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377 · Jul 16
a poet’s broken heart
kAyLa Jul 16
when you breaks a poet’s heart-
they do not cry,
instead they take what’s left of their hearts,
and let it bleed on the page,
beautiful and broken,
until someone decides-
their pain is beautiful enough to live with.
309 · Jul 30
the distance between us
kAyLa Jul 30
we're are falling out of conversation
it's like we've run out of things to say
were we the perfect match
that burned out too quickly?

even if that's the case-
will you stay with me anyway?
because i'm just not sure i can burn again
after you
kAyLa Jul 14
i can't help,
but still be in love with you,
even after all that you've put me through,
i find it ironic that people you love most-
are the ones who break your heart,

i tripped into you,
and then i fell for you,
but you caught me slightly,
then dropped me.
216 · Jul 24
lovers to strangers
kAyLa Jul 24
lovers to strangers
traveled so far but reversed the time
couldn't remember when you were mine

why hold on
when I've come so far
to heal with the fact we'll stay apart
though I've loved you for so long
it might be time to sing a different song

do not let me fall in love with you again
it's time for you to let me go too
and then like that we'll just be
strangers with a history.
157 · Jul 21
like a feather
kAyLa Jul 21
you make me bend
so far i might break
a softened delicate
on the verge of breaking
at your hands
just to see how much
i can take
128 · Sep 2
he wasn't nothing
kAyLa Sep 2
he was always something
even if you saw nothing
in him
i saw everything
that's just the way it was
when I fell in love.
101 · Jul 31
one sided
kAyLa Jul 31
the lines between love
and one sided love
have blurred together so well
i don't think
i noticed
you falling out of love
with me
98 · Jul 17
to my parents
kAyLa Jul 17
if you had loved me
maybe I wouldn't have
sought out to find it
in the arms of him
instead of you

for the longest
you had me mistake your abuse
for love.
kAyLa Aug 30
why do i always
love people who i know will
hurt me?
i keep running to you
even after
you've broken me
i don't know how
to let go
of what's killing me
67 · Aug 18
A mask
kAyLa Aug 18
Underneath a mask unbroken
Is a cracked face
With delicate eyes
Welling with tears

Who have we become
When we’ve slipped so deep
Into the roles were supposed to play?

Our buried hearts
Are the only things that go untouched
When the lights set the stage
65 · Aug 31
fallen angel
kAyLa Aug 31
she exists in the empty space
of in between
she's fallen out of love so
many times
she convinced herself
maybe nobody will
love her
the same way he did
even though
he's the reason
she fell out of heaven
58 · Jul 22
a pansexual
kAyLa Jul 22
you said
gays don't deserve rights
because we already have pride
but many of us
because of who we love

such words said to
make me break
and fall deeper into the closet
because of your beliefs

you'll never truly know me
because if you did
i'd go
it's just hard
to learn to trust you again
after you've broken me
my parents are openly homophobic, and I'm pansexual
kAyLa Jul 14
learning to love what's degraded down-
into nothing,
is heartbreaking because-
you simply feel as if-
there is nothing to love,
but something that isn't there,
and then you're left with an open chest,
full of love,
for something that will never come to you.
56 · Jul 22
a corset
kAyLa Jul 22
in your corset
i can’t breathe
it’s constricting my ribs
still i feel myself
wearing thin

it’s only a matter of time
i can’t support myself
without it
29 · 5d
kAyLa 5d
my heart feels heavy
with the hate for myself
because i couldn't
be enough for
you to stay.
29 · Aug 30
i love too much
kAyLa Aug 30
if you asked me how much i can love
i wouldn't be able to answer
because the love i give
is too much for anyone to handle
i can't make myself stop
even after you've broken me
i will still love you
just as much as yesterday
i'm sorry if im just too intense
but at the very least
i can promise i will always love you
27 · 4d
kAyLa 4d
we already promised
to love each other forever
what has changed
since then
that made you change your mind
and say it's too soon?

my heart aches now
and all because
i thought you'd love me
for forever too.

— The End —