I bought

Painted together like fine arts

I'll water it and let it grow, and I'll water you with kisses that smother.
3/13/2013. I wrote this one and named this one after the rhyme scheme because if you arrange it as AABBCCDD you get related couplets, e.g. Too sentimental/ like I'm mental.
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I could equate the stars to you
but that wouldn't be accurate
The stars are millions of miles away
and you're right here
and I prefer it that way

the stars go down at night
but you're still there in the morning

well, they never leave
but some times I can't see them
like your heart
I can't see it
but I know it's there
doing its job

but the thing you and the stars have in common
natural beauty
pure wonder
3/3/2013 1:16 a.m.
Jan 2015 · 343
I Don't Love the Word Love
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I highly dislike the word love but not the concept
Because hearing others say I love you makes me feel inept
And when some one doesn't say it back it feels like a theft
and after the echo fades what's left?
Was saying it right?
It should be seen not heard since it shines so bright
or felt like a wave of the ocean
since it's just as strong
as any stupid l word song
Stronger actually
At least eventually
since over time it grows
and rollercoasters through highs and lows
While the word stays the same.
Who's to blame?
Whatever self proclaimed linguist smithed the word should be stripped of his name
because it's some thing you feel not some thing you hear
and saying it produces more fear
So just show me my dear.
3/3/13 12:41 a.m.
Jan 2015 · 1.4k
I Love Your Appearance
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I love your appearance
and I'll never change that stance
seeing your smile makes me want to get up and dance
And I can't even tell you how your laugh makes me feel
You have the personality and looks too good to be real
like you have the best deal
but you're not cheap
and your frown would make me want to weep
or jump off a cliff that's steep
onto concrete
because no one else's smile can compete
and your hair makes me keenly aware
of how it's unfair to anyone else to compare
You win, since there is no comparison
like just breathing the same airs a sin
It'll make my day just to see your grin
(I have to mention you're not too fat or too thin)
Every feature looks great down to the shin
Take pride
and let me confide
that you're bonafide gorgeous
And I wasn't prepared for this.
But I'll let it happen
and study this picture like a map then
"and I'll keep reminding you how pretty you are until you start to see it" something I told some one twenty five minutes before I finished this poem. 3/2/13 11 p.m. I was working on multisyllable rhymes at the time which comes out towards the end.
Jan 2015 · 873
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Falling asleep at my keyboard
Writing another message to you
Wondering if I'm wasting my words with every keystroke
By trying to explain how I feel
Hope for mutuality

I fell asleep at the keyboard
Writing another message to you
My head hit the keys when I fell
It typed out a better explanation of my feelings for you
3/2/13 12 a.m. I was extremely tired at a computer when I wrote this.
Jan 2015 · 575
The Longest Marriage
Parker Louis Jan 2015
The longest marriage ended on day 33,227
that's 91 years and 12 days in "Heaven"
But I think we could last longer
but love is a twisted story so I might have never been wronger
like Mary Shelly if I die silk wrap my heart
because we're like art
How come every great romance ends in tragedy?
like Romeo & Juliet I'll wait beneath your balcony
like Augustus & Hazel
I'll love you even as an angel
because love is fatal
like John & Yoko
I'll smile in every photo
like Kurt & Courtney
I'll sing for thee
like me & you
we're always down and blue
but you keep my skin white
not red
just because we wake up in the same bed
even if we're not wed
I don't care
but you can bet your *** people will stare
when I prove I'm still there
on day 33,228 gasping for air.
2/21/2013. I thought of writing this after learning the fact of how long the longest marriage lasted and converting it to days. I'm not sure if that fact is even accurate.
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I'll write you a sonnet poem
because I value you like platinum
or chrome
I'd even let you be my future child's mum
or just my lover
Whatever you want
I'll be your shelter and cover
or something just to flaunt
just hold me close
or at least think of me the same
because for you I'd overdose
and I smile at the mention of your name

well I hope you stay awhile
because if my mind was a computer, I wouldn't be able to delete your file
Jan 2015 · 501
I don't believe in God
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I don't believe in God, I believe in Charles Darwin
because what God would let kids in Africa become so thin?
What kind of God would have people discriminate because of skin?
We all share the same blood
so why don't we all just get along and roll in the mud?
Instead of getting engulfed in society like a flood.
**** is wrong and that's a ******* fact
So why don't we wait for a yes before we act?
She wasn't begging for it when she was sexually attacked.
It was because of ****
that are just a waste of egg and ***
you're so ******* dumb
You make me suicidal
if we're counting straws this is the final
Jan 2015 · 444
Envy is a Glass Window
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Envy is a glass window
it shows you places you want to go
but you can't
and you get angered at everyone out distant
You see them as strong as an ant
while you're a just coccoon,
of envy staring out at the moon
hoping you can get out soon
and it makes you sad
that everything outside is good, but inside is bad
hoping this is just a fad
if you have to, the window you'll break
because your happiness is at stake
and your smiles are fake
want want want
it all feels like a taunt
because you can't move through glass
1/30/13. I wrote this with Love is an Inferno. I wrote them both for a friend's school assignment to write two simile poems.
Jan 2015 · 408
Love is an Inferno
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Love, is an inferno
except you like the pain though
and it leaves you out of breath saying woah
It leaves scars
It's not my scar and it's not yours, it's ours
you can't trap it in jars
It burns bright
leaving you blind without sight
but you feel alright
in the middle of the fiery chaos
a beautiful flower grows like moss
and you hope you never have to face the loss
of the flower dying
or your skin frying
or the knot untying
love, is an inferno
1/30/13 This goes with Envy is a Glass Window. I wrote them both for a friend's school assignment to write two simile poems.
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Can I have a cheatsheet to your heart?
So I could put it in my shopping cart
too bad it's out of stock
and under key & lock
and a password
for me to figure out on my own accord
But I'm ready to try my last combination
It's like I'm in stopmotion
the way these tears fall slow
as you watch and just say "oh
figure it out on your own
because nothing is etched in stone
everything's scrawled in sand
and in high demand
that's why you can't have this *****
I can't let it be tore again
what about you?"
Well mine's still broke and I thought you had the glue
to put it back together
and make it stronger than ever
well if you do have it, you won't give it away
so why do I even stay?
I need you like insulin
Jan 2015 · 889
I'd Rather Be a Warning
Parker Louis Jan 2015
**** being an example, I'd rather be a warning
Because while you're bored in Heaven I'll be in Hell burning
While you're growing up I'm just a punk forming
so I can join in on the rioting and storming
**** the government
and tell them they can get bent
just because I'm not Heavensent
and I don't believe
don't pray for me or grieve
because I'm not just an average steve
or Adam
Christians are just members of a huge fandom
God didn't do ****, everything is random
For respect I won't ask, but I'll demand them
give it to me
and let me free
unlike you
but I can be a decent human being too
I'm not a sheep or fat cow so I won't baa or moo
Jan 2015 · 389
When I, You, We die
Parker Louis Jan 2015
When I die, if you want to be closer to me
don't take a plane
because I'm not im Heaven,
I'll be out at sea

When you die, no one will spill a tear or a drop of blood
Because life goes on
even when they think it won't
they just have to trudge through the mud

When we die, we die together
maybe all at once, maybe seperately
but we all do
and dreading when it happens won't make it any better
Jan 2015 · 4.3k
Let's Set Sail
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Let's set sail
and float without fail
even if we go blind we'll read whole books in Braille
and life will never get stale
we'll drink tea and we'll live free as she and he
her and him let's do it on a whim
you'll be thought of before me
I'll even sign a decree
or a contract
it's love when we come in contact
and I believe it as fact
so let's make a pact
to set sail and never come back
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
The Opposite of Romance
Parker Louis Jan 2015
It was the opposite of romance
when we did the two person dance without pants
We said **** it and took a chance
You know what they say, when in France...
In Rome, whatever
when you seduced me it was clever
Now I wish I could flip it like a lever
instead of live with it forever
Cause the next time we see each other will be never
Call it a one night stand
but it left me feeling the opposite of grand
cause now life is boring and bland
With all the pieces falling like sand
and nothing has balance
I can't believe I took this stance
I must have been in a trance
It was the opposite of romance...
12/16/2012 1:52 a.m.
Jan 2015 · 381
Can You not?
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Can you not?
Tie my heart in a knot
because it hurts
when all the guys you talk to are total flirts
just for you
it's hell I go through
trying to fill those guys' shoes
so I hit the joint and drink the cheap brews
**** it. I have nothing to lose
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Instead of your touch I want to feel your words
because they fly out your mouth like graceful birds
but carefully thought forth
and they send my heart straight north
up, yup, I'd hate to interrupt
but I love the echo of your words when your mouths cupped
it's like a symphony
so keep talking and set me free
and even if I go deaf
I'll read your words that are written and count your every breath
Jan 2015 · 410
[name redacted]
Parker Louis Jan 2015
[name redacted]
When I don't talk to you I'm in Hell
you make me happy enough to scream and yell
I'm guessing it's pretty obvious when I fell?
If not, then well
I guess it is now
You stick out from the crowd
even though you're not very loud and you surround yourself in a shroud,
when guys get to know you to call you their girlfriend would make them proud
Girls are like how'd
she do that
she's skinny and pretty not ugly and fat
and she's cute like a cat
and baby you can wear my hat
you're nice to everyone including some one small as a rat or gnat or a wallflower
let's goto New York and look at a cool tower
and like in Looking For Alaska smoke in the shower
but with **** and when the cops come we wouldn't cower
because we're the 2012 Bonnie and Clyde
I promise to you I've never lied
and I never will
cause you're addicting like a pill and give me a special thrill
I need you to live like a fish needs a gill
please stay in my life if you will?
and we can be infinite until,
Parker Louis Jan 2015
Misery is the mother of invention
because in my life happiness doesn't even get a mention
but sometimes I fake smile just to break the tension
I feel like my ******* heart is bent in
like I wish you never went in
You're like the epitome of satan
because you kept me hangin' and waitin'
and I thought eventually we'd end up datin'
I was wrong

Now I'm just a wreck
I want to take a long treck
we kissed but it was just a peck
but now I'm so ****** I want to stab my neck
or my heart
oh wait you already did that part
Cupid shot me with his love dart, arrow
the line I walk is narrow
I feel like the opposite of a pharoh
a peasant
When I saw you it used to be pleasant
but now I don't even want your presence
9/22/2012 I wrote this the same night as Completely Suppressed. It was at a school dance.
Jan 2015 · 397
Completely Suppressed
Parker Louis Jan 2015
I keep a smile completely suppressed
because I look terrible while you're best dressed
what you daddy's little princess?
if you were mine I wouldn't need the rest
but you're not
so through my heart I'm shot
so I take another of those and let my liver rot
because I think a lot
to you I'm just a friend
but for you I'd do a back bend
or any variant
remember all the times for you at church I went?
my heart is still an empty vent
and it, you still possess
but guess what? Now it's a frown I suppress.
Jan 2015 · 3.9k
As Pretty as the Sunset
Parker Louis Jan 2015
You're as pretty as the sunset
saying I'm in love would be a pretty good bet
but if it's wrong, I'm in debt
to some one that I haven't even met
at least not yet,
but I will
and then I'll pay them with a thousand dollar bill
and hopefully get a thrill
because every day I work hard as a papermill just to get to the weekends
but all my relationships are deadends
and I don't want this to end like that again so I'm just sitting here watching Big Ben
and waiting
hoping that with me you're commiserating
Parker Louis Jan 2015
My hand longs for your touch
I just want to cuddle, I don't ask for much
With you, I'd never kick or punch
Just know that I love you a bunch
And for you I care
I wouldn't think of being with some one else, even on a dare
But into your eyes I just want to stare
Being without you I can't bare
It just isn't fair
How in her bed is her, but I can't sleep thur
You make me happy like how yarn makes a cat purr
It's impossible not to fall for your allure
Sick without a cure,
But it's nice
Like sugar & spice
How you're cute as a bunch of baby mice
Eating little pieces of rice
Let me give myself some advice,
And that is to hold onto you
For you're the cat to my meow and I'm the cow to your moo
And the day I let you go, forever I will rue
Because without you I'm nothing
A heart is just something
That pumps out your blood, but with you it's more like thud, thud, thud
Without you I'm a car trapped in mud
And grime
Stealing your heart would be the perfect crime
But around you I lose my breath like a mime
And your personality is hot as currey thyme
I'm in no hurry this time
Because I can wait without worry that prime time won't attract you you'll stay humble
And without you it's a daily struggle
For you're as cute as a lady buggle
And hopefully after this, next time I see you we can maybe snuggle?
on a final note, when we get back together I'll quit liquor and pills since you're my natural high
And to you I'll never tell a lie
if I didn't have you and I tried that I wouldn't be able to get by
As I hope you couldn't if you had another guy
When I hear your voice I smile and say hi
Even if it's just on the phone
Just hearing your voice puts me on a throne
And I melt like I didn't have a single bone
You can have my heart forever, it doesn't have to be a loan
You keep me grounded to Earth like a stone
But you keep me out of this world like a space rova
Because you're a supernova
And  I just wanna hold ya
I love you, I already told ya
And you already stole the Show
thank God I got to sit in the front row
You're so graceful like you're a pro
And I want our relationship to grow
Well I guess it will, but it's going so slow
But I again, I can wait.
This was the first poem I wrote. 4/8/2012

— The End —