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Ollie Feb 12
You told me you loved me.
I sat soaking in your lies.

You told me everything will be ok.
I suffer everyday, hoping your gift will arrive.

You gave me hope.
You told me to go to bed.
I never did...


Why am I me?
You aged my youth and wasted my life!
I don’t ever want to be you!

But, unfortunately you are me.

Ollie Feb 4
It ain’t
          that bad.
                    I slept
too long.
        it really is that bad.
                                          Never had a dream.
It hurts, so bad.
         I wish I could sleep again,
                       But that take too long.
Ollie Dec 2019
As a kid I hated reading.
I hated writing.

I never understood the words being said.
I could never keep up.

Then I wrote poetry

And noticed the words understood me,
and it all made sense.
Ollie Dec 2019
I filed a case of lies,
And searched for the truths.

I found nothing but an empty cabinet that I used to file.
Ollie Dec 2019
Last night I had a dream,

A dream about the perfect place.
A place offered by the ones who’ve loved.
I adored their magic land,

The land grew flowers for each step you meant.
It established your emotions in cement,
So that the world could paint the gifts you never sent.

An odd place indeed, it was a place for love to dream.
Ollie Dec 2019
It was bright when I first walked out.

I took a couple of strides to see how far I’d get,

And realized my destination was too far - so I took a seat on a bench

And never took another step ever again.
Ollie Dec 2019
I was Driving down the city road,
Not knowing how far I’d go,
Hoping the road will show me where to go,
And saw a boy sitting on an empty road.

A late night for adventure sight.
What might he be seeking this night?
Didn’t he see on the news about the boy who died that frail night on an empty road such as tonight?

I yelled from my car, “stop moving when you see my driving lights!”.
And so he stood looking all fright.

I begged and pleaded his mind won’t drift to a sorry sight.
I put my car in fifth gear remembering the night I too crossed an empty road with the face of the boy I saw tonight.

That night I crossed the road I remembered the pain and sorrow just as the other boy who crossed that road this very night.

I lifted my head thinking for those three boys who crossed this road.
I couldn’t believe the stain I must of caused to their family mind.

And so I hoped I didn’t drive on that **** city road, turning around to see the two little boys laying flat on that empty road.
October 20th 2019
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