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Nought 4h
If I could change one thing about my life,
I'd change who's living it.
I am the only flaw in my life
© Nought, 2021
Nought 4h
Wanting their approval,
But really needing yours,
I was a double soldier,
Fighting double wars.

Dodging a bullet ready to ****,
Ready to sever blooming ties,
The proximity dangerously close,
And I'd have died if not for the lies.

The consistent familiar rhythm,
Of all that isn't true,
It was horribly familiar,
But now when 'twas on you
Non volevo essere un bugiardo, ma...ora siamo qui
© Nought, 2021
Nought 6h
his place
is home. It’s a pla
ce of memories, and ti
mes spent with those we kno
w too well. This place, it’s where my he
art is, whether I want it to be or not. All of my frie
nds and I; we all vowed to leave anyway, so I suppose I’ll for
get about it eventually. This house, this
school, these trees, these streets, I kne
w them before I knew my own name. I k
now these people better than I know my
self. I know that house. It’s the house w
e watched the sunrise from, on its roof, b
ack in mid-July. I know that field, it’s the
field where I’ve                              spent **
urs at a time aft                              er schoo
l. I know that s                                chool. It
was the heart a                               nd soul o
f my life for 12 y                              ears of m
y life. I know th                                 is sky. It’s
the sky I’ve seen                              my whole
life; pure, blue,                                unstained
by the effects o                                f pollution
n. I know this place. This place, it’s my place.
It's my place until I leave
© Nought, 2021
Nought 8h
Success has the sweetest taste,
One of comfort and validation,
Of love and reassurance,
Of confidence.

Success has the bitterest aftertaste,
Of loneliness and objectification,
Of manipulation and money,
Of a false sense of joy.
Success is sweet poison
© Nought, 2021
Nought 2d
I don’t think
I’m confused. Not with myself,
anyway. I’m con                   fused as to why
you think I am. I                      t doesn’t make
sense that yo                           u’re allowed
to be okay, b                           ut the mom
ent I tell                           you I’ve
                                 d, I’m just
                       “denying it”.
        I have a lot o
f questions for
you, but I’m no
t confused. I’m
curious, but I’m

not confused. I kn
ow what the situa
tion is. Do you und
erstand? No? Wha
t’s so confusing a
bout it all?
© Nought, 2021
Nought 2d
You're amazing,
In so many ways,
The type of person no one can match,
You're kind and true and pure,
I didn't realise until you were gone.

And I know you won't ever read this,
And, I mean, I'd love if you did,
But I know that you probably hate me now,
So, I'll now leave my lamenting to rest.

You always were incredible,
Something I didn't know was even possible,
That a single person on earth,
Could be so prodigious.

I thought you said you'd never hate me,
And I believed every word, foolishly.
I'm not if you learned I was a fake,
But I'm sorry.
I thought it didn't get any worse. Once again, I had a lesson to learn.
© Nought, 2021
Nought 2d
Friends are like a house of cards,
The moment one is taken out,
They all fall apart
© Nought, 2021
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