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I want to know if you still write about me
if I'm still pressed between the pages of your journal
if I'm still living in your stanzas
all dressed up in rhyme
and covered up with metaphors
I want to know if you still deem me worthy
I want to take refuge in your smile
to bury myself in your eyes
to reside in your heart
to drown in your laugh
to hide in your arms
to lose myself in your beauty
and to clothe myself in your love
I always find myself humming a tune, and I can't for the life of me identify or recognize it or remember when it decided to reside in my senses and linger distantly in my memory.
I want to tell you about the demons that visit me at night
about the fear that grips my heart
that I've been granted second sight
I want to show you how I try to shush irrational thoughts
how I cover and hide my scars
how I bathe in tears and distress every night
I want to take you to where I suffer in the dark
to where I drive myself mad
to where my stars collide
The light to my darkness
The burning desire when I undress
The constant pain in my chest
The butterflies in my stomach
The lines of every love poem
And the warmth of every embrace
He who can't be found anywhere
is who I yearn and long for.
Your eyes
Your eyes
They pour light into my depths
They deaden my pain
Your eyes
Your eyes
They heal my wounds
They end my suffering
Your eyes
Your eyes
They sweeten the pill
They cushion the blow
Your eyes
Your eyes
There's more life, love, and truth in them than in anything else
So let our eyes meet
Let them fall in love
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