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Nova Apr 30
You were just a plot twist;
One I didn’t see coming.
It was that moment that I realized-
How could I think you loved me?

I didn’t suspect you;
If anything, I trusted.
I realize now my view of you
Didn’t do you justice.

One so light, the other dark-
Could I ever trust again?
I can’t believe that long ago
I considered you a friend.

If you had kept your feelings close
I wouldn’t be here now.
For better or for worse, I guess,
From innocence I rouse.
This is my overly dramatic self writing a poem about a fictional character- again. Hehe. This time it’s about Gavin from Fablehaven.
Nova Apr 6
I wake up.
I get through the day.

One day less.
Till the day I pay.

Feeling nervous.
Today’s the day.
Nova Apr 6
You left me there crying
Screaming your name.
But you just ignored me.
Are you insane?
Nova Apr 6
Joskus mietin
Nova Apr 6
In the end it’s love
That will save us from ourselves.
An instinct greater than us
Makes us think of someone else.
Nova Apr 6
We had hope in the beginning
Before things went wrong.  
But life was short as a movie,
Happiness a song.

We took those memories for granted,
Those moments long ago.
Now we only have each other
And time moves by so slow.
Nova Apr 6
A crying child stood
In the cold, winter air;
Until the winds whispered
“Come, do not despair”

She followed the voice
Into a place warm,
The winds told her “Rest,
Here you’ll come to no harm.”

For once in her life
She was safe, she was loved.
And the winds watched her grow
To be pretty as a dove.
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