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Left To Rot Jan 11
In these lonely afternoons
roaming around the streets,
sunny or rainy sky,
I always find what I'm looking for
and I claim it in no time.
Left To Rot Jan 7
My mistakes consume me,
eating my body inside out,
a torturing, deadly fever
with no way to cease.

My skin feels hot,
almost like it'll melt
and expose my rotten flash
for everyone to see.
Left To Rot Jan 6
There's a black bird in my heart,
it's like Bukowski's blue one,
but instead of sleeping with me
it keeps me up at night
and it's demands are not fun.
Left To Rot Jan 5
How empty is this house
without echoes of your phone
ringing insistently from the next room...

How empty is this house
without the sound of you typing,
making someone else's phone ring
in someone else's home.

How empty is this house
without the image of you,
a perfect statue, sitting,
staring down at your phone.
Left To Rot Dec 2021
I'm going out tonight,
watch the street grow lights
as the sky blacks out
and the stars are lit.
I'll listen to new voices,
men and women talking,
I'll see dogs play fetch
as I slowly walk.
Left To Rot Dec 2021
The sun looks brighter,
the people look better,
the sky looks "bluer",
the world looks like heaven.
If you ask me about my state of mind,
my drinking status,
I can only say
my "shot count" is way more than seven.
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