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 Sep 15 a name
There used to be a bottle on the wall.
It was very green.
I'm sure it was the loneliest green bottle
that I had ever seen
It used to sit on the wall
all day and all night
And every day, when I looked out of the window,
it was always in my line of sight
Then one day, a cat came along.
Something was going to happen; I could tell
The cat then accidentally nudged it
and off the wall, it fell
When it had fallen off the wall
it had dropped with a very loud sound.
There were all these little pieces of the green bottle
all over the ground
Then the cat yelped
and I knew it had gotten hurt
I could quite obviously see its paws were caked in
blood and dirt
The bottle wasn't harmful in the beginning
it did not look the slightest bit treacherous
but after a nudge in the wrong direction
it became very dangerous
Now I look back at you smiling
next to me on the big armchair
Your fingers running through your soft locks of hair.
You remind me a lot
of that green bottle.
In the beginning, you were harmless
you were all sorts of fun.
Now you hurt me.
Could you tell me why
as I don't quite know what I've done
 Aug 27 a name
Maddie Lane
and france
and friends
and shooting stars
and swimming
and the beach
and sand
and grilling
and good food
and fine wine
and missing you tons
and feeling so full
a little empty


the sun sets later in france
(even she doesn't want the days to end)
and my skin loves it
freckles blooming on my skin
(proof of her kisses)
everyone is so happy
so full
a little drunk

to hell with it
nothing hurts if you don't let it
i'll let myself feel it all
while i ride alongside the seine
i'll see you soon
and missing you will have been worth it
 Jun 26 a name
Mark Wanless
in the beginning
was the word and the word was
 Jun 26 a name
 Jun 26 a name
he’s a relic of my heart
an artifact of a dead civilization
a symbol of dreams lost to time

he’s an echo of hope
a reminder
that I called out for someone, once
 Jun 26 a name
Maria Mitea
it is the smallest thing on earth

smaller than an ant or a louse,
smaller than a fungus,
so small that when it passes by you can't see it,
you can't feel it, because it's the tiniest thing on earth hiding sometimes in a tear, othertimes in an outstretched hand,

we want her for us, but she's always by our side,
with the mastery of the philosopher, it leads us by the nose to where considers,
lures us like a gravedigger disguised in a goddess,
it does not fall on your lap, not even in  your mouth like a riped pear,
because it is the most ordinary thing on earth hidden in your warmth,

we all run after her like after a  bridal veil blown by the wind
I accomplished nothing.
It is an accomplishment to accept that.
They had children and
war planes.  Muster at 0700
Bottles boiled, flannel laundry.
Grandma's coming over.  
Lunch buckets
with a sandwich. No beer.

Blue denim overalls were the fashion
of 1943.  Bandana covered curls.

They were not all Rosie's.

For some dementia was the result
of too much information. They were
brave in their trembling.

Attachment Disorder began
after the war
when the chidren were born.  

Awed at the


that anyone at all
raced through the
by the memories,  

of the noise of

the bombings.

The dead,


Toys flung out of cribs.  
They smoked
they tried to read books.

Several times a day the
War was lost, the real
battle, marriage,
and, for the second time,
the front, was drowning,
There was this OnIy stillness

They dared to muster the
to listen to the
broadcasts from
the other room.

the rank of Rivetter,

they were received with juice,
drank to the dead and to
those who wished they were.

Caroline Shank


 Feb 20 a name
Anais Vionet
I’d love you less if you were here
crowding my dorm bed, nibbling me,
rubbing me like sandpaper

I’ve come this far all by myself
I am a stone, leave me alone

Let’s keep it nonchalant
don’t kiss me on the lips
don’t label this a situationship
because then one of us would need to care
BLT word of the day challenge: nonchalant : "having an air of easy unconcern or indifference."
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