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NomsiFromEarth Jul 2018
"Can I come inside you?" he whispers.

Can is obsolete.
If you did, I would let you
because you made me feel like the elite
like a selected few


You already came into my mind.
You already came into my heart.
You already came into my life.

As I let your feet pitter-patter across my fields.
As I let your hands swim across my oceans.
As I let you disintegrate my shields
and Abantu say it's love potions.

so I say Come no further.
For this being that was consecrated by Eve
does not know why you quake when you say mother.
I have not come into you, I've come to believe.

I have not tasted your juice
I have not swam with your fish
my soul has not brought peace
and my only wish

is to come inside you
NomsiFromEarth Jul 2018
Forged from my living ancestors.

Metal hands shred, press and clean me.
Broken down to be formed for the fulfillment of my purpose.
Looking forward to the journey ahead.

I catch everyone of them when your fingers cannot suffice.
As I collect the impurities when sickness is at work.

I'm tattooed with your secrets.

Messages of love I do contain.
Like a model I adorn your brand.
Revolutionary ideals etched into my being.

Paper thin.
As to slip under the door to remind you to pay for your temporary freedom.
As to slip into your life and still be blown away by the slightest change of direction.

Your flames, they intice me.
Lick at me gently.
I indulge in the warmth
consumption is weaved into my demise.

Ash. convinced myself of the 101 uselesses.
Until the living waters merge with me.

Until the winds of time harden my wounds.
Until I'm the brick wall that saves you.
NomsiFromEarth Jul 2018
Arms flexed.
Shoulders tense.
His eyebrows furrowed,
as I watch him through the lens.

Ding ding ding
as his hammer makes contact with an unrecognizable part,
as if he's drumming,
drumming a hypnotizing melody on my heart.

His calloused hands grip the handles of the blade,
as it cuts off the undesirables.
He admires what he's made
but his hunger to mould is unsatiable.

I loved how he handled the cars.
Until he handled me

But everything he laid his hands on became beautiful.
Maybe one day, I too will become beautiful.

— The End —