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Lee Nov 2021
A mix of chemistry
I'd thought ceased to be
The thought of me with somebody
I'd felt were dead
Outside of this poetry platform
I've used for healing
Now for someone I'm again feeling
Lee Oct 2021
No longer recognizing reality
In a manner of normality
At a pace unmatched
A level of meaningless ending
With a frequency depleting
Lee Oct 2021
I am nothing to you
I need you to break me in two
  Oct 2021 Lee
all I ever said
was for you
for you
all for you
everything for you

never did I think
and me?
and for myself?
I have nothing now
Lee Oct 2021
2nd dose down
Burning me to the ground
From inside out
The only thought for comfort
The one I live without

My dreams my solice
Existence my bane
Living always with so much pain

Again dreaming
Energy depleting
Yearning still
The silence of night
With the woman I still love
  Oct 2021 Lee
Just A Girl
I sat on the bench at night,
the street is much more lovely when illuminated by manmade shine,
but the darkness sat beside me.
I stared at the darkness, my new companion.
It stared back.
Lee Oct 2021
I haven't felt happiness
Not in a long time
Then you came to me
My mornings dream
Simply sweet
Forever with me
Oddly enough my reason to be
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