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14.2k · Sep 2018
Like a child
Noni Winters Sep 2018
I stumbled upon you
Like a child
that finds a pretty stone

Bewildered by your presence
I sat and admired
Counting your cracks
Caressing what makes you glitter

You stood infront of me
Bold and beautiful
Like nothing I'd ever seen

And as you gave me your attention
I think I misconstrued your intentions

I wanted to put you in my pocket
But you said no

So there you sit
Perfectly unpolished
A love

I can only visit
1.8k · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
There is magic in a kiss
That tells a woman she is fire
That leaves her feeling weightless

There is enchantment in the touch
That makes a woman glow
That tells her she is desired

There is beauty in the tangles of love
Warm, soft, **** bodies
Stuck together in comfort

Let romance be your art
Your lips your paintbrush
Your fingers your palette

Paint her in love
1.2k · Sep 2018
Noni Winters Sep 2018
wishful, I look through the fog
hopeful, it'd just consume me
thankful, the brisk embraces me
woeful, this is not my epilogue
feeling rather glum this evening
794 · Sep 2018
You're pretty
Noni Winters Sep 2018
Your hair
Your eyes
Your smile

Brown and shiny
Green and bright
Soft and sincere

You're pretty

Your skin
Your body
Your mind

Peach and inked
Plump but alive
Unhinged in love

You're pretty
339 · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
The sweeter you are to me,
the dirtier I will be for you...

So kiss me
319 · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
There is pleasure in pleasing
and I enjoy both

I'd like to see you needing
I want to hear you wanting
I want to leave you
needing more of me

I want to be what drives you crazy
The only cure, is to devour me
312 · Sep 2018
Noni Winters Sep 2018
You say you see me
And my heart beams
For I have never truly felt seen

But still I am unsure
Of exactly what it is you see....

Did you see my heart frown
Learning that you'll never be mine

Or do you see my mind wandering
In our secret fantasy
wishing I could stop time

Can you see the hope that I've told to die,
Dancing with the hesitation of letting go
A reality, I'm not quite ready to face

Do you see the magic, behind my eyes
As I watch your life, unfold from your tongue?
I enjoy you, exactly as you come

Are you watching the same 'me'
Looking at the same 'you'
A 'you', who will define my heart
Can you see the ache I feel
Fearing one day we'll part

Do you see me
Less lonely?
Less sad, Less afraid?

Are you watching me love myself
More than before
My anxiety, washing away
I'm able to conquer more

Do you see that you have made me different?
That in me, you've become significant?

I needed you
Whatever you are
And I thank you, but beg
Keep me somewhere.
Tucked in your heart.
225 · Sep 2018
Noni Winters Sep 2018
I cannot win
In this life of sin
Married to you
But in love with him

Your words, sharp and hard
His soft, poetic and full of charm
You break me down
Your criticism, angrily marred

His, full of kindness and wisdom
Plenty and lacking cynicism
You're sure to cut me low
You're lost in your own narcissism

I begged for it to be untrue
As your cruel dimeanor grew
Sorrowful, my heart is heavy
For I no longer want you

I don't know how to leave
This life, I will grieve
But restless, my heart is amiss
Oh how I wish he loved me

Drunk with his lingering kiss
Makes your hurt, hurt me less
Though I know it will never grow
His kindness I will surely miss

And much to my chagrin
He is not mine
So in this life of sin
I cannot win
218 · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
it always seems to be
when I am alone
the universe hands me
the worst anxiety
when I have
no one to cry to
no one to distract me
no one to talk me down
just me and my thoughts
trying not to over think
trying not to freak out
trying not to cry
eventually I'll be okay
but ****, universe
at least let me have a friend
203 · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
I could use your warm embrace
Your lips sweet and tender
Your hands firmly placed
On the small of my back

I really need for you to undress me
Tie my tongue with yours
Lay me down
Enjoy me

Mark me with your teeth
Leave my skin, rosey
Hold me down
Take me

I could really use your warm embrace
Your lips taste so sweet
166 · Sep 2018
Noni Winters Sep 2018
As I pass by the window
And anticipate my reflection

I imagine that the woman I see
Is strong and brave and free

I dream of seeing a lover
Who is **** and wise and desired

I wish I could remember a girl
Who was wild and safe and wanted

But as my eyes meet the woman
staring back at me
I hurt my own feelings
Wishing that weren't me I see
165 · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
One year older
One year new
One year, days too few

Another year wiser
Another year young
Another year, gone too soon
It's my birthday!!
163 · Sep 2018
Noni Winters Sep 2018
You glittered,
    Shiny, sharp rays of color,
that I needed to know.
147 · Sep 2018
Remember me
Noni Winters Sep 2018
Will you remember her eyes?
Green and heavy
Painted with innocence, her disguise

Will you remember her smile?
The one in love
With you and all your trials

Will you remember her heart?
The one obsessed
Trying not to grow apart

Will you remember her tears?
Marked with pain
As she realized her fears

Will you remember her?
141 · Sep 2018
Big bad wolf
Noni Winters Sep 2018
You're a beast
Dark, your heart
Sinster, your ways
Yet you don't hurt me

A wolf you say
Big and bad
Missing your Red Riding Hood
But you guard me

Pumped with poison
Stacked with sleeplessness
On the hunt for prey
Though, kindly you guide me

You lick my wounds
And share your warmth
You even seem to enjoy me

I'm no Little Red
More like a Wendy
And soon she will return

But your fur, your eyes
Your toothy grin
Seem a lot like Neverland

Never thought
I'd find myself in
A Fairy Tale
I like the idea of this
It needs more work
I may rid of it all together...
129 · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
She whispered
And you answered

She smiled
127 · Oct 2018
Noni Winters Oct 2018
I sat and I sipped
On your words as they lay
Intoxicated, my mind at play
Burning wild
Fuel for my brain
My imagination pipped
I'd be thrilled if you'd stay
125 · Sep 2018
Your eyes
Noni Winters Sep 2018
Painful the sky; Your eyes
I looked at you
For answers
You're gone

I watch for your flame
It's out, I'm old
Too late, too real
You should want me

Painful the sky
Bloodshot, tired
Sad and alone
I should excite you

I look for your love
But not to share
You've decided
I don't know why

Painful the sky
Perfectly still
Avoiding mine
I'll miss you
122 · Sep 2018
Noni Winters Sep 2018
I sit in silence
  Watching all the noise
                Won't you miss this?

This beautiful, unique, never ending, continuously growing mess we created?

I sit in silence
   Listening to all the noise
            Wishing this moment
                          Would never end.
121 · Oct 2018
An apology
Noni Winters Oct 2018
Plastic is my smile
As fake as your affection
I am insincere
So I can pretend to feel loved

Nothing you feel is real
Void is your heart
Shallow is your soul
I manipulate your emotions

Beauty is gone
Manufactured by society
Like sheep, you are blind in fear
To feel anything sincere

Emulating desire
So I can feel full
I only want to be wanted
Desperate for connection
117 · Sep 2018
Noni Winters Sep 2018
I am a wife
I am a mother

I am a daughter
I am a sister

I am a friend
I am a lover

I am all of these things
I feel so alone
20 · Jun 29
No clarity
Noni Winters Jun 29
My brain does not seem to turn off
So I search for someone who sees me
And the faces that stare back at me
Show no mercy.

There are no arms opened wide
Or eyes that speak with mine
My cries for help fall on deaf ears
This pain, is only mine.

— The End —