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In between these honks and horns
in between these flowers and thorns
I searched peace
I searched it in the sand
searched in the dirt;
and found nothing
except that empty hand .

Some say  it's good to act ;
some say it's good to ignore.
I say it's good to watch ocean;
but from the shore .

Some live, to try;
Some try ,to live .
Let this life's river flow;
with no regrets to give

Here nobody understand the meaning
All we doing is just trying to hide the truth
living in world which is not real;
still calling it reality .
just few lines about our world .
we aren't living in a real world .
But how amazing it's that we think it's real.
do I or don't I
yes or no?
maybe it's better not to know
there is freedom in the dark
one look into my soul
could collapse the
Our ruins
are our beauty
the dust within our souls
feed the day
 Oct 18 Palpebra
Ciel Noir
sometimes I spend too much time
it feels so strange
to go outside
and be myself
in front of everyone else
it's hard to forget
that the world has eyes

online I can be anyone
but outside I am one person
exactly one
no avatar and no veneer
not everywhere or nowhere
exactly here

and when I am here
really here
I feel my feelings
hope and fear
love and desire
when I am not numbed by a screen
I am on fire

sometimes it is
too much to feel
too visceral
too bright
too real

and so I spend my time online
afraid to be a human
afraid to be alive
 Oct 17 Palpebra
 Oct 17 Palpebra
Life is like a WHEEL
You have to move on a continuous path
miles and miles still no end
We just to need to move forward

The path is not easy
As it's just like mountains
they will stand in your way
climb them fearlessly
We just need to keep on moving forward to pass through it .

Your heart will tired of trusting wrong people.
your legs are tired
of keeping moving on wrong paths .
Your should will ache by the regrets of PAST .
WE just need to keep moving forward .

Some will drag you away
some will push you forward with care ,
you'll meet loyal people;
you'll meet competitors .
You'll meet people who just wanna play with your feelings

But it's life my dear ;
you're meant to be who you are
embrace yourself
believe in yourself
you're meant to live every moment till you reach your destination
face everything with courage
Whether they are good or bad enjoy those experiences
you will reach your destination with PRIDE .
keep moving like a wheel on a ***** and never lose your balance ,
take care of yourself and others too .
because after all KARMA will take care of everything .
 Oct 17 Palpebra
i’ve been alone
without feeling lonely,
i’ve felt lonely
without being alone,
and perhaps if i
could have felt you instead

i could have avoided both
 Oct 17 Palpebra
East Wind
Collections of my disorderly thoughts
gathered together with knots
of my ample desire
to make sense of my everyday life.
I write poetry, however bad they might be, to help me analyze my feelings.
 Oct 17 Palpebra
 Oct 17 Palpebra
Feet trapped in heavy beach sand
Warm layer of waves strengthen the grip
Setting sun plays the final orchestra with colors in sky
What else do I need to see without you?
 Oct 14 Palpebra
Chelsea Rae
Stars begin to doubt their shine

When surrounded by the blind.
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