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kAyLa 6d
the lines between love
and one sided love
have blurred together so well
i don't think
i noticed
you falling out of love
with me
kAyLa 7d
we're are falling out of conversation
it's like we've run out of things to say
were we the perfect match
that burned out too quickly?

even if that's the case-
will you stay with me anyway?
because i'm just not sure i can burn again
after you
kAyLa Jul 24
lovers to strangers
traveled so far but reversed the time
couldn't remember when you were mine

why hold on
when I've come so far
to heal with the fact we'll stay apart
though I've loved you for so long
it might be time to sing a different song

do not let me fall in love with you again
it's time for you to let me go too
and then like that we'll just be
strangers with a history.
kAyLa Jul 22
you said
gays don't deserve rights
because we already have pride
but many of us
because of who we love

such words said to
make me break
and fall deeper into the closet
because of your beliefs

you'll never truly know me
because if you did
i'd go
it's just hard
to learn to trust you again
after you've broken me
my parents are openly homophobic, and I'm pansexual
kAyLa Jul 22
in your corset
i can’t breathe
it’s constricting my ribs
still i feel myself
wearing thin

it’s only a matter of time
i can’t support myself
without it
kAyLa Jul 21
you make me bend
so far i might break
a softened delicate
on the verge of breaking
at your hands
just to see how much
i can take
kAyLa Jul 17
if you had loved me
maybe I wouldn't have
sought out to find it
in the arms of him
instead of you

for the longest
you had me mistake your abuse
for love.
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