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they say that love has wings it will fly to you
make your life complete make your dreams come true
a fairy tale come true.  something you wish for.
to last your whole life through last for ever more

a very special thing that makes two hearts unite
make your life worthwhile make your future bright
some thing you can give every single day
something that will last never go away.

always in your heart there for you to give
there to last a lifetime as long as you may live
for eternity for your whole life through
a very special gift within the heart of you
Be a hero
Always find a way
To be positive and uplifting
And brighten someone's day
Moments will change
Nothing stays the same
Possess a heart of courage
Spread good cheer and be sage

Reading is like
Sitting under
A canopy of trees
Listening to the humming of bees
Chirp of birds
A gentle breeze soothing the mind
Absorbing the warmth of the early morning sunshine
Being one with nature
A solitude
Undefined Peace

Writing is like
An ever flowing stream
Cascading rills
Sparkling placid waters
The essence of nature
The different seasons
Like a flurry of emotions
The moments lived
Reminiscing the times
The Moments to come
The moments one dreams
Different reasons
Wrapped in words ideal
Writing is Therapeutic
The essence of it all

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