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OrcasTogether Jun 24
As the maiden sinks down and down
A few more seconds, and she will drown
What a coincidence, for at this instant
The prince is there, coexistent

As he watches the beautiful maiden fall
His father’s rules he can’t recall
He swims over and quickly saves
The maiden who fell beneath the waves

The prince brings her over to the sands
And crawls up upon the human lands
Quietly he sings his sorrowful songs
And goes back to the water where he belongs

The witch watches with spiteful delight
As the maiden blinks in the incoming light
The maiden knows not of the prince appearing
Only the voice she remembers hearing

The prince swims back to his palace home
Coated with seashells and draped with foam
His father would never approve, he thought
So him leaving was not for naught

How he hates his responsibilities
No point dwelling on impossibilities
Or on the maiden he’s forbidden to see
How he just wishes to be free
OrcasTogether Jun 24
And now this story shall tell of two
Entirely different, through and through
One a maiden, who sails with the breeze
The other, prince of the untamed seas

And this is how the story starts
When from the land, the maiden departs
For she loved sailing the unknown realm
Gazing alone from behind the helm

She has beauty and kind words she may say
But lucks not on her side today
For the wind picks up, and the waves grow
Currents sweep faster, and howling winds blow

At the helm she searches frantically around
Looking for a place of safe ground
But everywhere there’s rage and there’s storms
And around the boat the ocean deforms

The boat rocks and turns and sways
Under a sky of blacks and grays
And suddenly she is thrown overboard
As the wind blowed and the rain poured

And on the side, watching with glee
Is the demon witch of the dark sea
She chuckles as she finishes her spell
And to the maiden she waves farewell
OrcasTogether Jun 24
Once about a time, she began
There was a kingdom no one knew
It resides underneath the waves
Entered and seen by few

In the sea, these creatures swam
With not two legs, but a tail
They had shining sparkles and flares of light
At the teardrop of each scale

They were different, these creatures were
Not many know the truth
They had beauteous faces, and shining skin
And forever remained in their youth

Some say they have magic, simple spells
But wicked sorcery is what’s said by the rest
Spells and power that rattle the stars
It is said it’s what they do best

Some men say that they’ve spotted them on
The journeys upon which they embark
But these men think foolish fantasies
And are complacent in the dark

For these creatures are never seen
Forbidden to lay eyes on the lands
They stick to their homes beneath the waves
Away from the human sands

So some say they’re only a myth
But they’re just not there to dwell
So listen closely, listen here
For I have a tale to tell
OrcasTogether May 30
A million stars late night time reveals
Dotting the sky like flowers in a field
They glimmer and shine in abundant glories
They tell of the ancient long lost stories
They sparkle and form shapes of the past
Of the empires and traditions they outlast
A million smiles that guide our way
But fade and relinquish to the coming day

A million flowers laid wide like the sky
Like the million of stars that they defy
They drift their aromas for us to smell
To lure us to their scent to dwell
A short lifetime, waiting when
They flourish the next year and grow again
They guide us through our lives thereof
Together with the stars above

— OrcasTogether
Just trying to make a connection between stars and flowers... :)
OrcasTogether May 30
A whoosh of whispering air
A flicker of a wing
Black and smooth as the night sky
For whom does this dark bird sing?

It soars, flies, dances
Swift as the breeze
Sharp as the edge of the knife
Shrewd as the deadly seas

Those glittering eyes
Dark, endless holes
Like a unknown gateway
To a million souls

Into the air it flies
It’s form invisible against the night
It’s voice a siren’s song
That leads many to fake light

Their chatter is not a secret
They are made to enthrall
But, animals out there, you better hope
You don’t hear the raven’s call

— OrcasTogether
Those malicious creatures...
OrcasTogether May 28
The ******* who we call mankind
Is a place where we're all to reside
We move forward by using our mind
But in the end, on our hearts we rely

We are raised to feel the compassion
We are taught to spread our warmth
But a perfect world is hard to imagine
For on every rose exists a thorn

Grief hardens around us like a shell
And inside we may be flooding with strife
But though mentally we see war and knell
There's always the goodness that lives in life

But despite the evil alive today
There are still others who rely on you
So catch that kindness that wanders astray
For in the end you rely on them too

-- OrcasTogether
We all need someone in this world to rely on :)
OrcasTogether May 28
There was a time when I was trapped
On an island none could see
As I waited there on the darkened lands
For someone to find me
Days and days spent gazing out
At the still, empty waters
Never knowing when the day will come
That my life here would falter
I wonder if there would be a day
I would want life less than death
But if I tried jumping into the sea
I know I would hold my breath
Staying here, I am confined
On an island of my own making
Wondering if this day will be my last
But next morning I keep waking
There’s no way off this silent place
No way to end this pain
And I can’t stop my will to live
From continuing to drain
As I gaze upon the shimmering blue
I know no one’s here to save me
And as I watch the days ticking by
I know no one’s here to free me
But now I know as I continue to live
My freedom’s not defined by others
And I cannot keep waiting here
To be freed by another
So now I know never to wait
Until the tank fills to the brim
When no one’s there to witness you drown
You teach yourself to swim

— OrcasTogether
Fight for yourself :)
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