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Russ Olnick May 2019
The hum begins
I take a breath in
And with the air, in comes the sensation
Electrostatic fills my body
I bear back, as the reaching sounds hit me
The riff begins and the sensations hit
A plethora of lifetimes and universes roll past
I can almost look out and grab the sound with my fingers
The feelings in my stomach begin to bubble
The harmony progresses,
and the tones of a guitar takes hold with the substances
The chorus approaches
A feeling from the pit of my gut hits me
My heart is clicking in sync
My breathing becomes primal
Solely a sensation at this point
As the drive from a hi-hat groove floats me into my wall
Back sinking into the give from my introspection
It’s almost *******
The ****** approaches, the falsetto waves reach an apex
I feel the world surround me and I slip into a daze
The walls have taken me in
I’m not in my room anymore
I’m on the next overtone
And as the conclusion approaches
I come down
My view of what the world held
Is gone
I open my eyes
Record scratched
And I again remember
Russ Olnick May 2019
i had you in the moonlight
in the darkness,
in that room
i had you under my arms
but You...
You up and left
too soon
Russ Olnick May 2019
The drops of rain cascade down
The cold downpour reflects my pain
Like the sky was crying for me
And as I gaze out my window
I see the familiar grey skies
As my heart sees the imagery
Of which I cast upon myself
Except, I realize
The rain will stop, the skies will clear
And I'll still be here
Waiting for my grey skies to go blue
5/22/2019 12:29 AM
Russ Olnick May 2019
I think it was a Sunday
When I saw you first
You looked at me and, and I-
I made that face that made you smile
    The one you could have fallen for
    The one you said made you feel special
    The one I had always hated because it was too honest
    The one that made you mine in the beginning
We created a spark from a distance
Something clicked in me
And somewhere in you, a switch was flipped
The natural entropy in the universe had created this
Just our luck
Time went by,
    You met my friends
    You met my parents
    You met my problems
    You met me where no one else had before
We would do things
We would sit in your car
And hold hands
And listen to the world outside exist
while we hid from it
The time I first felt your lips on that couch in your basement
I was leveled
    Your skin was satin
    Your mouth was a trip
    Your body was a supernova
    Your heart was a neighbor to mine
The world melted around me
The tan walls of that room
swirled into vibrant shades of satisfaction
The couch beneath us engulfed us into a world
all of our own
Time pushed and pulled,
the moments we kissed went fast
that whole day seems to have lasted an eternity within my mind
The connection was strong
at least it was for me

I think it was a Sunday
when you hurt me the last time
I looked at you, and you-
Couldn't look back at me.
     Your eyes dodged mine
     Your eyes, glassy and weary, looked at your feet
     Your eyes, once they could see me, were heavy
     Your eyes told me what you didn't want to
We lost the spark
Something turned off in you
Yet I was still clicking
You told me it wasn't me
And you were sorry
You said you loved me
But you were never in love with me
And that I deserved someone who could
...reciprocate, is what you said
And then you said you were sorry
    And in an instant, you were gone
    And I was broken
    And you were better
    And I was not
I was not
because even then
and even now
You are my Spring Flower
5/22/2019 12:59

— The End —