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dead eyes
don't tell lies
for they once survived
in the light they thrived
only to be enclosed
in the the darkness enfold
their tears have dried
for they've cried
a sea so stormily silent
leaving rivulets so violent
that now stand still
waiting for the ****
all good things come to an end
so why do we pretend
that this happy moment will last
when our past shall cast
shadows on our present
waning our full moon to a crescent
i can't stop being who i am
i can't lose myself while i try to find him for he'll go and find another..........and i"ll be left here
i don't know how to do this
i will hurt him but in the process i will be destroyed completely
she was a bird in her mind's cage

a slave to her own rage

for nothing could destroy her except

the pessimistic thoughts she kept

she didn't fly

not because she couldn't

rather because she didn't try

as she believed that she shouldn't

the sky was hers to scale

yet she never left the land

but one fine day did someone hail

and offered her his hand

too scared to spread her wings

she shrunk into her shadows

but he was one of those good things

that stuck around to on her grow

so step by step

did she prep

for a flight oh so high

scaling their sky

with him on her side

-that all her fears died

--The End--
i  don't know.........but i couldn't stop myself from writing this

thank you
Palpebra Sep 3
we are going to die
if not today then tomorrow
so why do we lie
believing there won't be sorrow
for who has come
will definitely go
nobody's wholesome
it's just for show
then why sail ships of relations
when we know life's just a vacation
everything that starts
is meant to end
then why engage our hearts
when we know there'll be none to tend
to our broken souls
and damaged minds
that'll be decorated with holes
and missing pieces hard to find

dear reader, tell me please
why do we get attached
when we know that this person
can any moment be snatched
a w a y
any day
Palpebra Aug 26
in all these crowds

i wander my way

looking for things

that'll help me stay

for everything's back

to being gray

now that the sun's hidden

it's dusk after the day

as the darkness descesnds

my demons come to play

and i'm left alone

to type away what i had to say

i no longer believe

that everything's going to be okay

so i'm learning to live

happily in my own dismay

for the drops will change

everytime it'll rain

i won't do the same

over and over again

i know i ain't normal

so i accept i'm not sane

i remember who i am

-the prettiest product of pain
at present everything's too complicated to figure out
Palpebra Aug 24
when i see around
i wonder
why some feel the sun
while others experience thunder
is God unfair
or it's just how life's planned
some have their hands full
while others lack full hands
some run after money
while others look for lust
some become criminals
while others can never be just
some are dark
some are deep
while others have
secrets to keep
so dear reader
when i say
understanding the world
is no child's play
please stop looking
for things that can't be found
-for the loveliest of words
will never have a sound
why's everything the way it is, huh?
Palpebra Aug 18
every little thing

reminds me of him

i try forgetting

and letting

my feelings go

as i don't want to show

that how he still affects

and infects

my cold cold walls

that i've built

to stop myself from going back

and make my decision tilt

i don't understand the charm

of unrequited want

deep down i know he means no harm

yet his memories haunt

i hope he finds what he's looking for

maybe that'll help my disease cure?
writing for him makes me a *******..........but i am a glutton for punishment, ain't i?
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