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We're here to help you
But not when you scream
Or when you cry
Or when you self-harm
We can't handle that

We're here to help you
But you can't tell us how to
Or give us criticism
Or say what we're doing wrong
That's not ok

We're here to help you
But we're not letting you have your mobility aids
Or your comfort items
Or anything that matters to you

We're here to help you
But we're not going to
Did I love me ?
I longed for me ‘
Within strangers
Who weaved in hate  ‘
did I love me ‘
Wrath me
When all I had was me
Neglect me
Burden me
At the end it’s me
When I was young
the lens to my eyes was stained in rainbows
the world was colourful and
life, a rainbow pie.

As I grow up,the stains wash off
and I realise,my lens was never colourful
for every time I awake, the hue is further from my sight
For every time I want a rainbow pie,
life reminds me I'm not yet there.
Live ,young and alive...don't let life happen to happens for you
If you seek me, I will always hide,
if you chase, me I will always run,
if you hit me, I will always fight,
if you turn out the light, I'll be the sun
you'll never get to me
 Feb 10 Left To Rot
 Feb 10 Left To Rot
we are a bunch of broken souls

that cry for their unfulfilled goals

struggling and suffering

burning and buffering

from birth to death

a complete circle of breath

we live only to die tomorrow

we're happy only to feel sorrow

so why come into this world

when there's nothing we can do

to make it a better place for me and you

and waste a chaste life in haste

for our species will end

and come Darwin's fitter

till then we'll blend

in this world of gold and glitter
what's the point, eh?
When I think of love I think
of my favorite movie playing on screen,
the song I can't get out of my head,
jumping up and down on my bed,
staring out the window riding shotgun,
strawberry ice cream under the sun,
climbing to the top of a tree,
building sandcastles by the sea,
hugs from my bestest friends,
of never wanting this feeling to end.
I don't like the structure of it bc it feels too redundant but idk!!! I wanna write free verse but I can't!!!
My dreams every night
are always the same,
of me taking my back pack
and running away.
But it's not the running away that's weird.
It's that I'm always running from my fears,
from the same place,
from the same person.
I'm running away from you
whether its in the dead of night
or the middle of the day,
because I'll do anything
to keep the demons at bay.
But just for once
I wish I could be brave,
because running from your problems
makes you afraid,
at least that's what society says.
Sometimes I just wish
I could control my dreams,
so that whenever I feel like running away
I could turn around
and finally meet you face to face.
Idk I've always had dreams like this since I was around six. It's always from my house and my parents.
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