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kAyLa 4d
we already promised
to love each other forever
what has changed
since then
that made you change your mind
and say it's too soon?

my heart aches now
and all because
i thought you'd love me
for forever too.
kAyLa 5d
my heart feels heavy
with the hate for myself
because i couldn't
be enough for
you to stay.
kAyLa Sep 2
he was always something
even if you saw nothing
in him
i saw everything
that's just the way it was
when I fell in love.
kAyLa Aug 31
she exists in the empty space
of in between
she's fallen out of love so
many times
she convinced herself
maybe nobody will
love her
the same way he did
even though
he's the reason
she fell out of heaven
kAyLa Aug 30
why do i always
love people who i know will
hurt me?
i keep running to you
even after
you've broken me
i don't know how
to let go
of what's killing me
kAyLa Aug 30
if you asked me how much i can love
i wouldn't be able to answer
because the love i give
is too much for anyone to handle
i can't make myself stop
even after you've broken me
i will still love you
just as much as yesterday
i'm sorry if im just too intense
but at the very least
i can promise i will always love you
kAyLa Aug 18
Underneath a mask unbroken
Is a cracked face
With delicate eyes
Welling with tears

Who have we become
When we’ve slipped so deep
Into the roles were supposed to play?

Our buried hearts
Are the only things that go untouched
When the lights set the stage
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