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OZAR Mar 1
when i sleep the nights alone
my brain goes deep and overflown
thinks about what is coming and what was gone
trying to forget the bitter taste of being lone
shed tears for people in the past i have known
they disappeared as the wind of life has been blown
OZAR Feb 9
some wind may break through our window, blow our candle away
does that mean the flame can't grow up again?
if so, so why don't we light it up as before
as long as we breathe the flame could
as much as we stand, the flame should
is your faith in us lost? maybe it needs a boost
all in all who knows? since when love costs?
not ready to let my heart come closer
hug me like we did in the past... there might be a tomorrow if there's lust....
lets light our flame again lets make it last.
OZAR Jan 26
days passed by like a minute long

the kid became a grown, and still can't get along

his head was filled with hatred when he was young

grown up to see a world where he doesn't belong

everyone is an enemy if they do not speak his tongue

to a piece of paper he has worshiped and clung

praised a killer whom with a sword has swung, over the heads of Civilians who were overhung

was taught not to think, so to the reason he tried to slung

was told not to say what is in heart, kept the words under his tongue  

he always knew it was all wrong, but doesn't want them to be unstrung

next step, used to hear but not to perform

used to feel the lie even in its best form

used to see the elders but not to inform

nor even to adapt nor to find the conform

time by time knew that his mind was in a deform

however his mind still suffering from them worms

and only 'the reason' was the way to reform

but can't to the society nor to himself transform

nowhere to hide from the freeze...nowhere is warm

death was the only one way to leave the swarm
Talking about religion and it's effect on me when i recognized it was all lie

— The End —