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18/F/Happiness    mainly to get feelings out so I can be happier :) hope you’re having a great day and if you’re not contact me if you ...
Bo Burnham
MH. On Netflix. Buy EGGHEAD wherever books are sold.
empty seas
15/F/away    Trying my best
18/F/the void    it's the best i can do, take it or leave it.
Ivan Brooks Sr
50/M/Norway    I was born in the ghetto of Sonewen,Monrovia , Liberia .I live in Norway with my family.My journey with poetry has been a life long ...
Sylvia Fénix
17/Trans Female/in the pines    Trans Brit girl, likes birds, video games, edgy clothes and good vibes. Used to be shitty, now slightly less shitty. Probably. Stay a while.
Ella Wolter
14/F    you are loved
Steven Forrester
32/Non-binary/Salt Lake City, UT    Steven Forrester Poet Usually sad Some happy Enjoy
My thoughts run deep like a well But shallow minds drown in the adepts
Mariah Wynn
24/F/Florida    Just looking to see where this adventure takes me
16/Trans Male/Who knows    Poetry is what brings joy to me. It is what has saved from myself many a time. I am not the best poet, but each ...
Billy Vayne
22/M/Athens, Greece    Absorbing emotions, expressing myself, make the world a better place, be happy
19/Cisgender Female/New York    Going through a tough time with my own self image and relationships, so have turned to writing as a coping mechanism for a while.
Alex A d r i a n

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