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Nova Aug 12
I saw you once before
In one of my prettier dreams.
But now you’re actually here.
Is this really as it seems?
Nova Aug 11
Tahdon itkeä
Jos mietin sinua.
Nova Aug 11
Something about you
Felt different then.
I realize and know now
It was only in a dream.

I passed by you
The other day.
I didn’t know
That we were in a dream.

You came to me
And I knew you
Somehow, I’d seen you, but
It was only in a dream.

You were the best part,
At least while it lasted.
But I must move on, for
You were only in a dream.
  Aug 11 Nova
Laura Trueman
I understand piano
In a way
That the key on the left is the masculine
And on the right feminine
And the compromise
Is that right before the middle
Is you and your soulmate
And the sharp is actually the unification of yourself in love knowing

You are unified
Nova Aug 11
I don’t want to.
But I’ll give it a chance,
In case it surprises me.
Nova Aug 7
Ei voi muuttuu että
Aika menee nopeasti.
Mutta menikö päivän
Sekunnissa tähän asti?
Nova Aug 4
Leave me alone
I want to be quiet
Yeah, I know you want to talk.

You do things your way
I’ll do things mine.
But just, please promise you’ll stop.
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