Non Pescador Jan 9
There’s this boy
He stole my heart
And for that
I wrote 26 poems about him
To confest my feelings
But everything change
He became cold and dry
I thought the feelings is mutual
But I guess not

I want to ask
Is there something wrong about the poems?
Don’t you like it?
Why you suddenly change?
Is there something wrong?
When did love
become ****?
When did hate
become trust?
When did lies
become real?
When did we
become dust?
  Dec 2018 Non Pescador
Amy Duckworth
We don't lose
We just learn who our
real friends
  Dec 2018 Non Pescador
don’t make me fall in love with you
if you can’t love me
Non Pescador Dec 2018
Am I selfish for wanting you?
Even if you don't like me.
Am I selfish to wanting your time?
Even if you don't care about me.
Am I selfish for pushing myself to you?
Even if you really don’t care.

I wrote you many poems
You said, you like it.
How about me?
Do you like me too?
  Dec 2018 Non Pescador
I finally found someone new
I finally found someone better than you
She cares and I like that
You cared but not like that
Her smile beats yours
And I'm happy with my new doors
That I'm opening right now
It's over for you, take a bow
But it was never your fault
I just wasn't the one
You never opened that vault
But I'll stop trying, I'm done
Maybe I'll make it this time...
Non Pescador Dec 2018
She’s too special in her own many ways,
Even a blind man can see it,
Her smile, Her laugh, the way she talks,
Even her annoying little voice,
All of it makes her unique,
And her uniqueness makes her special.
Please someone help me. It’s not finished yet. I want to give it to her on Christmas day.
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