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Reem S Mar 13
Oh darling, what a long day it was
What a hard life we live
Oh darling, what a harsh world it is
The devil is dressed as an angel
Oh darling, such a chaotic place it is
For the only peace there is hides in your dreamy eyes
Oh darling, let’s forget about our worries and crimes
And listen to nothing but our hearts rhyme.

Reem S Feb 29
I promised I’d stop thinking about you,
About us.
About the memories,
The stories
About everything between us.
Yet all I think about,

Is nothing but us.
Reem S Feb 25
What is love?
Is it more than just a feeling?
Or is it just the lust?
What is love?
a shining star in a dark sky.
A blooming flower amongst bushes.
Perhaps the beauty of the sky.
What is love?
Holding the hand of someone you admire.
Getting lost in ones eyes.
Or maybe just the butterflies.
What is love!!?
The purest smile of a child.
A warm hug.
A cup of coffee.
what’s love?
*Hates coffee*
Reem S Feb 20
I often find myself waiting
waiting for a person I don’t know,
Bad news to be told wrong,
A heart that needs to be strong,
and for a mind that’ll never get me wrong.
Reem S Feb 18
Your eyes are like a garden of words.
A sea of mystery, a world I got lost in.

Your eyes are my escape from reality.
I need to know who do I write for.
Reem S Feb 13
I saw you in the sky tonight
I saw the bright star I told you all about
It shined a little brighter than the others
The sky colored blue
All I saw was you
Tonight was a really special night
The one thing I cared about was you.
Reem S Feb 8
I was born with wings
Spent years training for one moment
The moment I’ll spread them and fly
Setting myself free and discovering who I’m meant to be
Seeking life and adventure
Maybe watch the sunset from up high and fly above the seven seas
But when that moment came
They told me my wings weren’t meant for adventure
I insisted they were
They decided to cut my wings telling me that I can’t fly anymore
“I’ll have to walk now…”
“I’ll watch the sunsets from land”
“I won’t fly above the seven seas”
That’s what I told myself.
But is that who I’m meant to be?
That was the product of a grey day. Definitely not the end.
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