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Palpebra Oct 17
good ol' days
young ol' me
so far away
that i could sea
and simply be
completely free
the beach, the sea will always remind me of you
i hope you have a great life ahead a :)
you'll be missed!
Palpebra Sep 2020
Make babies, not by-products of ***.
Abusive marriages lead to an abnormal upbringing. Stop giving your kid what you got. Don't fight in front of them. Because, it leaves a long-lasting effect.
Palpebra Dec 2020
There are parts

of mine

that are

far from fine,

I hide them well


a mask so pretty

concealing an ugly mind,

dark-dingy corners


I don't let in the

Sun's glare,

filthy and messy

with litters from past

devilish and doomed

been from the very start,

I'm twisted


cold and unlovable

without a doubt.

But I keep

all this

to myself

like a kiss,

that's too *****

to share

like a secret

I bear






burying these

demons and evils

deeper and deeper

calming the

impending upheavals.
I'm Not Generalising
Just Realizing What's Wrong With Me In General?
Palpebra Sep 2020
Alone and around;
Without making a sound,
Sit I still here and now,
Wondering- How?
I've been so lonely all this long,
Believing that it would make me strong.
Yet, I check for messages and calls,
But my phone doesn't chime at all!
Palpebra Feb 5












somewhere, something's terribly wrong
Palpebra Nov 2020
The heart that beats

pumps the fluid I shed,

inking these sheets

with words in blood red.

I cannot ****

what's already dead,

I've got no will

so I won't find a way ahead.

Lost in my mind

these thoughts I thread,

while living in rewind

I curse the present instead.

Lonely like the 52Hz whale

I stay unheard & unsaid,

in this self-created jail

hallucinating the reality I dread.

I wish that I could resurrect,

like a butterfly from its skin shred,

all my broken parts could I collect

and piece them into poetry unread.
Palpebra Nov 2020
They did not clip my wings;

But made me believe that I can't fly.

Questioning my every move;

Never answering my whys.

Telling me my limits;

Darkening my already stormy sky.

Taking all my reasons to live;

And giving me none to die.

Choking on my own tears;

I drown in the ocean I cry.

They did not pull my strings;

But made me their puppet as I can't defy.
Palpebra Dec 2020
You cut me

so deep

even stitches

couldn't seal

and now

words bleed

from wounds

that can't heal.
Palpebra Apr 22
i don't know
what's making me show
my screen glow
in this dark dark room
where all i have is gloom
i have everything
yet nothing at all
so many numbers
but none that i could call
too many blessing to count
yet so much self doubt
my dad's playing his good old songs
my mum's watching her series
yet here i've been sitting for so long
that my own head seems eerie
it's pouring out
the silence too loud
i miss a friend i had
his memories making me sad
there's none so bold
to ever fall for me
i've been told
i'm pretty
yet the irony
that none think i'm worth
i too curse my birth
i also miss my sister
her death gave my soul blisters
that still bleed and will never heal
i don't want to feel
just an adrenaline rush
a sext here; there a crush
nothing permanent
nothing to cement
just give me an hour i crave
i promise, after that i'll behave
Palpebra Sep 2020
He said- "You are a rose,
Pretty to look at; But hurts when close.

I told him he was a cactus,
Words couldn't describe him; So I used my canvas.

And the desert I painted could never,
Grow both of us together!
I do love you;
Just not the way you want me to.
Palpebra Sep 2020
If I ever fall in love, I will fall for all of you!
Palpebra Mar 10
I don't know
where did I
go wrong
or lie
did you leave
and what made you
that I betrayed
when it was my life
I layed
for your eyes to see
that I'm not like any
but you were
like all
promising timers
while stopping our calls
happily choosing
a life without
my dullness my brokenness
my issues my doubts
you did not trust me
but you took me for someone
who wasn't tough
so I write this verse
last blessing last curse
4 years of
confusion and control
calculatitive goals
I tell you this
I don't miss
you or your bookshelf-self
untitled ice-cube bonds
or anything else
our talks our walks
our texts our interests
my dull your bright
your voice my fight
my guilt my pride
your scars you hide.
Palpebra Sep 2020
For every boon there's a bane,
For every mad there's a sane.
For every love there's a hate,
For every human there's a mate.
For every word there's a rhyme,
For every emotion there's a mime.
For every ugly there's a beauty,
For every shirker there's a duty.
For every pain there's a pleasure,
For every heart there's an embrasuer.
For every belief there's a myth,
For every innocent there's some filth.
For every sinner there's a saint,
For every thought there's some taint.
For everything there's something.
Palpebra Sep 2020
He asked me- "Why are you still a ******?
I smiled and said- "I'm good at DIY"
The science of our body is such that it doesn't distinguish between ******* and ****** ******* since, the end result is the same.

Then why do we lust for people? Why do we look for mates even when we aren't planning to prove Darwin's Theory of Survival of the Fittest!
Palpebra Sep 12
dead eyes
don't tell lies
for they once survived
in the light they thrived
only to be enclosed
in the the darkness enfold
their tears have dried
for they've cried
a sea so stormily silent
leaving rivulets so violent
that now stand still
waiting for the ****
all good things come to an end
so why do we pretend
that this happy moment will last
when our past shall cast
shadows on our present
waning our full moon to a crescent
i can't stop being who i am
i can't lose myself while i try to find him for he'll go and find another..........and i"ll be left here
i don't know how to do this
i will hurt him but in the process i will be destroyed completely
Palpebra Aug 26
in all these crowds

i wander my way

looking for things

that'll help me stay

for everything's back

to being gray

now that the sun's hidden

it's dusk after the day

as the darkness descesnds

my demons come to play

and i'm left alone

to type away what i had to say

i no longer believe

that everything's going to be okay

so i'm learning to live

happily in my own dismay

for the drops will change

everytime it'll rain

i won't do the same

over and over again

i know i ain't normal

so i accept i'm not sane

i remember who i am

-the prettiest product of pain
at present everything's too complicated to figure out
Palpebra Oct 9
rightfully wronged
roughly toughened
a woman who's strong
to none do i belong
walked down the aisle
shed blood
a cold smile
after the tear flood
life's hard
like a shard
slowly kills
everything stills
what remains
are mere names
so think
let it sink
for no man's worth
so justify
your birth on earth
crème de la crème

the sexiest woman is the one who knows what she wants and has the courage to go after it

think like a king
act like a queen
Palpebra Apr 7
I see, I see
those cold cold girls
who hide behind hoodies
and bun their curls
who line their eyes
smoky with darkness
that circles their mind
resulting from their cries
who's lips are red
due to a temper
that's so **** short
-on thin ice they tread,
who glare at every guy
just so they back off
waiting for the one who'll
dare answer their why
why? would someone
like them and love them
why? would someone
want them and need them
but everyone
keeps their distance
but everyone
stays away
and that's the reason
these cold cold girls
never let anyone in.
Palpebra Oct 4
often wonder i

what is it about the bad guys

that draws me in

tempting me to sin

for he'll break my heart

know this i from the very start

yet i crave his fractured feelings

that can't be fixed by healing

so i love him with all i am

to the lion i become the lamb

only to be devoured by him

and claimed from limb to limb

in his arms

away from the harms

only to be destroyed in his cocoon

for falling for him isn't merely a boon

but a bane wrapped in pain

i willingly gain

again and again

because he is a beautifully broken man

who'd never been part of my life's plan

so deep do i peep

to find stars in his scars

and a love so profound

to him I stay forever bound

your darkness, your brokenness
that's what draws me in
i don't want to fix you
but simply love you just the way you are

"A Strong Woman Doesn't Weaken Her Man Only Softens Him"
Palpebra Aug 11
you know i like you, but you don't
for this i shouldn't blame you & i won't
i have never liked someone enough
to give up being tough
but you changed this for me
made me feel what it means to be free
i have opened up my heart here
letting go of all my fears
waiting for a single sign
that one acknowledgement line
but nothing comes through
i know i am making this difficult for you
i should take what's left of my pride and leave
i would if i could, me should you believe

i don't know what's stopping me
but i just can't give up without a fight
but doing this on repeat
is diminishing my already dull light
before you i used to pride myself
how i don't let guys affect my life
never wanted to be with anyone
because of my own emotional rife
yet here i am vulnerable and weak
in your eyes maybe i'm a freak
but i am grateful for going through this
learning what it means to miss
someone i never had
now has the power to make me sad

i have spoken too much, haven't i
but how can i withdraw without a try
you hurt me and you don't even know
i am simply reaping what i'd sown
say something
but not nothing

i don't know what do you do with these poems i write for you.........what started as a normal way of expressing myself has now turned into something seriously deep
i don't open up easily
i keep things to myself
i believe in- nobody's going to be there for you because nobody's going to be you.........we have to fight our own battles so what's the point in sharing our life with other people...........but when it comes to you i don't have much self-control, do i?
Palpebra Jul 27
i guess it's time to finally let him go
gotta choose some self-pride
Palpebra Aug 5
there are a thousand words
i want to say to you
but none will ever be heard
just in my poems be viewed

when's your birthday
what do you like to play
where would you like to go
you like things fast or slow
your favourite color's black
what's this one thing you lack
what makes you tick
what makes you sick
best day you ever had
when was the last time you were sad
what's your greatest fear
do you get "laughter tears"
movies you watch
whiskey or scotch
the songs you sing
what's your thing
worst memory you made
all your dull-bright shades

you're beautiful
just the way you are
your happy smile
and your hidden scars
2218 means VT............if alphabet a=1, then in order 'v' is 22nd and 't' the 18th alphabet........I never had the courage to directly tell this to you
but if i am baring my soul here, then why not?
Palpebra Oct 10
my world's black & white

no space for crayons

i grew up in reality's light

with no room for unicorns

all i'll ever be is dull to your bright

for i've had too much

that now i've got no energy to fight

to your last words i clutch

to forever be out of your sight

but baby,
never out of your mind

abience (n.) the strong urge to avoid someone
yeah, that's what it is
Palpebra Dec 2020
She fades


a little

each day


the way

she caused

her own

December 1
Palpebra Oct 2020
Dear Reader,

Whenever you fall, fall hard;
For someone, risk getting scarred.
He will be no Romeo, you won't be Juliet either;
So cut some slack because great stories are about neither!
Don't be afraid of one-sidedness,
Don't always look for same-mindedness!
There will never be a prince-charming,
Break-ups are not worth self-harming!
If you ever let someone in your heart,
Cherish them always as if an immortal art!
And if someone wants to move out of there,
Let them leave and don't resort to yell and swear!

Because readers, I am above oxytocin and hatred,
I am neither permanent nor sacred!
So find me wherever you can;
And spread me wherever you go!
For I am the bitter-sweet fruit of what you sow.

Yours lovingly
Palpebra Aug 15
i don't want to feel

anything for anyone

so that i can heal

and be fooled by none

caring makes me weak

so i want to be bleak


angered by my pain


in chains

for letting myself free

shattered my broken soul

painting my heart as black as coal

so now i know

what these emotions cost

making me feel oh so low

such that

no love in me is left to be lost
"heart break isn't the worst thing that can happen
and i have survived worse"
Palpebra Sep 3
we are going to die
if not today then tomorrow
so why do we lie
believing there won't be sorrow
for who has come
will definitely go
nobody's wholesome
it's just for show
then why sail ships of relations
when we know life's just a vacation
everything that starts
is meant to end
then why engage our hearts
when we know there'll be none to tend
to our broken souls
and damaged minds
that'll be decorated with holes
and missing pieces hard to find

dear reader, tell me please
why do we get attached
when we know that this person
can any moment be snatched
a w a y
any day
Palpebra Dec 2020

I will be on my knees
still never beg
to be yours
as I'll spread my legs.
Letting you tie
my wrists with ropes
doesn't mean submission
so don't up your hopes.
If I let you in
and you let me come
please stop mistaking
it for something beyond fun,
as you move
up and down, inside-out
marking my neck,
it's simple biology without a doubt.
And as you taste me
getting too close
somewhere no one's ever been
don't you dare think it's you I chose.
I don't care
for anything other than
these bursts of pleasure
where you're just another man.
Stay where you are
never cross these lines,
I am an attention *****
it's the thrill on which I thrive


I sold my thoughts
for mere pennies,
prepared myself to be bought
by so many.
Craved attention
by typing stories of my dismay
sought appreciation
with vulnerability on display.
I kept all my clothes in place
yet I was naked to your eyes,
leaving behind all my grace
I forced you to hear my cries.
Unfolding my story
giving away my parts,
I served you my glory
by pouring out my heart.
Years of uncertainty
has my stomach in knots,
guilty for a moment of vanity
I am done calling the shots.
Please free me from this bond
I don't want your attention anymore
of you I am no longer fond...
Why? Because,
I'm not your *****
so stop demanding encore.
Palpebra May 11
i've got shades

to me

you've got shades

to you

still we're

the same black

created from

different hues
Palpebra Jun 10
same face
different looks
same man
different books
William, Callan, Remington, Aiden, Maverick.............
you're the one good bond i had

the one good thing in the bad

the prettiest person were you

accepting my ugly and blue

i will never be free from our bond

of you i shall forever stay fond

somethings are too painful to remember

but you're too precious to forget

love like dying embers

our destinies in stone set

though apart

beating hearts

pumping the same red

residing in each other's head

two books too different for a shelf

two souls too dark for a self
i guess, love will never be enough
Palpebra Oct 2020
   I   '   m
  n   o   t
   f u s e d ;
  M a y  b e
   a    l   i   t   t   l  e
   c   o   n   f   u   s  e  d  .
  I ' ve    s  t  i  l  l    g  o  t
  a    l  o  t   o f   f  i  g  h  t
  l   e   f   t     i    n    m   e ;
  I ' ve    s  t  i  l  l    g  o  t
a   l o  t   o f   l i g h t
   l   e   f   t     i    n
    m  e . . . . .
Edison did not just invent the bulb;
He created a bright future by not giving up.

Last night I thought I would never get up. But here I am today.
Its not falling that scares me; What scares me is never wanting to get up again!
Palpebra Oct 2020
○               °  
°           °       ○
°      ○
○           °
I      d   o   n  '  t
k     n       o     w
    h  o  w    l o n g    
I    h  a   v   e  .
F o r   a l l   I
k  n  o  w
I ' l l
second of it count.
Palpebra Jun 21
you gave me a taste

even though chaste

leaving me crave more





and like the thirsty sea

i keep panting to meet my shore
i will never forget you
because you won't let me P
Palpebra Oct 2020
But brought-up.
They are the adopted children of boredom and free time.
Palpebra Sep 2020
☆                                  ☆                             ☆  

T                            H                          E
c r             own   I      we            ar
  c a        n  not  b e     s  e      en,
t h e   k i  n  g   d     o m     I  
    r u l e     stays      hid den;  
  c         a       V      i     t       y
  created by my queen,
depicts   the    LOVE
 that was forbidden.
Love is a tragedy!
Palpebra Apr 18
Your absence fills my heart

like an unclaimed piece of art,

you already knew

that I lacked hues










but you made me realize

how dull are my eyes

how muffled are my cries

how lame is my existence

how pointless is my persistence,

how far you are

when you still hold me close,

how easy I am

waiting to be the one you chose,

I know

in this world of "Hello"

all I'll ever be is "Crucio"




-a pretty little thing that'll

always remain haunted.
P.S. Neither have I watched nor read the Harry Potter Series.....

P.P.S. I really liked having you around. I'm sorry you will never be able to say the same about me. I really am a curse, a liability, a messed up personality.

the prettiest faces do hide the ugliest traces
Palpebra Jul 16
i am preparing for the crash

like all my decisions this too is rash

i know how it'll end

yet every rule i bend

look at you and then down

staring at you i'm found

i try to shake it off

but then i see you standoff

turning all about

letting go of all my doubts

i just can't suppress this change

i know it's way too strange

i've never felt so alive before

maybe that's why i always want more

but I'm not built for this stuff

my past keeps me in handcuffs

i know it'll be the same

yet can't i seem to stop

i will always be lame

in my own head up caught
dear hormones
Palpebra Sep 2020
The demon that lives within me;
Is difficult for your eyes to see.
I cover it well behind my face;
That you find angelic without a trace-
Of the evil that resides in my brain,
Running through my body in my veins.

But I can't keep it inside anymore;
I want to show it to you before-
My mask cracks, and I can't hide,
You must be acquainted with my dark side.
Only then I will be able to give myself to you,
Without ever fearing bidding my love adieu.
We all have places in our heads we don't want people to visit.
Palpebra Dec 2020
The darkest of souls

have the brightest of scars.

Black as coal

dwelling in their mar.

Writing their pains

while choking on their cries,

revealing their brains

through poems for your eyes.

The darkest of souls

have the brightest of scars.

Black as coal

burning like stars.

Creating these arts

while surviving their hell,

gluing their broken hearts

by rhyming to a fare thee well.

The darkest of souls

have the brightest of scars.

Black as coal

poetry is their superpower.
We Don't Choose To Be Poets;
It's Poetry That Chooses Us.
Palpebra Dec 2020
Something weird happened today,

with my body talking all the way.

I heard a creak here

and then a squeak there-

my backbone said

nodding its head

"Keep me straight and clever.

For men may come and men may go

but I'll be there for you forever"

Then there was a sound so deep,

my gut roared in his sleep-

"Trust me, lady,  

I'm your well wisher.

I know plots when they turn shady"

Confused I wondered why

all of a sudden I

heard noises from within

only to feel my skin-

say out loud and clear,

"Oh woman! Now you see

don't let anyone get under me"

This made my heart

pump so **** fast,

that I had to press my palm

in order to keep it calm.

Yet he lubdubbed-

"Keep me safe,

but don't place me in a cage

I'm sure,

I can keep up with a little estrange"

Then to my utter surprise

as I closed my eyes,


only to start blinking

when I heard an unusual call,

my brain whispered,

"Dear Palpebra, I may not be the smartest of all!
; )
Palpebra Aug 3
another day went by
since saw you i
wondering how you are
watching from afar

i've never heard your voice
but this isn't by my choice
what goes on in your mind
i am too scared to find

so this is all i do
pour out my heart
here in these words and few
missing what has always been apart
everything's going to be okay
that's all i have to say today

it's you who's got the power to hurt me
but i am taking my chances
Palpebra Jul 28
i promised myself yesterday

i won't think of him any way

yet he is on my mind

and to my poems he is blind

he reads them daily without a doubt

that he's the subject to all my bouts

his ignorance is not my bliss

so letting this attraction go- my only wish
i don't know what to do

this is difficult
Palpebra May 1
I don't know
for how long
have I been
a melancholy song
it's been years
I've been with my fears
swimming in my tears
only to wet my pillow
every night
losing my light
giving up the fight
I hate myself
like a book on a shelf
that's read by none
because it's no fun
I am the weird one
I try to stop my cry
be a bit stronger
hold up a little longer
but I always fail
leaving behind a trail
of weakness and vices
of these unending compromises
I **** myself everyday
by keeping words
that I should say
by following rules
that none should lay
I suffocate
I choke
and all they think is that
this is another joke
I say I'm okay
but I'm not
I say I'm okay
but I'm caught
in the middle of this chaos
in end of another phase
but this time I don't see
a reason for me to chase
I feel *****
I feel guilty
I feel so much
yet nothing at all
no reason to rise
after this fall
no reason to rise
after this fall.
I can't fight this. I can't seek help. I can't die. I can't say goodbye. I don't really know what to do. I see nothing.

I apologise for making you all read this. I really am sorry.
Palpebra Dec 2020
Is love simply

give and take?

an ionic bond

is all what we make?

Or do we come

with applied conditions

"Share To Adhere"

like covalent bond-sums?

Wait....or is it pure

and so **** selfless

as if coordinating our

lives for someone else's?

Or maybe it is

a feeling so deep

felt even when

distance we keep?

But I believe

we have bonds

that are beyond


Because we humans

aren't mere elements

bonding with each other

isn't just an experiment!
Palpebra Mar 28
The motions of 'e'

have always failed me,

caring too much

loving so much,

has always broken

me and my heart,

everybody taking a token

of my sharpest of shards;

letting people in

only for them to leave

and to be left by so many

has now made me believe


there's no point in harboring

these motions of 'e'

for all I'll always be

so fully empty,

people are wrong

when they say


emotions make us strong


for all this long

all I've learnt

after getting brutally burnt

expressing ourselves


exhibiting ourselves;


exposing ourselves,

making them see

will never let us free,

so I'll never let

these motions of 'e'

stop me

so I'll never let

these motions of 'e'

stop me.
Palpebra Aug 24
when i see around
i wonder
why some feel the sun
while others experience thunder
is God unfair
or it's just how life's planned
some have their hands full
while others lack full hands
some run after money
while others look for lust
some become criminals
while others can never be just
some are dark
some are deep
while others have
secrets to keep
so dear reader
when i say
understanding the world
is no child's play
please stop looking
for things that can't be found
-for the loveliest of words
will never have a sound
why's everything the way it is, huh?
Palpebra Aug 4
i wish i could love like the sun
so selflessly wholesome
for someone could i passionately burn
expecting nothing in return
but i ain't no saint
i am pretty selfish
because i do wish
for you to look at me too
i know it isn't fair
thus i won't further share
but that one glimpse of yours
made my day for sure
i know i shouldn't trouble you
but only if i knew
how to go back in time
and stop myself from calling you mine
finally.........9 days later, but who's counting ;)
2218 has an all new meaning for me

things don't get better by worrying about them everything's going to fine in no time
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