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Sarah Spencer Nov 2021
People always think I use the words
"I love you" too fast,
but what they don't know
is that I've loved you for years.
You just never noticed me.
Sarah Spencer Nov 2021
I can't control my emotions.
You have the right to want what you want
while I have the right to want what I want .
we're only human.
We ***** up, we fight, we make up,
we start back from square one.
I try to find the common ground
shared between us,
but one of us always gets hurt.
And if one of us gets hurt it's never her.
Because I love her.
I can't stand to see her upset
and I don't have the right to be happy.
Sarah Spencer Nov 2021
On the verge of tears.
I never cry in front of people.
I haven't in years.

But then there was you
who didn't know
when to let things go.
Then there was you
who continued to poke the stick
at the bear
like it'd do the trick,
like it'd make me feel better
instead of under the weather.

Every time people pry
I cry.
I explode,
going full throttle
down the wrong road.

Then you wonder why I'm upset
when you were the one who wouldn't let
me be in peace.
Sarah Spencer Nov 2021
"Write," people say.
"It'll help with the pain."
But what if every time I pick up a pencil
I only go more insane?

I stay in my depression.
I can't say I'm brave.
I'm stuck on this merry-go- round
and I no longer want to play.

It doesn't make me stronger.
It only makes me sadder.
If this goes on any longer
I know I will decay.

Writing is a reminder
of where and how I went wrong.
It reminds me of the regrets,
I'm hearing the same old song.

So when people tell me to write
I want to sit and scream.
All I ever wanted was
to leave this dreadful dream.
It's all I ever hear on this site. And I know you guys are just trying to be nice but I hate  hearing it so **** much.
Sarah Spencer Nov 2021
I want to love you,
live the little time we have
without the regrets
Sarah Spencer Nov 2021
There's a monster that lurks in the shadows
waiting for the right moment to strike,
so it can dig its fangs into a human,
tear its flesh limb from limb.
It'll wait as long as it takes
if it means it can take the time
to savor the ****
and quench its thirst for blood.

I'll lurk in the shadows
and wait for the right opportunity
to rob you of your humanity.
I'll lie, cheat, and steal
to cover up my crimes.
I don't care if I ruin your life
as long as your downfall benefits mine.
Am I really any different from the monster?
Sometimes I wonder if I'm real
Sarah Spencer Nov 2021
Dating me is like
getting a new puppy.
I might look cute and cuddly
in the animal shelter,
but when you take me home
you realize all I do is
*** on your floor and
chew up your furniture.
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