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4h · 22
dilated pupils
heated skin
amazing skills
a hell lot of sin
beating hearts
***** talkin'
tasting tarts
lips lockin'
burning desire
heightening senses
a spread fire
in love soaked lenses
hands all around
still not enough
blindfolded and bound
in the lust cuffs
a **** is she
or a ***** you call
a wanton spree
rising to fall
in a pleasure so deep
so raw so forbidden
a secret she'll keep
and stay hidden
filled with shame
her wildness she tames
1d · 25
is heartbreak
a mere ache
of a disfigured *****
the one
that pumps you up
only to bleed you dry
and leave you in pain
of unheard cries,
unanswered whys
and unsaid goodbyes

is a lost chance
worth the trance
of pills that ****
your ability to love
only to refrain
from anyone else
who dares to care

the answer
if i tell

be brave
don't think
cuz it's not the safe
that stays
but the ship that sinks
is the one that people link
with love stories and magic
even if it's tragic
it will be worth it all
cuz you'll rise again
after every fall

so be more than
your fear of tears
its only after the storm
the sky shall clear
4d · 12
you're the one good bond i had

the one good thing in the bad

the prettiest person were you

accepting my ugly and blue

i will never be free from our bond

of you i shall forever stay fond

somethings are too painful to remember

but you're too precious to forget

love like dying embers

our destinies in stone set

though apart

beating hearts

pumping the same red

residing in each other's head

two books too different for a shelf

two souls too dark for a self
i guess, love will never be enough
Oct 17 · 181
Palpebra Oct 17
good ol' days
young ol' me
so far away
that i could sea
and simply be
completely free
the beach, the sea will always remind me of you
i hope you have a great life ahead a :)
you'll be missed!
Oct 13 · 219
m u s e
Palpebra Oct 13
dear muse
you do i amuse?

you went away

without a say

taking my ink along

making my suffering prolong

for empty cartridges

and burnt down bridges

make me yearn for words

like wingless birds

longing to fly

high in your sky

i ain't asking you to return

just give back what isn't yours

and help me balm my burns

cuz that's my only cure
Oct 10 · 87
Palpebra Oct 10
my world's black & white

no space for crayons

i grew up in reality's light

with no room for unicorns

all i'll ever be is dull to your bright

for i've had too much

that now i've got no energy to fight

to your last words i clutch

to forever be out of your sight

but baby,
never out of your mind

abience (n.) the strong urge to avoid someone
yeah, that's what it is
Oct 9 · 218
Palpebra Oct 9
rightfully wronged
roughly toughened
a woman who's strong
to none do i belong
walked down the aisle
shed blood
a cold smile
after the tear flood
life's hard
like a shard
slowly kills
everything stills
what remains
are mere names
so think
let it sink
for no man's worth
so justify
your birth on earth
crème de la crème

the sexiest woman is the one who knows what she wants and has the courage to go after it

think like a king
act like a queen
Oct 6 · 170
raison d’être
Palpebra Oct 6
what am i to you
asked him i
smiled at me
said he-
the tainted truth
in the luminous lies
the brightest star
in the darkest skies
the simplest answer
to my complex whys
the unexpected hello
to painful goodbyes
oh baby,
you're the light of my life
that never dies

-you're everything to my nothing
a reason for existing
Oct 4 · 58
Palpebra Oct 4
often wonder i

what is it about the bad guys

that draws me in

tempting me to sin

for he'll break my heart

know this i from the very start

yet i crave his fractured feelings

that can't be fixed by healing

so i love him with all i am

to the lion i become the lamb

only to be devoured by him

and claimed from limb to limb

in his arms

away from the harms

only to be destroyed in his cocoon

for falling for him isn't merely a boon

but a bane wrapped in pain

i willingly gain

again and again

because he is a beautifully broken man

who'd never been part of my life's plan

so deep do i peep

to find stars in his scars

and a love so profound

to him I stay forever bound

your darkness, your brokenness
that's what draws me in
i don't want to fix you
but simply love you just the way you are

"A Strong Woman Doesn't Weaken Her Man Only Softens Him"
Sep 27 · 137
ink your monsters
Palpebra Sep 27
r i  e s
do   i  erase
by bleeding
on this page
t   h   e   s   e
m  on ster  s
away i chase
by lett  ing my
own out of cage
for there'll be none
s   o        b     r   a  v   e
who'll   try      to       save
alone w      e shall  
thrive      that's
   the     way
the nip of a pen
the edge of a sword
monsters they slay
by cutting the chord
Palpebra Sep 26
their eyes full of judgement
makes me lament
the loss of something that could be
at the cost of me being free

their words full of contempt
and the lack of tempt
makes me feel oh so guilty
since couldn't i bear his proximity

their hearts full of rage
place me in my mind's cage
where i can breathe
in my own hell do i seethe

their brains full of malicious stuff
that makes me tough
each day each hour
i realize i've come pretty far

so i exist the way i am
"too glam to give a ****"
my wildness can't be tamed
-a memory that can't be framed
my wildness can't be tamed cuz baby i'm a memory that can't be framed
Sep 19 · 82
p h y s i c a l
Palpebra Sep 19
it'll always be physical
attraction, affection & attention
making me cynical
and creating these perceptions
all he wants is an adrenaline rush
and all she longs for is some company
the blood running to give him a blush
switching her cloudy days to sunny
a drink to bury his sorrow
a text to make her a little less hollow
a joint lightening up their eyes
only to mask their conjoint cries
they're too afraid to feel
and too wounded to heal
so this is how
with their depression they deal
but not feeling won't help
later or sooner they'll yelp
because done damage
can never be cured
simply hidden behind a bandage
day by day it'll be endured
Sep 12 · 135
Palpebra Sep 12
dead eyes
don't tell lies
for they once survived
in the light they thrived
only to be enclosed
in the the darkness enfold
their tears have dried
for they've cried
a sea so stormily silent
leaving rivulets so violent
that now stand still
waiting for the ****
all good things come to an end
so why do we pretend
that this happy moment will last
when our past shall cast
shadows on our present
waning our full moon to a crescent
i can't stop being who i am
i can't lose myself while i try to find him for he'll go and find another..........and i"ll be left here
i don't know how to do this
i will hurt him but in the process i will be destroyed completely
Sep 10 · 81
scale your sky
Palpebra Sep 10
she was a bird in her mind's cage

a slave to her own rage

for nothing could destroy her except

the pessimistic thoughts she kept

she didn't fly

not because she couldn't

rather because she didn't try

as she believed that she shouldn't

the sky was hers to scale

yet she never left the land

but one fine day did someone hail

and offered her his hand

too scared to spread her wings

she shrunk into her shadows

but he was one of those good things

that stuck around to on her grow

so step by step

did she prep

for a flight oh so high

scaling their sky

with him on her side

-that all her fears died

--The End--
i  don't know.........but i couldn't stop myself from writing this

thank you
Sep 3 · 101
any day?
Palpebra Sep 3
we are going to die
if not today then tomorrow
so why do we lie
believing there won't be sorrow
for who has come
will definitely go
nobody's wholesome
it's just for show
then why sail ships of relations
when we know life's just a vacation
everything that starts
is meant to end
then why engage our hearts
when we know there'll be none to tend
to our broken souls
and damaged minds
that'll be decorated with holes
and missing pieces hard to find

dear reader, tell me please
why do we get attached
when we know that this person
can any moment be snatched
a w a y
any day
Aug 26 · 132
Palpebra Aug 26
in all these crowds

i wander my way

looking for things

that'll help me stay

for everything's back

to being gray

now that the sun's hidden

it's dusk after the day

as the darkness descesnds

my demons come to play

and i'm left alone

to type away what i had to say

i no longer believe

that everything's going to be okay

so i'm learning to live

happily in my own dismay

for the drops will change

everytime it'll rain

i won't do the same

over and over again

i know i ain't normal

so i accept i'm not sane

i remember who i am

-the prettiest product of pain
at present everything's too complicated to figure out
Aug 24 · 68
fair enough?
Palpebra Aug 24
when i see around
i wonder
why some feel the sun
while others experience thunder
is God unfair
or it's just how life's planned
some have their hands full
while others lack full hands
some run after money
while others look for lust
some become criminals
while others can never be just
some are dark
some are deep
while others have
secrets to keep
so dear reader
when i say
understanding the world
is no child's play
please stop looking
for things that can't be found
-for the loveliest of words
will never have a sound
why's everything the way it is, huh?
Aug 18 · 93
Palpebra Aug 18
every little thing

reminds me of him

i try forgetting

and letting

my feelings go

as i don't want to show

that how he still affects

and infects

my cold cold walls

that i've built

to stop myself from going back

and make my decision tilt

i don't understand the charm

of unrequited want

deep down i know he means no harm

yet his memories haunt

i hope he finds what he's looking for

maybe that'll help my disease cure?
writing for him makes me a *******..........but i am a glutton for punishment, ain't i?
Aug 15 · 175
Palpebra Aug 15
i don't want to feel

anything for anyone

so that i can heal

and be fooled by none

caring makes me weak

so i want to be bleak


angered by my pain


in chains

for letting myself free

shattered my broken soul

painting my heart as black as coal

so now i know

what these emotions cost

making me feel oh so low

such that

no love in me is left to be lost
"heart break isn't the worst thing that can happen
and i have survived worse"
Aug 14 · 83
Nothing's Permanent
Palpebra Aug 14
for every moment

that passed me by

nothing's permanent

neither you nor i

like the sun i set for you

but you being earth-want the moon

so i rise again without a cue

  burning for you alone too soon

but it is what it is

isn't it?

death is life's sweetest kiss

one day i'll run out of words

for you and your shy sky

and stop wondering why

-every truth was once a lie?
The End
Aug 11 · 83
Palpebra Aug 11
you know i like you, but you don't
for this i shouldn't blame you & i won't
i have never liked someone enough
to give up being tough
but you changed this for me
made me feel what it means to be free
i have opened up my heart here
letting go of all my fears
waiting for a single sign
that one acknowledgement line
but nothing comes through
i know i am making this difficult for you
i should take what's left of my pride and leave
i would if i could, me should you believe

i don't know what's stopping me
but i just can't give up without a fight
but doing this on repeat
is diminishing my already dull light
before you i used to pride myself
how i don't let guys affect my life
never wanted to be with anyone
because of my own emotional rife
yet here i am vulnerable and weak
in your eyes maybe i'm a freak
but i am grateful for going through this
learning what it means to miss
someone i never had
now has the power to make me sad

i have spoken too much, haven't i
but how can i withdraw without a try
you hurt me and you don't even know
i am simply reaping what i'd sown
say something
but not nothing

i don't know what do you do with these poems i write for you.........what started as a normal way of expressing myself has now turned into something seriously deep
i don't open up easily
i keep things to myself
i believe in- nobody's going to be there for you because nobody's going to be you.........we have to fight our own battles so what's the point in sharing our life with other people...........but when it comes to you i don't have much self-control, do i?
Aug 6 · 102
shades of pink
Palpebra Aug 6
it's funny isn't it

how i lose my wits

whenever i see you

in shades of pink and blue

i can't dare to look your way

what if you have something to say

hours and hours i spend

dreading the day this will end

i admire you so much

that typing this is making me blush

how can seeing you close by

make me oh so happily high
i don't know what goes on in your mind
or if you even give a second thought about this stupid girl who's nothing special...........just honest to you and to herself

but simply breathing the same air as you makes me happy..........i thought i was logical and understood that all this is a chemical reaction
but experiencing something so beautiful.......i just don't know :-|
Aug 5 · 92
write for you
Palpebra Aug 5
it's not easy you know
to be brave and show
how i feel about your existence
and shape my thoughts into sentences
how was your day
wondering if you're okay
what new did you learn
am i any of your concern
and all this thinking
is making me type this
to tell you that
it's you who i miss
i don't know what to do
stop or keep writing for you

but we both know the answer, don't we
i am oh so stupid and silly
i will keep writing for you
until i'm specifically asked not to
since 13th of July you're my muse
all that i've written is for you
but i don't know what else to do
to make you see how i feel about you

mess line
august dates
lunch time
bus waits
don't have that much appeal these days
Aug 5 · 424
Palpebra Aug 5
there are a thousand words
i want to say to you
but none will ever be heard
just in my poems be viewed

when's your birthday
what do you like to play
where would you like to go
you like things fast or slow
your favourite color's black
what's this one thing you lack
what makes you tick
what makes you sick
best day you ever had
when was the last time you were sad
what's your greatest fear
do you get "laughter tears"
movies you watch
whiskey or scotch
the songs you sing
what's your thing
worst memory you made
all your dull-bright shades

you're beautiful
just the way you are
your happy smile
and your hidden scars
2218 means VT............if alphabet a=1, then in order 'v' is 22nd and 't' the 18th alphabet........I never had the courage to directly tell this to you
but if i am baring my soul here, then why not?
Aug 4 · 68
Palpebra Aug 4
i wish i could love like the sun
so selflessly wholesome
for someone could i passionately burn
expecting nothing in return
but i ain't no saint
i am pretty selfish
because i do wish
for you to look at me too
i know it isn't fair
thus i won't further share
but that one glimpse of yours
made my day for sure
i know i shouldn't trouble you
but only if i knew
how to go back in time
and stop myself from calling you mine
finally.........9 days later, but who's counting ;)
2218 has an all new meaning for me

things don't get better by worrying about them everything's going to fine in no time
Aug 3 · 85
deleted chats
Palpebra Aug 3
another day went by
since saw you i
wondering how you are
watching from afar

i've never heard your voice
but this isn't by my choice
what goes on in your mind
i am too scared to find

so this is all i do
pour out my heart
here in these words and few
missing what has always been apart
everything's going to be okay
that's all i have to say today

it's you who's got the power to hurt me
but i am taking my chances
Aug 2 · 86
Palpebra Aug 2
in crowds that passed me by
under the grayish blue sky
i kept looking for you all around
to your thoughts was i bound
but couldn't find that happy smile
that had the power to bring life
to a dark dead day
by simply breathing away
i know the times are tough
and the timing's all wrong
but i know things will be fine
and misery won't prolong
so I'll keep searching for you
until next time our eyes meet
and keep troubling you
with words that i should delete
everything will fall into place
if not today
then definitely someday
Aug 1 · 83
for granted?
Palpebra Aug 1
thought i won't write
for you today
but even out of sight
you're making me sway
your way
such that i'm stringing
these lines
and clinging
to hopeful vines
of you
thinking about me too
i haven't done this before..........i have no idea what's fast or what's slow
all i do is write for you
i ain't like other girls who look pretty and all
i am just me
will writing for you make you take me for granted? maybe
but **** me if i know what to do  :-/
Jul 31 · 218
you're worth the effort
Palpebra Jul 31
it's just been a day and few
since the last time i saw you
your face
your gaze
i miss so much
to your memories do i clutch
and hold on for so long
because thinking about your presence
makes me live through your absence
i am doing things i've never done before
i am going all in because i want more
i am taking this risk for sure
because you're worth the effort, encore!
i guess, i figured out what i want..........the worst that can happen is that he can say NO or laugh at my expense.........but not showing him how i feel about him will make me regret even let's see how things work out......i don't have much to lose, do i? a few tears, a piece of my heart and a lot of pride..........but he'll be totally worth it :)
Jul 28 · 99
Palpebra Jul 28
i promised myself yesterday

i won't think of him any way

yet he is on my mind

and to my poems he is blind

he reads them daily without a doubt

that he's the subject to all my bouts

his ignorance is not my bliss

so letting this attraction go- my only wish
i don't know what to do

this is difficult
Jul 27 · 459
Palpebra Jul 27
i guess it's time to finally let him go
gotta choose some self-pride
Jul 26 · 75
the chase
Palpebra Jul 26
my mom taught me when
i was a little girl at ten
to never chase after a guy
that often made me wonder why
naive I was
thought that if the boy i liked
didn't know he made my pulse spike
could end up with someone not me
so my interest in him should he see
but she was right like always
and now i sit here with rays
of died hope
which is difficult to cope
with the fact
he doesn't even know that I exist
then why should i persist?
it's unrequited, like always
get the memo ;p
Jul 24 · 73
Palpebra Jul 24
I don't know why
I'm writing at this hour
when all I want to do
is look at the stars
feel their warmth
and love their light
understanding darkness
by learning from the bright
I know I'm damaged
to an extent of no repair
but still a part of me
believes in human care
to be wanted for who I am
-a mess arranged in layers
hard to know, harder to love
but never a betrayer
I'm confused. I'm scared. I've been talking too much and feeling too much lately. I don't like this. But I cannot give up looking for him everyday. I can't give away my self-pride......and go all in because I know, like all other areas of my life, even here I am alone. Then why do unrequited feelings mess with my head? I didn't want him to look at me before, but now a small part of me thinks- how would it feel to be looked at? I know I'm not built for this stuff. Then why am I throwing myself at him? The question is...........why do I still like him? Why isn't this just like any other obsessions of mine? What if he likes someone else and I'm clueless?
Jul 20 · 128
Palpebra Jul 20
i don't want much

just a moment to breathe you in

your silhouette to touch

not an inch more of skin

i don't long for your attention

i'm happy to see you happy

not an ounce of your affection

i want to let you be free

i am not after your best parts

just the ones you hide

the dark deep pieces of your heart

those i want you to in me confide

i am not aiming for your mind

just the glimpses of your thoughts

that have me so inclined

towards you in all sorts

i am that girl who can look at you all day long

but will never let these feelings prolong

for i can't look at you when you look at me

-i can't muster up the courage to be

~y o u r s
will it be fine
if i say that you're mine?
Jul 18 · 150
i don't want to want you
Palpebra Jul 18
why can't i let you go?
let things be like before
i saw you standing there
of my interest- unaware
with your friends in deep talks
that made me pause my long walks
you're trouble knows my heart
yet seeing you makes it start
with a beat so profound
that it makes sounds
for you to notice me too
and exchange a word or few
but I battle with my brain
attraction is something to refrain
for all i've known is pain
and i can't go through it again
i try to kick you out of my mind
yet in the corners do I find
you lurking there in deep
making me want to keep
looking for you everyday
yet stay shut without a say
because i know this through
i ain't the one you'll want
so i want to not want you
because your ghost will forever haunt
me and my stupid senses
that are making me type these sentences
I've never faced temptation this strong............and like all other aspects of my life, I'm all alone in this. Why can't I just go back to being aloof? I don't want more mess in my already messed up life.
This is nothing, just stress + hormones = chemical imbalance. I'm not the "romance in real life" type, yeah? Moreover, I am unlovable! So why can't I let him go? Why am I dreaming of him? Why is he up here in my head when I clearly know that I'm not in his head too?
Jul 16 · 133
damn me
Palpebra Jul 16
i am preparing for the crash

like all my decisions this too is rash

i know how it'll end

yet every rule i bend

look at you and then down

staring at you i'm found

i try to shake it off

but then i see you standoff

turning all about

letting go of all my doubts

i just can't suppress this change

i know it's way too strange

i've never felt so alive before

maybe that's why i always want more

but I'm not built for this stuff

my past keeps me in handcuffs

i know it'll be the same

yet can't i seem to stop

i will always be lame

in my own head up caught
dear hormones
Jul 13 · 103
like you like me
Palpebra Jul 13
tall and lean
oh a little bit mean
i like the way you look
-a guy from my book

easy on the eyes
a tempting prize
i like the way you smile
-even if i witness it for a while

dark deep stare
sinuous hair
i like the way you scrunch your nose
-making me curl my toes

calm and collected
i like the way you are
-silent like a star

a piece of work
i can't seem to shirk
i like the way you think
-interesting to the brink ;)

i like you

but is it enough?
for me to not be tough
give-up my inhibitions
and ignore these superstitions!

you are my crush,
or just another adrenaline rush?
Jul 10 · 347
Palpebra Jul 10
w h y

c o u l d n ' t

t h e y

a b s t a i n

t h a t

o n e

d a y

just that one single time
Jun 30 · 955
the tree of life
Palpebra Jun 30
there's this eerie feeling

that's crawling up my heart

wounding all my healing

forcing me to over start

all the progress made I

seems to be nothing for

don't remember going high

drowning in my mind for sure

my roots keep pulling me down

my branches amputating my growth

family, friends and foes frown

upon this meaningless life's oath
Jun 22 · 597
Palpebra Jun 22
lust dies but love survives
Jun 21 · 113
c r a v e
Palpebra Jun 21
you gave me a taste

even though chaste

leaving me crave more





and like the thirsty sea

i keep panting to meet my shore
i will never forget you
because you won't let me P
Jun 18 · 152
p l u m b u m
Palpebra Jun 18
thank you for that moment

in which i was loved

all the minutes i spent

with lips-locked, souls handcuffed

i lived and i died in your arms

that wrapped around my soul

keeping me away from harm

and making me whole by filling up that hole

but you can't be mine

neither can i be yours

yet we'll be fine

that i can tell you for sure

because you'll stay with me always

with your impression on my heart

that i will preserve today

by creating this oh so raw form of art
i will never forget you
Jun 12 · 681
happiness is...
Palpebra Jun 12
if "what makes you happy?
could be answered in a
s e n t e n c e
to it would I say
everyone & everything
doesn't have to
m a k e  s e n s e

once we get this
r e f e r e n c e
we'll go on a joyous journey
embracing the
c o n s e q u e n c e
with so much
r e v e r e n c e

-We'll Be Happy
happiness is relative-
even if you are sad right now, remember you are happier in someone's eyes

happiness is a choice
Jun 10 · 422
Book Boyfriends
Palpebra Jun 10
same face
different looks
same man
different books
William, Callan, Remington, Aiden, Maverick.............
Jun 8 · 249
Palpebra Jun 8
you being right

doesn't prove me wrong

me being away doesn't

change where i belong

i maybe a result

of a rough ride

but that doesn't say

that i've got no pride

i am and will always be

better when dealt with bitter

i am different

cuz i am a trend-setter
i am who i am
Jun 5 · 97
Misfit To Mefit
Palpebra Jun 5
From the tender age of twelve

I've found refuge in a bookshelf

In a story I would delve,

To be totally myself.

From pride to prejudice

All I found was bliss,

That I forgot all the facades

Of their judgemental shades.

I was the "different" kid

In the crowd I hid,

Escaping the reality in fiction

I lived in the story-depiction.

I was a misfit

For I was built


A soul so shattered

A heart bitterly battered

Thoughts totally tattered

Words wisely clattered;

Tagged as the "******"

I faked bravado

And each day

Until I found my way

And be completely okay

Did I say-

"I am me

and me being me

makes me happy

putting this into poetry

is my way of therapy,

for I choose to be free

in all my oddity,

for I choose to be free

in all my oddity"
May 19 · 309
To Second Chances
Palpebra May 19
Your pain could I feel
And mine was felt by you
We're a masterpiece
Put together by glue
Done damage
And all the moments been
The slate of our love
Can't be wiped clean
We fell
And then we rose
We walked miles
Before we were close
All the hurdles
We crossed
All the opportunities
We lost
Can we still make up?
Or we'll let
Come in between
The petty defects?
Where you cursed me
And I hurled abuses
When I couldn't see
Past through your excuses
Because we can
Never go back
But we can bury
All our old tracks
Start afresh
Be the same
For we're mere players
Of this brand new game!
Honestly, I don't believe in second chances. Then why did I write this? Because someone out there does.
May 14 · 305
I Want You
Palpebra May 14

warm a minute
the next you're cold
man you've got secrets
and a story untold
i try to look deeper
making my moves bold
letting my pupils dilate
and my want unfold
treat me like a princess
take me like i'm sold
you're not the monster
you think you are
just a broken soul
with stars in your scars
i want you
with all your shards
for you're worth the gamble
i'll show you all my cards


i love it when you're rough
but hate it when you act tough
i know you're strong
but being cold to me is wrong
i don't just open my legs for you
but i welcome you in my heart
taking inside all your hues
making a piece of art
you'd kissed many
but for me you were my first
like a fusion reaction
there were explosions of thirst
one **** led to another lick
and I kept wanting more and more
and before
I knew
I fell for you
for all
you are,
you were,
you'll ever be
i didn't just look at you
through you could i see
and still I want you
so much
that every touch
makes me crave
makes me brave
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