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I hope that you can see,
My love you were everything to me.

Even though it's hard to move on with life,
I found a way to cope with the knife.

You used to take the pain away,
But honey you did not stay.

I'm sorry this is how it had to end,
But I am glad you didn't decide to pretend.

You showed me how beautiful life can be,
But baby you wanted to be free.

It's okay though I understand,
I guess this was just now the way I planned.

I loved you more then I could ever tell,
But my love we had to say farewell.
You are the joy that fills my eyes whenever I smile,
You are the reason I can be happy for awhile.

You are the sun who shines through my life,
You are the reason I haven't taken the knife.

You are the reason I can talk about being okay,
You are the reason my life isn't black and grey.

You are the reason I can breathe well,
You are the reason I never fully fell.

You were the reason I was thrilled,
So when you left it hurt, it killed.

You are the reason I am fine
You are..... Well you used to be mine.

But you left us to be a distant part of our past,
Just all because you decided we'd never last.
The green grass meadow where I go to play,
A place where I can take my fears away.
A place where the sun always shines brightly,
And the grass kisses my skin ever so slightly.

The beautiful flowers brightly in bloom,
I don’t have to worry about the coming doom.
The sky so brightly blue above,
It makes me feel so in love.

Here in the meadow I am not alone,
Because here with me are my friends I call home.
Together we lay in the grass having fun,
Pointing at clouds and admiring the sun.
I break apart more bit by bit every single day,
While I wait for you to tell me you'll stay.

Those words still haven't been said,
I think you left me for the dead.

Have a great life,
At least one of us doesn't have a knife.
Before I go, can I try and make you happy?
Should I rewrite that line since it's a bit sappy?

Before I go, is it okay to give one last smile?
I know I know, I've cried for quite a while.

Before I go, can I tell you how much you mean to me?
I'm sorry that I will be leaving, but you'll be free.

Before I go, can I write out my last few lines?
I'll keep it happy with my "I'm fines."

Before I go, can I try one last shout?
I want you to be happy without a doubt.
Do you ever wonder if everything you do is wrong?
Do you ever wonder if every word you write goes to the wrong song?

Do you ever feel so small and fragile as if you could just break?
Do you ever feel like you are just a giant mistake?

Do you ever get so scared that everyone will leave?
Do you ever get so mad because it's hard to believe?

Do you ever wonder how long it'll take to be okay?
Do you ever wonder about who will truly stay?
I thought our fate was intertwined,
But it turned out that I was just blind.
No matter how hard I try, we never touch.
I want to do my best to be okay and such.
You were my friend, I knew I could always trust you,
But you came back to visit and you were brand new.
The time between passed, and we’d forgotten each other,
It seemed like we were no longer there for one another.
You came back though and we had a couple laughs,
But it’s obvious we’re on separate paths.
I know I gotta say goodbye, it’s the right thing to do,
But a proper goodbye is long overdue.
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