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My boat;
Can't stay afloat.
Not anymore.
The calm before;
The storm has,
Faded in the jazz-
That waves produce;
Leave me confused.
I look all around,
I hear these sounds,
But decide to stay calm;
The oars slip from my palms
And I let them go
No longer wanting to put up a show.
I never tried,
Yet I cried,
When I started to sink.
I think;
I never wanted to row,
Why am I here?
Why is everything unclear?

I let the sea engulf my soul,
Because I've got no other goal.
Thoughts and actions are only an impulse apart!
Your pretence;
Is the best offence.
Your smile tight; shoulders tense,
Your facade I can sense,
Yet your act- you do commence!
Your love for him is indeed intense;
So why ******* me with your lens-
That sees him whence,
You look at me; Thence,
Your act kills me with suspense,
And fills me with utter annoyance-
Because you fell for my twin, his charm, his innocence;
And all I’ll ever be is his resemblance;
And all I’ll ever be is his remembrance!

Your pretence;
Is the worst offence.
It breaks through all my defence*
I wish I could erase the difference;
I wish I could fill his absence!
Because he will always be your first preference.
You kiss me and then cry in silence;
Totally unaware of my mind’s violence.
And here I sit as the audience,
Seeing your flawless performance!
Our story exists because he lacks existence,
Yet he’ll live through my face, my body’s presence.
So don’t be selfless and enjoy your deliverance;
For I’ll be him so that you can end your sentence.

Please stop pretending that you love me;
When he’s the only one you see.
I’ll be whatever you want me to be;
Just be yourself and set the actress free.
Y  o  u     t  o  l   d    m  e
  t  h  a  t        I        w  a  s  
C           O            L         D
  B   u    t     i     t     w  a  s  
    y      o      u       w    h    o    
n       e        v        e        r
  t    r    i    ­e    d        t     o  
B       R       E        A        K
        t      h     e         i      c     e.     .      .     .
I may be an Ice Princess;
But you were no fire to make me melt.
I may have kept you at a distance;
But it was you who never made your presence felt.
The interphase of our love was sweet,
We grew, we learnt and fought on repeat!

In the prophase of our affair,
We became more aware;
Of the disappearance of our doubts.
Trust, like chromosomes was visible throughout!

The metaphase was all about balance,
Time, career and some semblance.
We appeared strong to the world's eye;
But to be honest, it was more of a lie!

The anaphase marked our splitting!
When heartbreak poems and sad songs seemed fitting.
We drifted apart to the opposite poles,
Lamenting the loss of each-other's soul.

By the end of the telophase, our fates were sealed;
Our story was forever concealed,
The new lives we built had everything new,
Yet we were one with remnants askew!

Our DNA may one day become free of each-other,
Till then we shall continue to be miserable individually together!
Palak Datta Oct 13
He's not strong nor is he tall,
He's not the typical 'man' you call.
He's not built up, nor is he cool,
Maybe he's the quietest in the school.

He's not good at academics,
And often has dates with paramedics.
He's the clumsiest of all.
Maybe he'll never be the guy for whom you'll fall.

He's not that talented nor has any gifts,
A complete misfit!
He's slow and steady but never wins a race!
Maybe he's totally a gone case.

He's not so many things,
Which back brings;
My idea of writing about him,
Even though he's not the hero of my film.

You wonder why?
I'm so fixated on this guy;
Because after all the things he's not,
He still smiles and takes all the shots.
He isn't 'the love at first sight'
But a slow burn that makes my life bright.
He is different, I guess.
An open jar of happiness.
He's got nothing to impress;
Yet so much to express!

He is not attractive; but radioactive!
A radioactive substance only knows emission. He only knows how to give- love, life and meaning to my existence!

Maybe I'll never love you as a lover,
Maybe I'll use you when I'll suffer.
But one thing is for sure,
You will have a place in my heart secure!
Palak Datta Oct 13
One thing I deduced,
That night when I was reduced;
To an object for your use,
I was not the same girl you seduced.
NO is a very powerful word and STOP is even more powerful. If we are together, that still doesn't give you the freedom to take things that I don't want to give.
Does that make me another #MeToo?
I don't know.
But I still deserve the same respect as I did before we started dating. I deserve to be treated right.
Palak Datta Oct 8
.                                         y
                                        e  e
                                       n    t
                                       i      y
                                     m      o
                                     e        u
                                    b          o
           e  a                  r           w
         h      r               e             n
You r        t shall   ev             m     line....
                              n                  y    e 
                                                    l   f
I'm done playing this game;
Being unwanted fills me with shame.
For years I've been the same,
Lost to find you; waiting- but you never came.
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