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Caine Jul 2020
So bitter as it rolled past her lips, over her tongue,
Melted into Fall, crunching, cracking leaves,
Yet so sweet - a hint of pumpkin pie,
Cinnamon dripped over the edge.
It left a strange, comfy taste in her mouth,
All woolen blankets and velvet pillows; she was content in their embrace.

The next day, it was hearty oak.
Bark crackled beneath her canines,
Thick warmth, smooth and full,
Drizzled generously upon it,
It's tender flame melting the crust to chocolate.
She savored the taste,
reminiscent of small adventures.
Caine Dec 2017
Insignificance is her name,
What she knows is pain,
In her monotone view,
Where happiness is few,

In her mind, she hides,
Wherein lay Insanity’s guides,
Constant holds of fear,
Keep her beneath their sneers,

Relief found in blood,
Cutting till it’s a flood,
It’s quite easy to hide,
If you know how to pretend,

But nevermind her,
She can cut till her vision blurs,
After all,
Her existence is small,

If she goes and dies,
From the weight of all the lies,
Its, not your problem right?
For you, It’ll just be another night.
Caine Dec 2017
Tuesday, the 12th,
In  perfect health,
His long, curly hair cropped short,
A smile worthy of the royal court,
The unawareness of those surrounding them,
Blind to the pain that fills his limbs,

Laughter in the air,
It's not as though they didn't care,
One am, an urgent plea,
The trust in him smaller than a bee,
The boy who cried wolf thought to be present,
So ignored was the request sent,

Wednesday the 13th,
They called the teenth,
14th, Thursday,
From the topic, his brother did not stray,
"The curse of grief delivered him to Death,
In regret, he asked for help in his last breath,"

Mourn they did,
From the guilt, they hid,
Putting on a mask,
Bottling up their feelings was a task,
Alone tears fell,
In their own little hell,

But he was gone,
On them it did don,
There was nothing to be done now,
To him was whispered "Ciao",
Rest in Peace,
May your pain cease,
Dedicated to someone I knew who left this world on the 13th of December.

— The End —