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Alvin Agnani Dec 2020
I see through the looking glass that mirrors your reflection.
"I shan't be the last" - a promise from the undesirable.

But it would seem your ears are clogged with ink and horrid venom.
Ignore my gaze, my compliments, and everything I give you.

One day you will realise that you were never alone.
It was merely your IMAGINATION.
Do not lie to yourself. Somewhere, someone sees you for who you are, and accepts you wholly.
Alvin Agnani Nov 2020
"Not so fast", said the girl to me.

It was the first time someone had pointed out my most unusually long hair.


The wind picked up and the old man's hat flew out into the fields.

I chuckled to myself.


It's not I wasn't happy, just strangely compelled to ignore them.

They at least let me into their fold.

I was no longer a lost sheep.

                   ­   m

Not so fast, said the God to me with a smile on His lips.

My being hadn't been properly prepared for this turn of events.

Sdorw htiw

He actually spoke now. It wasn't just some message written in the sand.

"Are you going to finish that bagle?"

I most definitely was not.


Sorry. I felt like sharing something really different. This is "most definitely" up to interpretation. Have a good one.
Alvin Agnani Nov 2020
Too much sadness.
Too much pain.
The words you let out of your brain.

Spreading faster.
Than a flame.
Disease and sickness in my frame.

Feed the anger.
Feed your hate.
You will never be the same.

Or let it go.
And turn the page.
Just don't spread your harmful play.
I'd rather see you burn alone, than taking me down with you. The abyss is no place for someone like me. I want to be lifted up by His hands; just one more time.

"Isolate me from humanity - I've had enough of agony."
Alvin Agnani Nov 2020
Like leaves in the wind they seem to leave me so quickly.
All the people I need to keep my feelings safe with me.

All my life I've been lonely, just never truly alone.
I've been searching forever, but I've yet to find home.

Like leaves in the wind they all got somewhere to go.
I'll walk the opposite way, an unfamiliar road.

My feet are worn out and tattered; think it's starting to show.
I may be lost in myself; at least I'm willing to grow.
It's been a while. Good to see poetry still blooming on here. Much love to you all!
Alvin Agnani Jan 2020
I saw the sky today at 6:34 am.
Blue and endearing.
Begging me to smile.
So how could I not?
Spring is returning.
Put in an extra effort and smile at everyone you meet today.
For we all know, a simple smile can do so very much for a person.
Alvin Agnani May 2018
I just hurt someone's feelings.
And I do not know what to think.
I am ashamed of what I've done, yet I feel hatred welling up inside.
Can someone please tell me what to do?
Not really much of a poem, but I felt like it was necessary to speak of.
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