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4.1k · Apr 27
this isn't poetry I
Palpebra Apr 27
take my hand
and set me free
help me live
and let me be
i miss you

i admit it
3.7k · Sep 2020
Palpebra Sep 2020
☆                                  ☆                             ☆  

T                            H                          E
c r             own   I      we            ar
  c a        n  not  b e     s  e      en,
t h e   k i  n  g   d     o m     I  
    r u l e     stays      hid den;  
  c         a       V      i     t       y
  created by my queen,
depicts   the    LOVE
 that was forbidden.
Love is a tragedy!
1.8k · Sep 2020
Palpebra Sep 2020
He asked me- "Why are you still a ******?
I smiled and said- "I'm good at DIY"
The science of our body is such that it doesn't distinguish between ******* and ****** ******* since, the end result is the same.

Then why do we lust for people? Why do we look for mates even when we aren't planning to prove Darwin's Theory of Survival of the Fittest!
1.7k · Dec 2020
I'm Fine :)
Palpebra Dec 2020
My eyes

have dried

with the tears

I've cried.

And now

I'm hollow,

I've got nothing to give.

And now

I'm done,

I've got nothing to live.
I'm fine. Okay, if not completely at the moment, I will be, sometime later.
1.7k · May 11
beauty in depravity
Palpebra May 11
i've got shades

to me

you've got shades

to you

still we're

the same black

created from

different hues
1.4k · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
   I   '   m
  n   o   t
   f u s e d ;
  M a y  b e
   a    l   i   t   t   l  e
   c   o   n   f   u   s  e  d  .
  I ' ve    s  t  i  l  l    g  o  t
  a    l  o  t   o f   f  i  g  h  t
  l   e   f   t     i    n    m   e ;
  I ' ve    s  t  i  l  l    g  o  t
a   l o  t   o f   l i g h t
   l   e   f   t     i    n
    m  e . . . . .
Edison did not just invent the bulb;
He created a bright future by not giving up.

Last night I thought I would never get up. But here I am today.
Its not falling that scares me; What scares me is never wanting to get up again!
1.4k · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
They didn't do anything wrong,
I take all the blame,
It's me who endured the same burns,
caused by different flames!

They told us that we should never let the same flame burn us twice, but what about the same burns given by different flames?
1.3k · Sep 2020
Palpebra Sep 2020
Make babies, not by-products of ***.
Abusive marriages lead to an abnormal upbringing. Stop giving your kid what you got. Don't fight in front of them. Because, it leaves a long-lasting effect.
1.2k · Apr 20
Palpebra Apr 20
t h e  p r e t t i e s t

f a c e s

h i d e

t h e  u g l i e s t

t r a c e s
1.2k · May 9
l o y a l t y
Palpebra May 9
for once
i want
to flaunt
my scars
cross all
the bars
fall to rise
forget all
the pain
be a little
let go of
the arctic
the perfect
just be me
small stature
with a messy bun
a difficult nature
the weird one
lose fitting shirts
hell no to skirts
no hint of concealer
i'm not a revealer
yes i'm boring
yes i'm lame
but if loyalty is what
you're looking for
then i'm game
1.1k · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
The interphase of our love was sweet,
We grew, we learnt and fought on repeat!

In the prophase of our affair,
We became more aware;
Of the disappearance of our doubts.
Trust, like chromosomes was visible throughout!

The metaphase was all about balance,
Time, career and some semblance.
We appeared strong to the world's eye;
But to be honest, it was more of a lie!

The anaphase marked our splitting!
When heartbreak poems and sad songs seemed fitting.
We drifted apart to the opposite poles,
Lamenting the loss of each-other's soul.

By the end of the telophase, our fates were sealed;
Our story was forever concealed,
The new lives we built had everything new,
Yet we were one with remnants askew!

Our DNA may one day become free of each-other,
Till then we shall continue to be miserable individually together!
1.0k · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
I want a love so deep that all my shallowness disappears,
I want a love so lucid that all my doubts clear.
I want a love so consuming that all my fears dissolve,
I want a love so inspiring that all my thoughts evolve.
I want a love so pure that all my sins are forgiven,
I want a love so trusting that all my insecurities are riven.
I want a love so joyous that all my sorrows are washed away,
I want a love so poetic that it lives even when I no longer stay!
964 · Dec 2020
Palpebra Dec 2020
The "SHIP"

of our friendship

stands marred,

broken and scarred

are our hearts

that beat apart

and out of sync,

empty to the very brink.

Now that I think

with every blink,

we came with a date

of expiration in wait

because the very word

that defined our world

had an "END" to it

-fading friendship bit by bit.
Guess We're Finally Done
955 · Jun 30
the tree of life
Palpebra Jun 30
there's this eerie feeling

that's crawling up my heart

wounding all my healing

forcing me to over start

all the progress made I

seems to be nothing for

don't remember going high

drowning in my mind for sure

my roots keep pulling me down

my branches amputating my growth

family, friends and foes frown

upon this meaningless life's oath
939 · Sep 2020
Palpebra Sep 2020
For every boon there's a bane,
For every mad there's a sane.
For every love there's a hate,
For every human there's a mate.
For every word there's a rhyme,
For every emotion there's a mime.
For every ugly there's a beauty,
For every shirker there's a duty.
For every pain there's a pleasure,
For every heart there's an embrasuer.
For every belief there's a myth,
For every innocent there's some filth.
For every sinner there's a saint,
For every thought there's some taint.
For everything there's something.
863 · Feb 10
Palpebra Feb 10
[Ha]te + Lo[ve] = Have

love & hate
are the fruits
of what we sow
like plants
they grow
from the same
some blossom
some become
it's not simply nature
but what we nurture
at the end
both are emotions
so strong
they prolong
year after year
all life long
hate to love
love to hate
857 · Dec 2020
Palpebra Dec 2020
You cut me

so deep

even stitches

couldn't seal

and now

words bleed

from wounds

that can't heal.
821 · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
When I caught him in bed with another woman; I asked him-Why?
He shrugged and said-"I am a warm-blooded man"
So I smashed his face and broke his nose; He asked me-Why?
I shrugged and said-"I am a cold-blooded woman"
One thing I always fail to understand is why do people cheat on their partners; If they can't be monogamous, then why do they even get into a relationship. Is loyalty so undesirable?
692 · Nov 2020
I Love You
Palpebra Nov 2020
I will like you

on your dark gloomy days,

when there'll be none

I will stay.

I will cherish

All your rusty broken parts,

which they'll try to fix

as if Kintsugi Art.

I will accept you

just the way you are,

from your tears to your fears

I will caress all your scars.

I will see you

even if the world turns blind,

lost in your head

I will help you find.

I will breathe

life into your dead eyes,

giving you my light

I will fall for you to rise.

You wonder why

will I

go through

all these things for you?


because I love you,

in all your dull-bright hues.
681 · Jun 12
happiness is...
Palpebra Jun 12
if "what makes you happy?
could be answered in a
s e n t e n c e
to it would I say
everyone & everything
doesn't have to
m a k e  s e n s e

once we get this
r e f e r e n c e
we'll go on a joyous journey
embracing the
c o n s e q u e n c e
with so much
r e v e r e n c e

-We'll Be Happy
happiness is relative-
even if you are sad right now, remember you are happier in someone's eyes

happiness is a choice
671 · Sep 2020
Palpebra Sep 2020
If I ever fall in love, I will fall for all of you!
604 · Sep 2020
Palpebra Sep 2020
He said- "You are a rose,
Pretty to look at; But hurts when close.

I told him he was a cactus,
Words couldn't describe him; So I used my canvas.

And the desert I painted could never,
Grow both of us together!
I do love you;
Just not the way you want me to.
597 · Jun 22
Palpebra Jun 22
lust dies but love survives
595 · Dec 2020
Elements & Bonds
Palpebra Dec 2020
Is love simply

give and take?

an ionic bond

is all what we make?

Or do we come

with applied conditions

"Share To Adhere"

like covalent bond-sums?

Wait....or is it pure

and so **** selfless

as if coordinating our

lives for someone else's?

Or maybe it is

a feeling so deep

felt even when

distance we keep?

But I believe

we have bonds

that are beyond


Because we humans

aren't mere elements

bonding with each other

isn't just an experiment!
558 · Apr 23
Palpebra Apr 23
My issues

aren't important

when I see the world around

falling apart on shaky ground

faith depleting

hope fleeting

people dying

breathless and out of breath

with no beds left for death

it's haunting me day and night

seeing the little light

dimming and dimming

darkness brimming

I feel useless and so out of hope

that I find difficult to cope

with my own issues

that seem nothing today

like a sad excuse

I've got nothing more to say.
537 · Apr 9
Palpebra Apr 9
Guys don't like
girls like me
pretty to the eyes
with insides ugly
a past so aghast
a mind so contrast
a tongue so sharp
a mess of shards
all I'll be
is me
and me being me
isn't ****
I'm repulsive
I'm impulsive
I'm not impressive
but very expressive,
some days I'm cold
some days I do what I'm told
some days I give you the fight of your life
some days I wish for you to make me your wife,
guys don't like
girls like me
chained to my fears
appearing to be free
I can smile in my pain
then cry in my regrets
keeping my heat safe
I'll love you in my brain,
all I wish is for
a guy like me
to like me
for who I am
and not what
he wants me to be
a chance, a risk, a gamble
a love story in shambles.
535 · Oct 2020
A Letter From Love □
Palpebra Oct 2020
Dear Reader,

Whenever you fall, fall hard;
For someone, risk getting scarred.
He will be no Romeo, you won't be Juliet either;
So cut some slack because great stories are about neither!
Don't be afraid of one-sidedness,
Don't always look for same-mindedness!
There will never be a prince-charming,
Break-ups are not worth self-harming!
If you ever let someone in your heart,
Cherish them always as if an immortal art!
And if someone wants to move out of there,
Let them leave and don't resort to yell and swear!

Because readers, I am above oxytocin and hatred,
I am neither permanent nor sacred!
So find me wherever you can;
And spread me wherever you go!
For I am the bitter-sweet fruit of what you sow.

Yours lovingly
531 · Oct 2020
Ice Cube
Palpebra Oct 2020
Y  o  u     t  o  l   d    m  e
  t  h  a  t        I        w  a  s  
C           O            L         D
  B   u    t     i     t     w  a  s  
    y      o      u       w    h    o    
n       e        v        e        r
  t    r    i    ­e    d        t     o  
B       R       E        A        K
        t      h     e         i      c     e.     .      .     .
512 · Mar 11
I Won't Give Up On You
Palpebra Mar 11
Take me to bed

but don't let me sleep,

embrace me please

and hear me weep;

then hug me so tight

let me bury my head

in the crook of your neck

making you hear the unsaid,

after that wipe my tears

then kiss my eyes;

for loving you isn't always easy

but I'm willing to pay the price.
509 · Apr 22
Palpebra Apr 22
on my bed
as I lay
with images in my head
of him in me, on me
my wrists tied, my heart free
heavy breathing
souls seething
so much passion
******* in every fashion
I let all these thoughts
guide me to places
where pleasure can be brought
with mere bites and traces
as I set a rhythm so profound
taking myself till I'm left astound
all I see is him, all I hear is him
and then as our hips stop
it's time for our lips to lock
only for me to open my eyes
and realize
all of this is nothing but lies
him, me and us
created by my mind
only for me to find
me all by myself and lonely
making me feel oh so guilty
filling me up with so much shame
this wildness I try to tame
in vain
in vain
because now I know that
my touch will get too much
over and over again
over and over again.
487 · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
You   were
to be my
ed up
g my dr
eams. Yo
u  became
my  very  o
wn brand  of
ca m  p  h or  ;
A ban  d  onin g
me in the ab
undance o
f my scr
485 · Oct 2020
Just A Guy!
Palpebra Oct 2020
He's not strong nor is he tall,
He's not the typical 'man' you call.
He's not built up, nor is he cool,
Maybe he's the quietest in the school.

He's not good at academics,
And often has dates with paramedics.
He's the clumsiest of all.
Maybe he'll never be the guy for whom you'll fall.

He's not that talented nor has any gifts,
A complete misfit!
He's slow and steady but never wins a race!
Maybe he's totally a gone case.

He's not so many things,
Which back brings;
My idea of writing about him,
Even though he's not the hero of my film.

You wonder why?
I'm so fixated on this guy;
Because after all the things he's not,
He still smiles and takes all the shots.
He isn't 'the love at first sight'
But a slow burn that makes my life bright.
He is different, I guess.
An open jar of happiness.
He's got nothing to impress;
Yet so much to express!

He is not attractive; but radioactive!
A radioactive substance only knows emission. He only knows how to give- love, life and meaning to my existence!

Maybe I'll never love you as a lover,
Maybe I'll use you when I'll suffer.
But one thing is for sure,
You will have a place in my heart secure!
477 · Nov 2020
Palpebra Nov 2020
I created you with my art,

you immortalized me on your canvas,

channelising our broken hearts

to pour out the story of "us"

you dusted my shards

on the paintings you made;

I wrote you down on my cards

wording you in my shades,

we found each other

when we lost ourselves,

we are two books kept together

that belong to different shelves.
466 · Jan 2
Palpebra Jan 2
yo ur
to   u   ch
ign   i   tes
my  heart
set ting
m y
******>u l
f i
459 · Jul 27
Palpebra Jul 27
i guess it's time to finally let him go
gotta choose some self-pride
457 · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
.                                         y
                                        e  e
                                       n    t
                                       i      y
                                     m      o
                                     e        u
                                    b          o
           e  a                  r           w
         h      r               e             n
You r        t shall   ev             m     line....
                              n                  y    e 
                                                    l   f
439 · Dec 2020
Palpebra Dec 2020
She fades


a little

each day


the way

she caused

her own

December 1
424 · Aug 5
Palpebra Aug 5
there are a thousand words
i want to say to you
but none will ever be heard
just in my poems be viewed

when's your birthday
what do you like to play
where would you like to go
you like things fast or slow
your favourite color's black
what's this one thing you lack
what makes you tick
what makes you sick
best day you ever had
when was the last time you were sad
what's your greatest fear
do you get "laughter tears"
movies you watch
whiskey or scotch
the songs you sing
what's your thing
worst memory you made
all your dull-bright shades

you're beautiful
just the way you are
your happy smile
and your hidden scars
2218 means VT............if alphabet a=1, then in order 'v' is 22nd and 't' the 18th alphabet........I never had the courage to directly tell this to you
but if i am baring my soul here, then why not?
422 · Jun 10
Book Boyfriends
Palpebra Jun 10
same face
different looks
same man
different books
William, Callan, Remington, Aiden, Maverick.............
418 · May 11
Palpebra May 11
stormy skies

pretty lies

unanswered whys

unexpected goodbyes

are hard to know

but harder to let go
the plot thickens...
406 · Mar 28
Palpebra Mar 28
The motions of 'e'

have always failed me,

caring too much

loving so much,

has always broken

me and my heart,

everybody taking a token

of my sharpest of shards;

letting people in

only for them to leave

and to be left by so many

has now made me believe


there's no point in harboring

these motions of 'e'

for all I'll always be

so fully empty,

people are wrong

when they say


emotions make us strong


for all this long

all I've learnt

after getting brutally burnt

expressing ourselves


exhibiting ourselves;


exposing ourselves,

making them see

will never let us free,

so I'll never let

these motions of 'e'

stop me

so I'll never let

these motions of 'e'

stop me.
403 · Oct 2020
Palpebra Oct 2020
○               °  
°           °       ○
°      ○
○           °
I      d   o   n  '  t
k     n       o     w
    h  o  w    l o n g    
I    h  a   v   e  .
F o r   a l l   I
k  n  o  w
I ' l l
second of it count.
398 · Dec 2020
Dark Souls Bright Scars
Palpebra Dec 2020
The darkest of souls

have the brightest of scars.

Black as coal

dwelling in their mar.

Writing their pains

while choking on their cries,

revealing their brains

through poems for your eyes.

The darkest of souls

have the brightest of scars.

Black as coal

burning like stars.

Creating these arts

while surviving their hell,

gluing their broken hearts

by rhyming to a fare thee well.

The darkest of souls

have the brightest of scars.

Black as coal

poetry is their superpower.
We Don't Choose To Be Poets;
It's Poetry That Chooses Us.
382 · Jan 11
Open Mind Closed Eyelids
Palpebra Jan 11
I wish I could go
back to the days
when prancing around naked
wasn't seen as a stripper's case,
a time when
depression was a difficult word
to simply speak and spell
not a condition from which I suffered,
when playing with Barbie
was a part of my daily routine,
and not to look like one
with a big **** but body so lean,
a period when
I could make myself
happy at the same time
with everybody else,
when the Sun seemed reachable
and stars twinkled in my eyes,
when truth was my only language
and I couldn't tell sugarcoated lies,
when the whole world
was mine alone
not merely confined to
the screen of my smart phone,
I wish I could go
back to being a kid
but I not know
how to time travel,
so I do unravel
back being kids-
by keeping an open mind
and closing my eyelids.
370 · Jan 19
Make Love
Palpebra Jan 19
With every glide
of my tip,
I make you mine
as I worship
your beautiful body
your ****** skin,
making me yours
tempting me to sin
with every mark
I leave on you,
inking all my
dark dangerous hue,
I lose a piece
of my heart
your lips part
and I wait for
us to reach above
the euphoria
of making love
you milk
me dry and run
out of space by
coming undone.

"Our intimacy
sets the poets free
helping them
create poetry".

-said the pen to the paper
362 · Nov 2020
Palpebra Nov 2020
They did not clip my wings;

But made me believe that I can't fly.

Questioning my every move;

Never answering my whys.

Telling me my limits;

Darkening my already stormy sky.

Taking all my reasons to live;

And giving me none to die.

Choking on my own tears;

I drown in the ocean I cry.

They did not pull my strings;

But made me their puppet as I can't defy.
347 · Jul 10
Palpebra Jul 10
w h y

c o u l d n ' t

t h e y

a b s t a i n

t h a t

o n e

d a y

just that one single time
309 · May 19
To Second Chances
Palpebra May 19
Your pain could I feel
And mine was felt by you
We're a masterpiece
Put together by glue
Done damage
And all the moments been
The slate of our love
Can't be wiped clean
We fell
And then we rose
We walked miles
Before we were close
All the hurdles
We crossed
All the opportunities
We lost
Can we still make up?
Or we'll let
Come in between
The petty defects?
Where you cursed me
And I hurled abuses
When I couldn't see
Past through your excuses
Because we can
Never go back
But we can bury
All our old tracks
Start afresh
Be the same
For we're mere players
Of this brand new game!
Honestly, I don't believe in second chances. Then why did I write this? Because someone out there does.
305 · May 14
I Want You
Palpebra May 14

warm a minute
the next you're cold
man you've got secrets
and a story untold
i try to look deeper
making my moves bold
letting my pupils dilate
and my want unfold
treat me like a princess
take me like i'm sold
you're not the monster
you think you are
just a broken soul
with stars in your scars
i want you
with all your shards
for you're worth the gamble
i'll show you all my cards


i love it when you're rough
but hate it when you act tough
i know you're strong
but being cold to me is wrong
i don't just open my legs for you
but i welcome you in my heart
taking inside all your hues
making a piece of art
you'd kissed many
but for me you were my first
like a fusion reaction
there were explosions of thirst
one **** led to another lick
and I kept wanting more and more
and before
I knew
I fell for you
for all
you are,
you were,
you'll ever be
i didn't just look at you
through you could i see
and still I want you
so much
that every touch
makes me crave
makes me brave
302 · Nov 2020
Palpebra Nov 2020
The heart that beats

pumps the fluid I shed,

inking these sheets

with words in blood red.

I cannot ****

what's already dead,

I've got no will

so I won't find a way ahead.

Lost in my mind

these thoughts I thread,

while living in rewind

I curse the present instead.

Lonely like the 52Hz whale

I stay unheard & unsaid,

in this self-created jail

hallucinating the reality I dread.

I wish that I could resurrect,

like a butterfly from its skin shred,

all my broken parts could I collect

and piece them into poetry unread.
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