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Olivia Christine Apr 2018
I find myself sitting in bed at various times missing you
I find myself texting you right when I wake up
I find myself in your arms at your house
I find myself never wanting to live without you
I find myself when I’m with you

I love you. Forever and always.
I love you SMG, more than anything in the world
Olivia Christine Mar 2018
I pray that you don’t suffer anymore, and that you no longer suffer. I pray that you remember me, and all of our family. I pray that you find grandpa, and that you also find happiness. I pray that you always know I love you, and that you know that I will always remember and miss you. Please tell grandpa a hello and I love you for me. I miss him just as much as I’ll miss you. I haven’t fully wrapped my head around the fact that you’re gone. It doesn’t seem true. A week ago you were fine. Three days ago you were awake and talking. I miss you already. I love you, forever and always Gram.
It doesn’t seem real, you’re actually gone and I’ll never see you again...
Olivia Christine Feb 2018
The most handsome human being the Lord has ever created

Holding hands and cuddling as you sleep with me
Thank you. Thank you for endless love and happiness
Olivia Christine Feb 2018
I miss you
This is true
The way you held me
Happier than I could ever be

In your arms
Hope swarms
You and I forever
Quite possibly now, never

No attention
Stuck in suspension
Waiting on you
Maybe love will brew

"Don't cry” you say
As you're miles away
In my heart, far apart
In my mind, you're still mine...
I miss you, crying is getting me nowhere...
Olivia Christine Feb 2018
Liar, liar, liar.
I guess thats all I am,
To you, to him, to everyone.
Lying gets you nowhere
Olivia Christine Feb 2018
My happiness, it's so true
But only when I'm with you

Time, it stops
Like the ticking of an old clock

Love, it's true
For you and only you

The world is brighter
And you hold me tighter

This love is something I don't want to lose
A bond greater than anything

So take my hand
And teach me to dance
Make my heart melt,
With a single glance
I'm so in love with you, I promise the world to you. I promise to never be dishonest or unfaithful, I promise to always tell you when there's an issue so it can be fixed. I promise to love you unconditionally until the end of time. I promise to be yours along as you'll be mine. You're my everything
Olivia Christine Jan 2018
You gave me another chance to love you
You gave me so much hope
This love we share together,
It's truly amazing

You are the one for me,
There's no doubt in my brain
Sometimes, yes, we fight
But we bounce right back again

Your eyes and lips captivate me,
I get stuck in a trance
I don't know how I got so lucky
Must have been by chance

Thank you right now,
Thank you for back then
You make me want to grow old with you
But I'll have to wait until then
SMG; I love you, forever and ever. You are the person for me. You're my happiness and my muse. I wouldn't make it without you.
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