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Itunu Jan 2021
Bulb of endorphins
Eyes lined with dopamine
Beats of love in hugs

Olive plant fruit eye *****
Purity and freshness ever retained
Truly one of a kind

Ocean of intelligence
Lady of steel
She is overwhelming

I offer you more berries
And a big red rose.
  Jan 2021 Itunu
Crystal Freda
Why is poetry dying
when we still have the gift?
If we still have water
then we still have a ship.
We can sail to the places
these words take us.
We are still shaken
by the words that make us.
Why should we let poetry die
when there is so much to explore?
If only people read it
and discovered more.
Itunu Jan 2021
The sounds from the piano
Reminding me of nothing,
Tears glazing my eyes
Like they were memories,
if you ask me,
My fears are laced on the keys,
But faraway the piano is,
I might never reach.
Itunu Jan 2021
The grey increased in my hair,
More words I get,
Words to go for the best,
Did I ever settle for less?

I shoved through sixteen,
I fantasised 18 for perfect things,
It came with uncertainties.

Uncertainties came with rules,
Rules for each corner of my room,
Rules that could still not work for me
But you,
But I have to live through all uncertainties,
To drop my rule.

— The End —