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Ocean Oct 12
I love the things nobody loved
A mosaic of forbidden greys and whites and blacks.
A circle called face with linear figures and crosses all over it.

An untamed dog who scares all walks on three legs and kills with fourth. He never tasted any bread of pity, I never heard anyone call him pretty.

The frail lady who fights alone and fights all, she's never greeted and never greets. They say she carries a gun, they say she trusted someone.  

A frown guy at top of his game, has he his lips sealed? Because he never speaks, but I saw him smile, sometimes, to a particular guy, their fingers always caress, always accidentally.

An unimaginable beauty, with deadly eyes, she's anything but polite. Her words can tear your ears, and I understand her reasons but not the people who call her *****. I wonder if she always laughs because I never saw her cry.

There's a shadow in my room, always haunting or haunted, it never expresses a thing, it, for I can't figure out if it's a guy or a girl, or my beloved lost pet. It sees through me, I see through it, we don't understand each other, but it's always here.

And what I love the most are the waves, which makes beach muddy, our clothes *****, waves which come to shore, to die.
Ocean Jul 30
To what have been, to what may never,  
She had the brightest, most infections smile
The smile that's gone
Together we'll have the hardest laughter, but words are gone
The one who seemed like relief in chaos, brings for me nothing, neither a hello nor a goodbye
We still look at each other tho, our eyes greeting, our lips smiling, a frown smile.

Cheers to what has been between us,
Cheers to what will never.
Ocean Jul 22
The intoxic flame framed phrase, burned my heart.
The unholy sin was unspoken, foreshadowed in the words.
Her captivating silky hair were surely not washed of fain, but of something more cleansing something more, concentrated.
Soft silence on her tongue, emphasised her words because the rose she spoke of was never found anywhere, but smelled in her books which had no bookmark.
The brightness that highlighted dark, was traitor
It represented her unkindliness with grace,
What looked in her coy, was actually pride
And her trap shaped in a window to good times.

Her scent was morphine, her smirk another shot, her plead an order, her wish, motive.
With guilt formed wrong thoughts of her, with pleasure her image.
But she was someone wise, who carried a knife and killed with smile.
Ocean Jul 21
Before I fell in love, I knew it's a facade
A mirage of peace in the restless desert,
A timeless voyage with broken clock
An illusion, an intimidating tempting illusion.

Before I fell in love, I knew I shouldn't,
I knew I shouldn't trust a stranger with my vulnerability
I knew I shouldn't give false hopes of light to my dim eyes
I knew I shouldn't let the ice in my heart melt.

Before I fell in love, I knew love is above all
Before I fell in love, I knew love is as selfless as selfish
Before I fell in love, I knew love is all I needed
Before I fell in love, I knew love worths every breath.
Completing Writing Prompt
Ocean Jul 17
It was about a day and every day
The silence not reaching his ears
The voice not reaching her tongue,

Not the silence of unspoken, but of paradox
Not the vocals of vowels, but few words of truth.

The Moon was often bright,
His sea always shiny,
The beach at the end muddy,
The clouds near him in a hurry,
As if to not hide, Sea to his Moon.

A cheerful morning with chirping birds
Hosted a Mister and his Missie,
She shimmered as if an heiress of upper lands
He looked content as if the master of time,
She laughed and laughed as to chorus song of birds
He chuckled often, whenever laughter nuzzle.
And the magic of eyes was also present,
She looked at him with her forgotten existence
He looked at her as if his most fragile possession.
She blabbed and blabbed and said nothing,
He spoke on occasion few words of Solace.

On his dimmest days, Sea would often ask as if scared "will you come tomorrow", gazing hopefully
And the Moon would speak as if drunk "for sure". Seeming, weary.


— The End —