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He saw you and fell in love with you❀ He asked you to be his girlfriend ❀ and you accepted him❀ he was so fond of you ❀you both went to everywhere togetherπŸ’•took pictures of yourselves, spent lots of time together 😍 Weeks passed, months ❀ and everything seemed perfect ❀He couldn't stay a day without setting his eyes on you ❀ He introduced you to his friends as his girlfriend and the woman he would love to get married to πŸ’ž He showed you love, care ❀ and did everything to make sure you were happy 😍 You went on a date with your friends πŸ˜’met this new guy who developed interest in you 😍he said you were beautiful ❀ told you all the sweet things you've never heard.. I guess ❀ you fell for it ❀ you both got hooked up ❀ things started to change πŸ’” You start comparing him with your guy ❀he's more handsome than your man 😍 he has a car🚘 and looks more wealthier ❀ you try all means to make your man get tired of you so you could ask for a break πŸ’” you succeeded πŸ’” you're now with the new guy forgetting everything your man did for you πŸ’” you never knew he's a player ❀ and has a fiancee he's intending to marry πŸ˜₯ you found out πŸ’” you're heart broken πŸ˜₯ you wanna go back to your man πŸ˜₯ but it's late πŸ’” he has moved on ❀ now you've lost a diamondπŸ’Ž while trying to chase a stone... that's when you know the difference between #LOVE and #LUST..
Once a guy's heart gets broken.. He finds it hard to love again..πŸ’”
Never compare your man to someone else❀
Try to build your man to the person you want him to be.. ❀
The fact he doesn't have a car today doesn't mean he's not gonna have one tomorrow.. Give him time!
....Reason with him.

Always take note
O'neil Thompson Sep 2021
In my own world of hidden difficulties I continue to live on
O'neil Thompson Jul 2021
My nights are long and days are short
even nature doesn't seem perfect anymore,
I have given you wounds with the words I have used
Forgive me the love for your heart is pure gold
Without you my heart is super cold
I regret, because with you I wanted to grow old
Only if I could turn back time
I'd gladly turn it back to when you were mine
I treated you like I was three years old when the actual is adding one after multiplying it by nine
Twenty eight it is with nothing productive but only a bottle of wine
Always trying to drink my sorrows and act like I'm fine
When the truth is, am not okay baby am just lying
I need you back because inside am dying.......
O'neil Thompson Jul 2021
O'neil Thompson Jun 2021
I am so broken,
That I am even about to suffocate.
When in my chest I carry an empty Heart,
How can an empty thing carry this much weight?
Fear of losing you to forever to another man has made me it's Pet.
I see everything but us,
I see everyone but you,
What am I supposed to do,
Don't they see I want to end myself,
But your whispers don't let me even do that
Guess your memories is all I will ever remain with.
When you are gone for good,
Also, my empty heart will be dead and gone for good...
O'neil Thompson Jun 2021
In my own world of hidden difficulties I continue to live on
O'neil Thompson Jun 2021
Being brave doesn't mean you are not scared, it means you are scared too but you choose to hang in there.....
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