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poettiiMi Jul 20
i got the feeling i am coming back to what i am really meant to do
which is...FEEL the way i live and to pursue
my dreams i have already dreamed of, i feel its nothing new
my god is telling me to wake up and i am ready to open to my reality
romances my life to a complete false character is dull
i would rather be the human that feels all the emotions of rules
i am human i make mistakes,but, it seems some expect more out of me than what i give.
As if it isn't enough reaction. as if my bad days don't matter to the action
this movie i dreamed of..left out the sad attractions it comes with.
i breathe it all in. i take it with a grain of salt. I am not perfect.
But, my heavenly father tells me i am just perfect the way i am.
And if some can't accept my thoughts subtractions..than maybe i should move forward to the ones that feel the same satisfaction.
sometimes the good things want to end.. because in other places there things that need my attention.
May it be good or bad, there is always a balance in my smile that has some fractions.
i repeat i am not perfect in my attractions. Though God loves me for who i am. In all sinful actions.
I am moving forward with my divine guiders of peace and love within my past jacked sense.
I will no longer allow the feeling of disappointment in my mind that tracts and miss.
I am figuring out my love for my back to gained prints.

the day i thought it was okay to go back. Though i know it was never too late to do that. But, i feel like there is something i can do for myself without going back to this.
poettiiMi Jul 19
Emotionless moving into the human i am born to bee
the countless times i have shamed myself for apologizing broken free
i have come to another conclusion it wasn't only me...
i have took the life of both cursed and blessed.
it was very hard to breathe.
i met some people, let them in my life, so here i wont feel lonely
though every time i come back home. i felt a sort of outgrown breed
i was moving too fast wanting to make memories that weren't really, pleased.
i am working on me.
i am the day a flower that grew from concrete.
with the feelings of a human being
i am not perfect. but, i am worth it.
poettiiMi Jun 10
please let me be free
in the life of lifes long love trees
i wish i could bee..
the type to flee when im under retreat
i feel like i'm falling in love with me
i feel like i am meant to be
under the thoughts of each and everyone's mind
i have a figure life is what is too ripe
with some fruits in my basket for the world to mine
i would rather be in my world then be of your world
it would be disagreed
that i am the planet queen
with my dreams come to meet
i am ready to meet the higher me.
poettiiMi Jun 7
the question isn't what is lied in me
it is the fact i will see him when he sees me free
glowing in my sunset much divine in pleased
with self love which attracted him to walk up 2 knees
approach was a clever, honey way that attracted my bees
this luck is interested in my hive, he is willing my sting!
as if age was a number in his world of humbling..
adored in his eyes, i bet my breed is mumbling    
his dreams now driven aside my road to hill springs
to any blessings i cry for you, my lord has answered my ring.
i think my lover is winning & i am at the beginning.
a journey to the top where i meet my lover in spring
poettiiMi May 27
my love has been blinded
i have captured the love i've profound and,
a feeling i can't feel again
with another man as my friend...
would give me a doubt, this love. soon 2 end
didn't like my flowers as much he loved smelling stems
he didnt like my towers that were too close to tents
never inspired our pillar until it fell into a vent
touched me a bit sour, when sugar was my medicine
craved to devour our love of innocence
my beautiful man i never wanted to leave your beautiful presence
with my lonely hand waving goodbye to my love of your scent
my winds never felt such pettiness
of your conquered flag hanging to my prettiness
swallowing my tone of skin like the mothers nest
my eggs cared for, ready to hatch when you kneel w a vest
my dream of feeling whole, nothing like the best
but, at least someone different from the rest.
poettiiMi May 24
23 more days til my last 16 cave
i have been feeling a bit rage
with my past birthdays a frame
that i never pictured to hang my hall of fame
i pictured myself already in a circle 2 blame
my thoughts my actions & decisions came 2 play
i just hope i don't lose this race.
i will miss being this age...
wondering around for someone 2 love my last days
like im a grandma waiting for her lover to stay
i will grow old if its only my love that prays
its just, i am excited to meet who will love me for my sane
i can handle what love has to tame
i could not offer more than what my love has to lay
i just WONDER 4 his love in my hay
picking my thin sticks as if
i was the only one 2 satisfy his brain
with that saying,"what a happy day"
"2 be a lover of yours", i would say...
who would want to love 16 year old me before i change?
i LOVE love. its just a matter of the man that is loving my ***
poettiiMi May 21
I daydream my dreams
I feel of what my life could be
If only
If only it was just you n me
No, wait, you n me?
How silly to think you’re in my dreams
Well yes indeed I dream of you in my sleep
Strange to you
My dreams brings signs of us two
Yet, I am careful of what I catch upon you
Feelings I may laugh but, it’s true
yet, I barely know you...
So tell me my flower friend
What is so clue about you
Giving me a thought you may be the cure to my blues
Maybe it’s true?
We’ll meet again before it’s all over n through?
Or maybe we’ll fall in LOVE with this virus worse than the flu?
When the world will end I hope it’ll be you
Just us two
Two who’ve survived the worse than flu
I feel to feel you think of me the same but, I feel to feel you may come to shame
I shall remind you I do not write for your drools
I crave your past of emotions that was not yet soothed
Is to so why I’m here speaking of such a fool
A fool who’s in love with the thought of two
a poem 4 u
whoever ur true 2
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