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Novella Arrdea May 2018
everyone knows my name,
everyone knows my face,
everyone knows my smile,
everyone knows my laugh,
everyone knows my voice,

but it doesn't matter cause,
they don't know my story,
they don't know my scars,
they don't know my lies,
they don't know my pain,

they don't know,
how much I'm breaking down,
how much I'm trying to hold on,
how much I'm losing my trust,
how much I'm struggling,
how much I'm dying,

"You're ****,"
"You're black,"
"You're an idiot,"
"You're a ***,"
"You deserve to die,"

sometimes I think,
"Do we have to be famous, rich, and beautiful to get involved in society?"
"Do we have to act like someone different in society?"
"Do we have to being a **** and a ***** so society can accept us?"

nah man, society doesn't care about it,
society doesn't care about your religion,
society doesn't care about your race,
society doesn't care about your skin color,
society doesn't care about your face,

unless for those racist human,
they care and they'll never stop to insult you.
unless they don't have any voice anymore,
unless they don't see anymore,

they don't live a life anymore.
Contains harsh words.
English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if there's something wrong.
Novella Arrdea May 2018
His eyes glared with my reflection,
His eyes are deeper than the ocean,
His eyes are darker than the night,
His eyes are sharper than the knife.

His hands were moving, approaching my body,
His vanilla perfume stuck around me,
He whispered, "It ain't my fault, right?"
He smiled, his smile got my tongue tied.

"What do you mean?" I asked,
He answered, "I don't love you anymore,"
As he said that, he pulled out a gun from my pocket,
He pulled the trigger and a bullet cut through my heart,

He is right,
He is innocent,
It's my fault,
I let him got too close to me,
I let him broke down my wall,
I let him came to my life,
I let myself fall for him while he's falling for somebody new.
Once again, English isn't my first language, I'm sorry if there's something wrong.

p.s : someone named Hamza Tatheer helped me to wrote this poem.
Novella Arrdea May 2018
"Back off, leave me alone,"

"I won't leave,"

"I swear to god, just leave now,"

"I won't leave,"




"Cause I know how it feels like, I know how that feels. That moment when you told people to get out, to leave, while deep inside you don't want them to. That moment when you said you want to be alone, while the truth you want someone to realize that you need a hug and a shoulder to lean on.

That moment when you said you're fine, while you're dying inside. That moment when you closed your eyes and hope everything's gonna be fine, but you have a war between your heart and brain. That moment when you act like you're brave, but you felt so scared and you're shaking.

These are reasons why I won't leave, reasons why I stay. Don't tell me you're fine, cause I know you're not. Don't tell me you're brave cause I know you're scared. Don't tell me 'you don't know me' cause I know you. Don't talk to me like I don't know what you feel.

So please, let me stay, let me be a shoulder for you to lean on, let me wipe your tears, let me tell you good things, let me be with you,

Forever and always,"
English isn't my first language, sorry if there's something wrong.

— The End —