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kAyLa Jul 16
when you breaks a poet’s heart-
they do not cry,
instead they take what’s left of their hearts,
and let it bleed on the page,
beautiful and broken,
until someone decides-
their pain is beautiful enough to live with.
kAyLa Jul 14
i can't help,
but still be in love with you,
even after all that you've put me through,
i find it ironic that people you love most-
are the ones who break your heart,

i tripped into you,
and then i fell for you,
but you caught me slightly,
then dropped me.
kAyLa Jul 14
learning to love what's degraded down-
into nothing,
is heartbreaking because-
you simply feel as if-
there is nothing to love,
but something that isn't there,
and then you're left with an open chest,
full of love,
for something that will never come to you.

— The End —