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1.6k · Nov 2021
1 AM
Left To Rot Nov 2021
And when we run out of things to talk about,
may our souls still be fond of each other
as we sit comfortably in silence.
1.2k · Apr 2021
Nothing Good to Feel
Left To Rot Apr 2021
I don't recognize this face in the mirror,
this didn't use to be me,
what am I?
How far away am I?
All the damage I've seen,
all the harm I've done,
maybe I deserve to be uncertain.
All the life has been ****** out of me,
I might've done this to myself,
I could be held accountable.
I try to be smart enough to show what's inside,
I don't believe I am,
no words seem to be enough to show what I mean.
Is this all just selfish of me?
Narcissism, is it what this is all about?
Not everything is about me,
why do I feel all the pain?
Can anyone tell me what this is all about?
I'm scared, hopeless, and alone.
Every sentence might be the last.
All my stuff might as well be tagged sad or depressive.
1.0k · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
It's been a full day
now I see the full moon
from the chair I'm sitting
by my bedroom window.
My head is so full,
I'm filling one more glass
to fill the void in me
and fool my restless soul.
920 · Jun 2021
Up To Date
Left To Rot Jun 2021
I'm a "vlogger" poet,
or a poet who "vlogs"
through words.
Filling your Home pages
with my own latest news,
brand new discoveries:
I'm an alcoholic
and probably bipolar too.
787 · Aug 2021
Left To Rot Aug 2021
You have tricky eyes,
they lie.

Outside they look grey
but you have rainbows inside.
780 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
Guess I'll just go and hide myself behind a letter,
such a simple way to sail through life.
Turn an F in to an M instead of telling
the whole truth I'm hiding from.
There was no way I lied to you,
you were the one who chose to ignore the truth.
768 · Jun 2021
Summer Weekend
Left To Rot Jun 2021
The sun shone above the clouds,
my mind was razor-sharp like shark's teeth,
my hands were shaking like I was cold
at nearly 81 degrees.
The sun shone above the clouds,
my body spasmed, covered in sweat,
my legs trembled as I checked around
searching for any bottles left.
The sun still shone above the clouds
as I showered, drank coffee and left the house
looking for whatever distraction I could find,
ended up drunk at a parking lot.
767 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
That's not too late to call me, in case you can't tell,
it's never too late for me, you're taking me for someone else.
It's never too late to text me, I never sleep anyway,
if I take too long to reply, perhaps I haven't seen,
or I have nothing to say.

You can always see me as you will and want,
but you can't make your wishes come true.
I'm an undistinguished shadow in your house,
sometimes I'm on your bed, just passing through.

There's this feeling I can't define, I feel it everytime
you and I are in the same room,
as if time has stopped and there's only us
sitting by the window on a rainy afternoon.

I feel like a king, I wanna be set free but I can't resign,
the risks are high, my feelings are strong, I'm by your side.
Even when I seem to be very far away from you
trust me I'm always there and you should know.

When I grab my laptop and start working on all those words
you think I'm drifting away from you and that's unfair.
How I wish I could have any quality time alone
without having to constantly force you out of my mind.
762 · May 2021
The Mask Falls
Left To Rot May 2021
For a moment I did
what was expected from me.
For a few hours I was
what I was expected to be.
Then I went back to being me
I let everyone down and they left.
750 · May 2021
Merely Me
Left To Rot May 2021
I'm a mere mirrored reflection
of all the mistakes I made.
I'm a mere piece
of an unsolved puzzle
that's always missing something in the end.
727 · Aug 2021
Traffic Fall
Left To Rot Aug 2021
Emerald eyes shine,
lit by bright stars upon,
the moon is so close,
it's like it's drawn
to the street lights.
A million cars around,
beeps, drifts, signs,
but I don't mind the rush hour
if you are my ride.
695 · Jun 2021
Carved In Me
Left To Rot Jun 2021
Roaming this empty street
I'm one with the darkness around me,
I don't feel scared,
it boosts my  confidence, I'm self aware.
My combat boots won't give in
through all storms they'll resist,
the trees dance with the breeze,
the streetlights shine and fade.
Your silhouette walks by my side
a hurtful scar of the past
a ghost I won't exorcize,
you became a part of myself.
687 · May 2021
I'm Okay
Left To Rot May 2021
I'm okay, I'm okay, yes, I'm okay
and even if I wasn't that's still what I'd say.
With my blood dripping down I'm okay,
if you see me breakdown, just trust me when I say:
I'm okay.
629 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
I trusted a burglar,
she broke into my carefully organized mind
took everything out of it's place and stole my peace.
I'd give you a discription
but she's out of this world,
all I can say is she had red curls and magic green eyes.
558 · May 2021
Why am I like this?
Left To Rot May 2021
F5, F5, F5...
Am I doing good?
F5, F5, F5...
Is she proud of me?
F5, F5, F5...
Where are my notifications?
F5, F5, F5...
Perhaps it's too soon.
555 · Jun 2021
Just Imagine...
Left To Rot Jun 2021
If people could see my thoughts
as dialogue boxes
above my head
they'd be so confused,
they'd be so frustrated,
they'd drop dead.
550 · Dec 2021
A Walk
Left To Rot Dec 2021
I'm going out tonight,
watch the street grow lights
as the sky blacks out
and the stars are lit.
I'll listen to new voices,
men and women talking,
I'll see dogs play fetch
as I slowly walk.
517 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
There's noise,
there's life,
there's nuisance.
I'm amused,
my highest low,
life is nonsense.
Take me home,
I'll blackout,
515 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
Why do I still worry
when time is all that I need?
I'm afraid if I decide to wait,
refusing to do a thing,
my life won't move at all
and I'll be bound to fall.
491 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
They say you should learn from older people
but if there's a lesson I learned in life
it's that an ancient can be the most ignorant
and a teen can be the one who's wise.
488 · Nov 2021
I'm the Good Guy, Duhh
Left To Rot Nov 2021
Beloved son (of a)...
Sweet mother...lover.
yes, please,
write this on the gravestone
I'll rest under.
You must mention my NPO
for the poor on our streets,
you can still see me adopting stray dogs.
Remember my kind smile
brightened by the sun,
or the flash of a camera,
helping cats stuck on trees.
I'm gonna leave a lot of footage
for my memorial, but you see,
it's important that you remind people
that I, a good guy, have done all these things.
471 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
After someone gives up on their life
there are always many to wonder "why?"
or say "I can't see a reason!"
when the answer was right in front of them
sometimes for years
and they just let it all slide.
468 · Dec 2021
Left To Rot Dec 2021
Some of the weights you carry
aren't even yours to handle,
drop a few along the way.
Little stuff season.
460 · Oct 2021
By Chance
Left To Rot Oct 2021
The bus is not so full now,
through the glass the sky begins to redden,
my bag's on my lap,
my eyes are on the road.
In this rectangular metal box
I pierce the city's veins,
watch them pump, pulsate
with people I may, or may not, meet someday.
458 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
My body is just as exhausted
as my mind, at the moment
I did this to myself
and I'd do it all again.

Walked miles and miles
for a lost cause,
for my fragile pride,
for days long left behind.

A hammer continuosly hits my skull,
I'm being aggressively whipped inside
by the consumption of my own beer,
by the consequences of my own night.
454 · Oct 2021
Left To Rot Oct 2021
I've been running away
from what's the most important:
myself, and everything I offer.

And I know I'm not the only one
looking for comfort in places
that should instead be avoided.

I tell myself it's okay to let go,
try to be constructive,
but the chicken inside me
wants to keep me running away
when I feel like stopping.
437 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
We're living on borrowed time
so love it and lose it,
doubt it and prove it,
live and die on the road,
I mean, maybe not literally,
or maybe yes, who knows?
What I'm trying to say
is that we're not here to stay
so let's all let it go.
401 · Sep 2021
Left To Rot Sep 2021
The oldest form of entertainment,
neon lights, loud music, stranger;
that was the last night of a cycle
for today I'm no longer 20.

A buddy, also tripping,
after the bottle is empty.
The night is young...
but Monday morning **** sure isn't.

An aspirine and lots of water,
dizzy, nauseated;
the world span, when it stood still... I didn't.
399 · May 2021
Terrifying Chase
Left To Rot May 2021
When I was younger I saw something
running on an alley right behind me,
it wasn't a person, it wasn't an animal,
a thing is the only way I can describe it.
I was with a cousin and both of us ran
most importantly, both of us saw
and to this day we can't forget.
It was all black and had bright red eyes
the shape was like a person's but way bigger.
What would've happened if we hadn't escaped?
Where would we be if one of us stayed?
The thing disappeared the very moment we reached the end of the alley, completely.
395 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
The sun is shining outside, I guess
my blackout curtains won't show.
I'm almost all out of words
but if you look inside my head
it's so full it hurts.
I remember all about the old days,
the silly jokes, child's play,
I remember all the fun
but I'm really not the same.
356 · Sep 2021
Left To Rot Sep 2021
Riding the bus at night
is one of my few comforts in life.
Reminds me of happy days,
returning home from the park.
I remember a tall white building
standing, reaching for the dark sky
with red neon lights spelling "MOTEL"
I felt compelled to come inside.
I don't know.
355 · Aug 2021
Left To Rot Aug 2021
Everything requires composure,
discipline to look collected,
smart decisions, dry eyes,
get up from the ground.
You need to look tough,
whether you'll join the army
or sell cans by the pound.
337 · Sep 2021
Left To Rot Sep 2021
Before I met you I had nine lives,
safely preserved, well kept,
it's hard to believe I lost four
just in the day we met.
You spent three months around,
I lost three more each hangout,
now you're gone and I only have two,
but I'd give them to you without a doubt.
321 · May 2021
For a Life
Left To Rot May 2021
Today's poem is for a guy,
the guy who was "living the good life",
drove a nice car and had a hot wife,
this one's for that "rich guy".

They say on the news that he's dead,
"fell off a rooftop" they said,
"such a tragic premature death",
some say he was really depressed.

On his IG stories he was always fine,
if anyone asked "he was alright",
he was only 23 but how old was he inside?

How much longer could his life have been
if only the people around him had seen
the obvious dead eyes behind that smile?

How many more tragic funerals
will people have to attend
until they learn to teach their sons
that sometimes it's okay to cry?
I, me, myself, this random guy, felt really bad for that guy, so I'll leave that here. People are water balloons when they get too full  they explode. Simple enough?
314 · Sep 2021
Left To Rot Sep 2021
Things that bring genuine joy
often come randomly,
but require sensibility
to recognize their bright.

Allies we didn't ask for
often come our way
almost as if we're offered help
when we get too drained.

Lonely nights blur all beauty,
invisible curtains of selfdoubt
hide the infinite, starry sky.

So it's always nice to have a talk,
sometimes I feel like I'd be lost
if I didn't have people of vision
to guide me when I go blind.
310 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
Rigid reactions, raw religion
redacting life's riots,
Emotional rollercoaster,
roars of despair, ready rites,
308 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
My writing process is funny
so is my definition of "peace"
I can't focus in silence,
I work better when there are screams.
You see, I grew up in a madhouse
where I was the youngest lunatic
not the smartest, but the boldest
therefore I became the king.
307 · 5d
Walk out in the rain
pouring down, soaking wet.

Walk out in the rain
without an umbrella or a hat.

Walk out in the rain
dark clouds are all you see,
because if you never feel cold
you won't appreciate the heat.
286 · May 2021
Random 1
Left To Rot May 2021
The dress was blue and black,
life is really short,
I don't always get drunk
but when I do I go to church.
Is Keanu Reeves a vampire,
or is he a time traveller?
They told me to change my ways
and I don't remember what I did then.
283 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
I've been leaving pieces of me
scattered all around my world,
it's a mess I don't think I can clean.
I wonder if someday someone will be able to solve the puzzle
and meet all of me.
276 · Jul 2021
Left To Rot Jul 2021
Some places hold grudges,
they incorporate agony into their walls,
blood stains embedded on the floor,
stories felt even before they're told.
263 · Jul 2021
Left To Rot Jul 2021
There it is, in the back of my mind,
gagged and handcuffed to a pipe,
covered in bruises and scars,
the long forgotten meaning of my life.
                               Humming a melody of hope,
                               stripped of dignity, insane,
                               beaten, mocked, almost tamed,
                               hoping to be rescued someday.
258 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
I'm being slowly pulled away,
half unconscious, astray.
My morals converted to lust,
certainly lost in those lips,
on those hips, on those thrusts.
Drop by drop I fade,
reducted to dust,
your eyes on mine,
those sighs,
never out of my mind,
a ***** heavenly sight.
254 · Jun 2021
Left To Rot Jun 2021
Let's talk animals
I don't know if you'll agree
but since I'm doing nothing
I'll write some lines about these.
Aren't sloths the best for some reason?
I can never get over those guys,
looking fancy, always in slow motion,
the cute smile gets me everytime.
As a kid I could spend all afternoon staring at their cage, moving just as much as they did.
253 · Oct 2021
Balloon Soul
Left To Rot Oct 2021
The strange feeling of floating,
dissociating from my skin,
sliding between this world
and something beyond.
I'll keep it together until I'm alone,
I'll ignore the clarity, for now.
I'm detached from my past,
present, whatever is to come.
Well this feels good,
but at the same time it's wrong.
252 · May 2021
Left To Rot May 2021
I've seen that side of you,
that side you don't always show,
the side not even you can control,
that part buried deep inside.
And even if I saw your worst
I don't think I'd ever forget
the truthful look in your eyes
that convinced me that was you.
245 · Jul 2021
Left To Rot Jul 2021
A million stars shine above,
the cloudless sky reflects on the water,
the navy blue lake absorbs the full moon
and I quietly watch from a safe distance,
alone, on the green grass, I'm afraid to blink
and realize all this beauty is just a dream.
239 · Dec 2021
Left To Rot Dec 2021
The sun looks brighter,
the people look better,
the sky looks "bluer",
the world looks like heaven.
If you ask me about my state of mind,
my drinking status,
I can only say
my "shot count" is way more than seven.
237 · Aug 2021
Left To Rot Aug 2021
I keep high hopes in a little shelf,
hidden from the public,
gathering dust.
Like the toys I owned as a kid,
my skate as a teen,
now my pride as an adult,
they might eventually be sold.
236 · Jul 2021
Time Plans
Left To Rot Jul 2021
"Where do you wanna be in five years?"
Golden sky, dead friends, snowy clouds.
"Where do you wanna be in five years?"
Breathing heavy, racing heart. Chill, you're fine!
"Where will you be in five years?"
Hopefully, under the ground.
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