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Non Pescador Jun 2
Too many problems and I don’t know what to do anymore.
Family problems
School problems
And even my self.

Why its so hard to live
If this is life I don’t want to live anymore
Im tired
And I already want to give up
Non Pescador May 27
I just wanna let you know

If she hurts you and crushes your heart
Cry. Cry till there's no comes out
And you’ll be mine and never let you go this time
I willingly catch you even if I hurt myself in the process

I still love you and it haven’t change
I still love you and it haven’t change. If you breaks you i will be there for you to catch you. I know you can’t see me as you see her but i hope someday you can see me like you see her.
  May 7 Non Pescador
Black Leaf
I'm tired.
Tired of everything.
I just want to sleep,
And never wake up again.

No, I'm not lazy,
I'm not running away from life.
I'm just tired of the world and myself,
And too tired to change anything.
Non Pescador May 3
This is my last poem for you
And i swear this is the last. I promise

You know me, im not the kind of girl who gave up so easily
If I want something i will do anything to have it
But in this case i should stop.
Even if you are the one that i like.

I don’t wanna lose you
But im hurting you more than showing my love
And that’s not what love should be

If letting you go makes you happy
Im willing to do it without any hesitation
Because that is love should be.

I love you and I want you to be happy
Even if it doesn’t include me anymore.
Maybe someday (just maybe) our love story has a continuation
And it has a happy ending.
Sorry for the wrong sentences.
Im too emotional right now and I don’t know what to do.
Non Pescador Mar 21
I don’t know if this is still love,
But I do know that you still care
And it makes me happy
Maybe someday
Maybe someday the story of us will continue
Someday but not today
Im sure
I dont know if this is still love. But im sure that your still important to me and you still to me.
Non Pescador Mar 20
Too many problems,
I don’t know what to do,
Don’t know what to say,
Can I tell you?
Should I tell you,
Who can I trust with my problems,
Family, friends, special one
They have problems too
Who is interested?
No one.
Problems, problems, problems. What should I do to you
  Feb 18 Non Pescador
for the first time
since the last time
i think i stopped missing you
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