Alexa Nov 7

my eyelids still heavy
with the memory of crying,
i only let more tears
make their way down my face.

life lesson: life is hard.
Alexa Oct 27

i didn't think
a person could heal my pain
and my opinion
still stands

how can people help people when they're flawed themselves?
Alexa Oct 17

eyelids get droopy
as work gets slowly completed
tired, as it is
but i've got 3 more assignments

i shouldn't be tired
but i am,
i must do this quickly

eyelids can and
will crack
under pressure
especially if that
pressure is

Alexa Oct 15

my idol
makes me so incredibly happy
since i aspire to be like her
and i know very well
that that might not happen
my thoughts are flooded with
and even more tears want to come
because i aspire
but know
it probably won't happen

it's hard to love someone, even without knowing them.
Alexa Oct 15

eyelashes damp,
i listen to the music
and my thoughts
and the wonderful words you've sent
to me
to try and calm me
but all of it is so overwhelming
and tears rush down

there are sometimes too many sounds going around
Alexa Oct 1

thorns close in on my heart
causing a pain in my chest
almost unbearable
i just want my thoughts to stop
i want all this pressure to go away
i want my friends to listen
i want everything i don't have.

stress at 12:30 AM.
Alexa Oct 1

i sort of feel unneeded
'cause it seems that no one cares
and by no one, i mean the friends
who i thought cared
but now i'm not so sure.

one apparently cannot stand me
ranting to her

another seems quite bored

and some i can't trust enough

but still, i can't help feeling
unneeded there.

some friends may not be true friends.
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