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Katie Apr 3
I rest my head against your back
Pressing into your warmth
I can hear your heart beating
I can feel you breathing
As you fall asleep

You are the shore to my tide
Stable and dependable
There when I fall
To cushion the blow
There when I rise
Sparkling in the sun
Reminding me to come back home
No matter how far I rome

With you I flow freely
Exploring the ocean
And when I’m tired
There you are
Warm and comfortable
A perfect to rest

So as I rest my head on your back
My arms tightly wrapped around you
Our legs intertwined
Safely surrounded in your scent
As I fall asleep
Katie Apr 3
Blindsided when you left
Even though i shouldn’t have been
Blindside when you came back
Saying the things I wished
You had said months ago
Things I never thought I would hear
Things I wish weren’t true
You said we had no “spark”
You said you weren’t sure
You said you were confused
You said things that broke me

Now you are taking it back
After four months of me being happy
With another
After all this time
I thought we were just friends
Now you are taking this friendship away
Proclaiming your continuing feelings for me

I hope you know
That even without Joe
I would never go back
The moment you said it
My first clear thought
Was not of you and me
But of him
soooo the  guy I barely who strung me along for a good couple of months and that i recently decided to be friends with confessed his feelings for me
Katie Feb 3
Three words sitting on the tip of my tongue
With the weight of a thousand great white horses
They flow in my veins like honey
Sickly sweet and sticky
They float in my lungs like bubbles
Crystal clear and coaxing
They flutter in my stomach like butterflies
Perfectly pure and playful
They beat in my heart like a drum
Brightly booming and beaming

But here I am engulfed in silky sweet caramel
Hesitating to let the words free
Whispering them silently
Screaming them in my head
I love you Joseph
And while it’s seems to soon to say
I feel it in every inch
This is for my beautiful boyfriend, who doesn't know what dark hole he brought me out of
Katie Dec 2018
It’s strange how
So few words
Can break me
In a way I’ve never felt before
Like everything I’ve dreamt
And hoped
Is shattered
Into a billion shards

All of jokes
And promises
Like when you said
“When i meet your family”
It scared me at first
But now i see it
You and my mother
Getting along so well
But that won’t happen now
Because you don't know
And you don't feel
Like i do
I wrote this very drunk last night after a boy broke my heart for the third time now but this time it’ll be the last time
Katie Dec 2018
Stage 1
     I waited
     For a smile
     A laugh
     For you to reveal
     A cruel joke
     I would of
     And forgiven
     Kissed your cheek
     A playful slap
     But you continued
     And I choked and
     Never said a word
Stage 2
     I blamed myself
     My pride
     Was my downfall
     If I gave in maybe
     You would of stayed
     I was idiotic
     And clingy
     If I could only change maybe
     You would come back
     But you didn’t
     You wouldn’t
     And I
     Never said a word
Stage 3
     I was disappointed
     In myself
     For letting you
     Break me
     I should have never stayed
     Through the yelling
     The tears
     The constant manipulation
     I was idiotic
     And naive
     Why would I
     Let myself
     Never say a word
Stage 4
     I was angry
     That anyone
     Could do the things
     That you did to me
     Rage bubbled
     And scrapped
     At all things I
     Believed and was good
     In me
     And I wanted to
     Scream and say
     Everything but I
     Never said a word
Stage 5
     I mourned
     Everything you took
     My willingness
     To fall
     Without looking
     My trust
     That someone
     Could love me
     With my broken pieces
     But here I am
     Missing myself
     And I still
     Never said a word
Stage 6
     I forgave
     Not him
     But maybe
     I will
     And now
     I guess
     It’s time
     To learn
     Love again
     But still I’ll
     Never say a word
Katie Dec 2018
Grazing fingers
Shaking breath
Searching hands
Whispering voices
A heart in one’s hand
Katie Dec 2018
As we begin
I am all smiles
And sly jokes
Letting go of little insignificant pieces
Keeping the lion's share
Behind locks and concrete

But there you are
Beautiful in a way I don’t understand
With lake filled eyes
And sharpie covered arms
I find myself reaching
Faster and grabbing harder

My heart roars behind my walls
Chipping away at the concrete
But as the wall cracks
The more I need to retreat
Knowing the more you know
The faster you’ll leave
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