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Mimi Oct 2018
My love
I'm sorry that we never got to meet.
I am to blame for that.
I was so afraid of the outcome and how people would take it.
I regret doing anything to harm you.
You were the definition of pure.
You hadn't yet be exposed to the toxins that walk this earth.
I was the only toxin you knew of
And it was i that ended your life.
I'm so sorry.
There are so many things that I wish I could have done  with you.
I wanted to hold you and feel you grasp onto me.
I wanted to be the one to stop you from crying.
To comfort you.
To nurture you.
To love you.
I never got the chance to look into you eyes and see you looking back.
To hear you say your first words or see you take your first steps.
Just the thought of seeing you run around and the way your curls may have bounced.
It is all a figment of my imagination.
Something that could have been reality but was not.
That reality was taken with the slightest thought of unworhtiness.
Please no negativity. The way my daughter was taken wasn't "normal" it wasn't a basic abortion It was an attempt I took on my life but in the end it was her life that was taken and it still haunts me every day
Mimi Sep 2018
I don't believe in love at first sight.
How can you love someone you don't know.
All you've done is see them so you are only physically attracted to them.
In order to be in love with someone you have to know them.
What they crave?
What are their pet peeves?
What drives them?
What goes through their head every day?
What keeps them up at night?
You can't know that by just looking at them.
Although love is a crazy and dangerous emotional roller-coaster.
Filled with turmoil and thoughtful memories.
But at first sight is it love or ****?

— The End —