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Acora Oct 4
will turn to “Now”
and the way we can be-
hand in hand through town, or playing footsie
under the table
Strong hands, soft lips,
feminine and able-
Smiling with teeth and teasing
Hands on waists and watching her, existing,
being her whole self
And so lovely.
Acora Oct 4
seen in his-
Taken a bit off guard but
as it is-
Respectfully, she’s got respect but
can read a room-
Respectfully, he never made me feel desired,
love still as tombs-
She caught a moment in time,
looking straight into mine-
She got a briefest,
and butterflies-
And this is how I know I want her more than I wanted him:
I wanted him companionate, but
I’d let her rail me in an instant.
to her
Acora Oct 3
The ones who bless me with their gaze,
For you it’s the way that I dress,
  5’6 and femme, and tall, but tame-

                             For me it’s the jawline
                 Strong chin, and cheekbones high,
                          For you it’s sugar-sweetness,
                  Tender affection to make you cry-

  for me it’s the span of hands
that will grip me hard and fast,
For you it’s flirty pictures
   and the freckles on my ***-

                      And for both of us it’s softness,
              girlhood manifest in different ways,
                    The genuine awe of one another
                          Authentic breathy praise...
to my girl
  Oct 2 Acora
She had a clear wind sheltered loveliness,
Like pale streams winding,
Through fair green hills withdrawn.
Was her lifting fancy,
but her heart was cherry blossoms
the color of quietness,
And shade in the afternoon.
  Oct 1 Acora
We stayed up for days,
smoked extra packs to stay ablaze.
But the summer mornings
slowly turned into winter haze.
So we laid out our love for the last time
and then let it die in our gaze.
Acora Oct 1
yet your voice has me enthralled;
Take it day by day
but my days nearly belong to you;
You’re a vision of loveliness but could break me in half;
5’2 and petite but fierce and masc;
Strong but sweet,
you make my heart stop
Certain but blushing
and my heart restarts-
I couldn’t explain how fast I would kiss you;
Yet I have a feeling I would just as quickly comfort you-
It’s irrational how tightly you already hold me in your grasp.
Acora Sep 23
knows Love is all I seek-
Not a life of ***, hedonism,
lust, gambling, and parties-
I do want kids,
to be a wife,
To give back in some way-
To be an aid in someone’s life
and live by what He says-
So what if I’m the wife of a woman?
If our kid’s DNA’s half ours?
I don’t think He discriminates-
Pursue what’s good;
That’s what He asks.
The Church associates homosexuality with promiscuity, selfishness, plus lack of virtue and therefore fulfillment... I refuse to do one or the other. I will love women and love God.
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