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 Aug 2019 Ntsika H
Jack Jenkins
I spoke to you in poetry &
Left real words unsaid
My art was fiction &
Heart was true

What was it worth?

You never read them &
I never sent them to you
I just said I loved you &
Left it at that
//On her//

I so wonder how many times I will write about this girl.
 Aug 2019 Ntsika H
Alex Smith
 Aug 2019 Ntsika H
Alex Smith
They say
Depression and obsession
Don't mix well.
I'll see that day.
In a way,
We scar up our hearts
Like cutting veins
And talking insane.
An insanity calamity
Of the mind.
But I sighed,
And said
"I'm fine"
"Today was a great day"
But I'll soon be dead -
I swear -
With poison in my head.
 Aug 2019 Ntsika H
I smell the air
and taste the breeze.
I sense a presence there;
a kindred spirit next to me
that hovers everywhere.
Mused by Jeff Gaines, as my conscience
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