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Parishmita Jan 2019
What's Amaranthine?
Those beautifully painted skies
blended with shades of pink, blue and purple
or your star like eyes
that dazzle at the gaze of mine.
What's Amaranthine?
The deep blue ocean blessed with marine salt
or your aesthetic and revered soul blessed with no faults.
What's amaranthine?
the splendor and magnificence of nature embellished with the flowers of spring, summer and winter
or your serenity,
which is as calm as a summer sea.
What's Amaranthine?
The immortal and unfading vigor of the universe
or the heart marred with scars,
craving for the undying and unconditional love of yours.
I see the magnificence of nature in him.
Parishmita Jan 2019
His anger blooms
like the amber color flames of a sunflower.
Burning bright and fierily.
And I don't know whether to stare him down
with my vehement warmth,
to see his aesthetically pleasing face
or hide behind the gray clouds
to calm down his rage.
I let go of my anger to calm him down.

— The End —